Laptop Sleeve: All The Information You’ll Ever Need 

 August 15, 2021

By  Jacqui

The way a glove protects your hands from the cold during the wintertime is the same exact way a laptop sleeve protects your laptop. If you had the option to protect your most prized possession, wouldn't you take it? Then continue reading about laptop sleeves, perhaps you'll realize you are in desperate need of one. 

History of Laptop Sleeves

To pinpoint precisely when laptop sleeves came into existence, you should start at the beginning. The best beginning to start from would be when the standard bag was made by humans thousands of years ago. In prehistoric times, the gourd was the first bag that functioned as a messenger bag. They were typically made out of the hardened shells of pumpkin or squash. Since the shells were so lightweight, cave dwellers would carry water in them. 

As humans evolved, our tastes did as well. The gourd transforms into the pouch thanks to warriors who decided it was more convenient to carry their berries in a bag than hold them in their hands. People back then would make their pouch out of deer hide, which was durable and ensured the berries stayed protected. This made trading them a lot easier. 

Fast forward to the 14th century, and we'll stumble upon the bag that transformed the way people transported documents. It's called a messenger bag. Pages would carry leather bags that were built to protect and hold relevant documents for their Masters. The page wouldn't have to pay for this item. In fact, the Masters had to since it was worth the equivalent of three days wages back then. 

Several hundred years later, the nobility was given the option of carrying fashionable handbags around. This was the first time we saw bags come in hues of blue and purple. People would know your wealth status based on the color handbag you carried. 

Society back then isn't what it is today. Instead of judging people based on the colors of their bag, we now judge them based on the brand. Modern-day bags come in various shapes and sizes, but each has a practical use. It seems we have combined what our cavemen and nobility ancestors did to result in thousands of bag styles that each have a specific function.

The most versatile yet pragmatic one is the bookbag. However, the environment dictates what type of bag you'll need to bring. Whereas, a couple of hundred years ago, bags were purely meant for wealth status. 

The technological marvels humans have witnessed in the last several decades have affected the way we dress ourselves. One item we always have to carry is our laptop. The laptop only emerged into the market in the 20th century. It's only in the last couple of years that we've witnessed bags explicitly made for holding a laptop. 

Bookbags now have specific sections with padding that's meant to protect the laptop from damage. Eventually, from the laptop stemmed a market for laptop cases. Since notebooks are bulky yet fragile, they require a protective sleeve that envelopes the entire surface area. The laptop sleeve market is still considered to be reasonably new, so you'll find many of the same options. 

Some websites allow you to customize your laptop case such as monogram it, but they tend to be expensive. Amazon has some of the cheapest cases without lowering its overall quality. The materials are not costly, so manufacturers do have considerable freedom when it comes to marking the price. 

You’ll find that laptop cases straight from the laptop manufacturer costs five times as much as the Amazon equivalents. 

Any modern professional will have a laptop case. Think of how crucial your smartphone case is? It is incredibly needed, so imagine the same type of urgency for equipping yourself with a laptop sleeve. 

Before we go straight into detail about laptop sleeves, you should know all the laptop carrying options available to you. Perhaps a specific type of laptop bag catches your interest, 


Type of Laptop Bags

Business Style

Whenever someone hears the word laptop case, a picture of a bulky black bag catered explicitly for business travelers appears in their minds. That's because in films we usually see laptops carried around in such bags, so we assume this is our only option. 

For business people, a laptop briefcase such as a wheeled laptop case is the most convenient option when they're frequently traveling. Wheeled cases often function as a portable office, so if your job is demanding a laptop briefcase is your best bet. 

There are laptop bags that can function outside a business setting, yet still, provide practical daily use. They appeal to any gender, so you have thousands of bags to choose from. You can let your creativity run wild when you're searching for a laptop briefcase.  

Laptop Messenger

Those who want to give off a casual look will find laptop messenger bags to be right up their alley. This is because messenger bags are associated with a young crowd. Such as those in their 20s working at a startup and tech-related companies. 

Thanks to the variety of laptop messenger bags, almost everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for. More often than not, these seem to be a favorite amongst college students. Those trying to appear sophisticated will equip themselves with a high-quality leather messenger bag. 

Fashion-minded individuals who want their laptop messenger bag to match their outfit will likely find one. The search is the hard part. However, you can always settle for trying to match your laptop sleeve rather than your bag since that won’t cost you as much. 

Most bookbags come with a specified laptop section that contains the proper padding to protect your laptop from scratches and bumps. 

Handbags & Laptop Totes 

Handbags made to hold laptops are generally marketed towards women because they make up the majority of the buyers of this particular style. Any women will find that there is a laptop tote out there that suits their personality and day to day style. 

