Finding The Right Support For Laid-Back Breastfeeding 

 January 20, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

The journey of pregnancy and motherhood can be hard enough, but when you throw the added challenge of breastfeeding and nursing it can be even more overwhelming. Some mothers struggle with this learning curve and others find it easier, but regardless of how you deal with it, it’s essential to nurse in a supportive and comfortable position.

A popular choice for a breastfeeding position, and one that’s backed by anecdotal evidence and medical research is the laid-back nursing one. So, what is it that makes this position so beneficial and how can you achieve it at home?

What Is Laid-Back Breastfeeding?

Laid-back breastfeeding refers to a style of nursing where the mother is in a laid back position. There are multiple ways that you can nurse this way including having the baby across or below your breasts, and it’s all up to the mom and baby to find the one that works best for them.

The most important factor for laid-back breastfeeding is that the mother is in a reclined position so they are effectively laying back, with their back and neck supported.

There are a number of adjustments that can be made which in this reclined position that will make it comfortable for mom and baby but also help in the early stages as you’re both learning this new feeding process.

The Right Support For This Natural Act

Just as the name suggests, laid back breastfeeding requires the mother to be in a laid back position. However, this doesn’t mean that mom is laying completely flat on her back, rather reclined at a comfortable angle.

From this angle, the mother can then make adjustments as needed to get into any of the laid back nursing positions. What’s most important is that their back and neck are supported so that they’re not straining or crouching their neck down, which so many mothers do when they’re learning to feed.

This angle can be achieved in a number of ways; propped up with pillows, a comfortable couch, or in a special recliner that makes it easier to get up and down as needed.

Chairs like the Baby Rex Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner have been designed exactly for this purpose and give moms the options to make adjustments as they need, so that both they and their little ones can be comfortable and supported.

Not only can a quality recliner be useful for these nursing stages, but in all other aspects of pregnancy and parenting, too.

A mother might like to rest comfortably and read a book or watch TV from her chair, or a dad can help nurse the baby back to sleep sitting in the recliner. When you’ve been up and down all night with a new baby, something so comfortable and supportive can feel like a dream come true.

The Benefits Of Laid-Back Nursing

According to the La Leche League of USA, there are so many wonderful benefits to nursing in the laid-back position using a comfortable and supportive reclining chair. Here are just a few ways that you and your baby can benefit from this style of breastfeeding.

  • Comfort - For both mother and baby, the support of a comfortable chair means less straining, slouching or suffering in uncomfortable positions just to feed to your baby.
  • Helps baby latch - Studies have shown that laid-back breastfeeding is a great way to help baby latch on, which can be pivotal in the early months when both mom and bub are learning the ropes.
  • Forms a bond - Relaxing and enjoying breastfeeding with your baby in this close way can help to strengthen the bond and build on the new relationship.

Making The Journey As Comfortable As Possible

When we become parents, there’s very little we won’t do in order to make ourselves and our little ones safe and comfortable. Laid-back breastfeeding is a great option for anyone struggling with their new role of nursing or those looking for a more comfortable approach towards feeding their baby.

The key to quality laid back nursing positions can be found in the right recliner, so it’s imperative to choose something that has been designed just for this purpose. Once the mother is comfortable and supported, it will be easier for the baby to be as well, so think of it as an investment for the entire family. Besides being used for nursing, a versatile nursery recliner can also provide comfort during pregnancy and be a great place to spend time with young children as they grow up.

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