Lavish Lash HD Waterproof Mascara Review 

 December 30, 2020


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  • Adds noticeable volume to the lashes
  • Organic and natural with non-toxic ingredients
  • Smudge-proof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides high-quality gel


  • Does not come off quickly with water
  • May cause allergy to sensitive skin

People with short lashes often opt for products that could add extra length and volume to their eyelashes. If you think you don’t have decent eyelashes with volume and high definition, then using the lavish lash mascara can be ideal.

The product is revolutionary and specially designed for people who have thin and short lashes or brows. It helps enhance the volume and thickness of your eyelashes to create a fantastic look.  It has a perfect lash and brow system coupled with the volumizing gel and growth serum for giving you a complete package.


Buyers who look for natural and non-toxic beauty enhancing products, lavish lash HD fiber mascara accommodates everything for them.  It aims to provide a product which is safe to use and fulfills the desired criteria of the buyers by customizing an overall look of their eyelashes.

About The Product

Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is undoubtedly a tried and true beauty product that completes your look. The product is one-stop-shop when it comes to buying a complete package for your eyelashes. The mascara pioneered in enhancing your dull and thin eyelashes with its advanced features.

  • Gives high definition lashes
  • Comes with lash growth serum and volumizing gel
  • Long-lasting for 24 hours
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof
  • Has one-step application
  • Contains non-toxic and clinically tested ingredients
  • FDA certified
  • 0.1 fl. oz. tube (3ml)
  • Comes with an application brush
  • Weighs 0.64 ounces

The Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is an innovation that helps you lengthen, volumize and thicken your lashes instantly. Coupled with eyelash growth serum and volumizing gel, the mascara creates high definition look if applied daily.  

The serum naturally enhances the growth of lashes without having you to worry about the damage caused by the toxic chemicals in other beauty products. It is botanically derived and has a quality to penetrate into follicle that fortifies and stimulates lashes growth for an attractive appearance.

Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is safe to apply and entails non-toxic ingredients which are clinically, and dermatologist tested, guaranteeing you a high quality of the product. The organic ingredients are non-irritating and hypoallergenic s causing no harm to the eyelashes. Besides that, the product is packaged with eyebrow color enhancer to complement the features of an eye.  

Moreover, mascara offers you a proper pigmentation with excellent color coverage to make your lashes look naturally darker and thicker. It takes you only two coatings to get your eyelashes adequately outlined and defined.

The tiny fibers of the mascara brush can create a striking effect by elongating the strands to make them look more feminine and more voluminous.

Unlike other mascara brands, the effect of Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara lasts for hours and this product is ideal to use for night outs and special occasions. It does not only create an excellent impression; the mascara lasts all day long without getting smudged and smeared.


Not only this, the Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is sweat proof, and the fibers do not fall off to give you a perfect coverage for 24 hours.

The Mascara does not include any extended process of application as the fibers flakes come already attached with the brush.  It requires one or two strokes to thicken the coating for an instant voluminous effect.

Also, it follows the same one-step application when you talk about removing it. However, it comes off quickly if you use it with coconut oil or another makeup remover instead of just using water.       

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What Others Say

The lash lengthening formula used in Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara has been indeed a feature that has left a substantial effect on buyers.

Female with relatively short and sparse lashes have found the product fantastic that does not only add volume and fullness to the lashes but enhances color.  Its one step application is another plus point making buyers inclined towards using the product.  

Furthermore, the complete package of Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is categorically an ideal deal for the buyers to get better and more natural look. Buyers are satisfied and showed their concurrence for the product through their optimal feedback on various platforms.  

Coupled with 2-in-one qualities, Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara has made a marked difference in buyer’s lashes as well as brows.

Buying Advice

Few buyers raised specific concerns regarding the quality of mascara. Some women who have sensitive lashes complained about itchiness, discomfort, and redness upon applying the product. On the contrary, Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is 100% hypoallergenic and is dermatologist tested, and not recommended to the people with sensitive skins.


Besides that, the mascara has proven to be one of the best beauty products to define and enhance an overall appearance of the eyelashes. Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is pricier than other brands but is considered a worthy investment when it comes to buying the ideal mascara.

Final Verdict

All in all, it comes as no surprise that Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara has exceptional qualities that can add life to your thin eyelashes or brows.

The product is worth spending as it volumizes lashes organically and naturally. Thus, lavish mascara has everything that other mascaras strive for and not less than magic wand that covers each lash separately to give a beautiful look.

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