Most laptops measure 13 to 15 inches, so finding a tote that can hold a laptop that big is not tricky. Totes specifically made to hold laptops feature a padded zipper section where you can safely store a laptop and throw your other personal belongings around it without. You no longer have to keep worrying about whether or not you've scratched your laptop by throwing your keys into your bag a little too forcefully. 

If you’re going to a formal occasion but prefer to have your laptop on you at all times, there are laptop handbags made for formal events. One is bound to match your gown, so why not bring it along! 

Businesswomen line up to buy these laptop totes because of how cleverly designed they are. Some of them are pretty much stylized-laptop briefcases, which is what a woman needs to set herself apart from all the boring other cases in the room. 

Since laptop totes haven't been around long, the price for it varies immensely. There are cheap yet cute laptop cases, but brand name one exists as well. In fact, some high fashion brands sell laptop totes that cost thousands of dollars. 


Laptop Sleeves

The first layer of protection should always come in the form of a laptop sleeve. Think of the laptop sleeve as the preliminary support and your bookbag as a backup. The adequately sized laptop sleeve will fit tightly around the laptop. You won't have to stretch out the sleeve because it should match the dimensions of your laptop. If there is too much wiggle room, then you'll require a sleeve smaller in size. 

Using a laptop sleeve is necessary, especially when you’re placing it in another bag such as a laptop tote. An unstable environment to place your laptop while traveling is your suitcase. To avoid it sustaining damage, you should protect it in a laptop sleeve

Since they are such a cheap accessory, you can buy more than one to have ready for use. If you’re going on a business trip, you'll require one that’s black or brown. College students, on the other hand, can truly express themselves with their laptop sleeve because that’s one of the few things they have control over.

In fact, you can get stylish with some laptop sleeves and get specific with a custom laptop sleeve. Keep in mind that custom sleeves will cost you more than a standard one you’ll come across on Amazon.  

Materials Used to Make Laptop Sleeves

To gain a deep understanding of how laptop sleeves can improve your daily life, you have to find out more information about the product. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research you could want and have compiled it below.

The first feature that's noteworthy to mention would be the material its made out of. As we said above, the laptop sleeve market is relatively new, so manufacturers are enjoying themselves testing new durable fabrics and lining their sleeves with them. 

Some manufacturers try to use the same sturdy material found in scuba diving material, to ensure the laptop sleeve is entirely waterproof. Other laptop sleeves feature a canvas fabric that can resist water but not entirely deflect it. These fabrics are cheaper to purchase and produce, which is why these laptop sleeves tend to cost less than $15. 

1. Leather

An old fashioned laptop sleeve is made out of the first material used to create a messenger bag- leather. Everyone knows leather is incredibly durable and can vary in style and color. You can customize a leather laptop sleeve easily, but be careful. You don't want to pay for a genuine leather laptop sleeve and end up with one made out of faux leather. 

Remember that cheap quality leather is always better than faux leather since the latter will tear within a couple of months. Cheap leather is bound to last you several years at least. 

The cases made out of leather mixed with a plastic vary in quality from brand to brand. Some brands are known to take great care in choosing their leather, which makes their addition of plastic not that big of a deal. Each brand has a specific formula to its sleeve material, so you’ll just have to test out a couple before you find one that truly suits your needs. 

A bag made out of “pleather” will have a lighter feel to it compared to bags made entirely out of leather. 

2. Neoprene 

A neoprene case is one of the most popular sleeves to choose from. It minimizes moisture levels in the internal environment it holds your laptop in. It also comes with padding which absorbs most of the shock if it were to fall on the ground. 

Since neoprene is a durable fabric, there is little to no difference between brands. This fabric is well known to be water-resistant, but it won't keep out an immense amount of water. These sleeves tend to be cheaper than leather because of how easy it is to design and manufacture. 

3. Cloth

Another popular laptop sleeve material is cloth, which includes both natural and synthetic fabrics. What's the difference between synthetic and natural? Well, natural comes from sources that contain no human interference in the production process. Natural materials include canvas or cotton. 

On the other hand, synthetic materials are human-made, so we have to produce them with our hands manually. Synthetic fabrics include nylon and polyester. For these materials, the sleeve comes dipped in a coating that makes it resistant to water. One thing we can guarantee is that you won’t find many laptop bags made out of synthetic fabrics. 


4. Plastic

Last but not least, the case material worth mentioning is plastic. People who often work around heavy-duty construction have to carry their laptops around in hard plastic cases. This is because hard plastic material is the most reliable option that will last you almost as long as leather. 

A majority of plastic cases come lined with additional protection to ensure your laptop's safety. Depending on the brand you purchase, some of these cases are waterproof while others are simply water-resistant. 

This is a bulky laptop hard case, so those who want a slim sleeve that isn’t heavy to carry, then this isn’t the right choice. 

Each material has its pros and cons, so it’s up to you to pinpoint which features you prefer. Perhaps you are considering laptop sleeve options you didn’t think were available to you before. If this is the case, keep on reading! You’ll be surprised with what laptop covers you’ll find. 

Special Laptop Sleeve Features


Laptop sleeves that can also function as bags are the best type of case. You can transport your laptop, use the case as a bag, or place the case inside another bag of yours. Some manufacturers build their cases with rings or holes on the side to allow you to add a strap. You can even add a small accessory bag on one of these rings, which keeps you organized. 

More expensive laptop sleeves will come built with carrying handles that allow people to take it without having to drag around a bulky bag. Carrying your laptop from class to class won't require a bookbag anymore since you can fit everything you need in a laptop sleeve. You

Keep in mind that you’ll need a thick laptop sleeve if you plan on carrying it around. In case you were to bump onto a hard surface, you wouldn’t want your laptop to endure any damage whatsoever. A thick sleeve would take care of that problem. 

Special Designs

Every laptop sleeve brand has a particular trademark that is apparent to those who look for details. From afar, most laptop sleeves look identical since their shape and material all resemble each other. 

Those of you who have a specific color or design in mind should order from brands that allow you to customize the manufacturing process. Some brands even allow you to upload photos online and have them printed as a laptop cover. 

Imagine all the great gifts you could give with a custom-made laptop sleeve. It’ll show you put effort into designing it as well as the fact you’ll have spent money on it. 


Best For MacBook Users

The most popular laptop sleeve to use for Mac is a neoprene laptop case. This is because most of the laptop cases Apple officially produces for its products are made out of neoprene. Those of you who don't want to pay brand-name prices for 

How to Properly Maintain your Laptop Sleeve

Cleaning a Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Since most MacBook owners prefer neoprene sleeves, we'll give you a rundown regarding how to clean it. Due to its thin frame yet outstanding protection, it is one of the most demanded laptop sleeves. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it won't get dirty. 

One tiny issue with neoprene sleeves lies mainly with the fabric's ability to absorb stains. Once you see a coffee stain on that sleeve, you'll immediately rush to put it in the washing machine. Stop yourself before you ruin a perfectly excellent investment. 

Unfortunately, you cannot wash a neoprene sleeve. However, it is possible to clean it. You want to avoid putting it in the washer because it will damage the lining inside. Once washed, the faux fur lining will lose its essential soft features that prevent your MacBook from scratching.  

There are three methods for cleaning a neoprene sleeve. If the first one doesn't do the trick, you should continue to try the other two. One out of the three cleaning methods is bound to work. 

Cleaning Methods

You need warm water and dish soap and a clean rag. You’ll want to dab soap and warm water on the sleeve’s stains. Don’t get crazy with it and soak the entire thing, because drying it will be a hassle if it isn’t scorching hot outside. 

However, if the sleeve is completely covered in mud, you'll have no other option but to soak it in warm water and soap for thirty minutes. Spots that are challenging to remove will require the use of a soft-bristled brush. 

Perhaps the warm water and soap method doesn’t work. If this is the case, then you have two cleaning methods to choose from. You can use a spot remover that will remove the stain on the sleeve. You should do this as quickly as possible before the stain has time to settle. 

If it's a laptop bag we're dealing with, cleaning one is similar to cleaning a purse. If you've never had to clean a purse before, the process is fairly simple. Starting with the interior is preferred because you can work your way to the exterior of the bag. 

First, you’ll have to take out everything from the inside of your bag and then turn it inside out. You want to brush away any dirt that has settled on the bottom. This can be from snacks that have accidentally spilled to ink stains. 

More often than not, ink stains commonly form on the bottom of bags, which can ruin its quality and lessen its value. Once you see an ink stain forming, immediately apply a spot stain remover such as a Tide to-go pen. 

Cleaning the exterior of your bag is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, it's similar to cleaning a laptop case. In the end, the material of the bag dictates the cleaning method. 



The laptop sleeve market is a diverse one. To ensure you're purchasing the right case for your laptop, you need to research the matter heavily. Thanks to our team's dedication, we already performed that research and compiled it above. If you went through all of it, it's safe to say that you're a master when it comes to buying laptop sleeves

Who knows, maybe you’ll start looking for a laptop tote as well?


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