Leader Accessories Basic Guard 3 Layer Car Cover Reviews 

 February 8, 2022


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A car cover is an excellent investment for any car owner who cares about the exterior of their vehicle. Aside from environmental factors like snow and rain, there are a few reasons why you would wish to invest in a car cover. There are far more things that can dirty your car than the weather.

Even when your car is stored indoors, you will find that it can be susceptible to a significant amount of dust buildup. This will necessitate cleaning, sooner or later. Dust on your car may not be visible when that is all that is on your vehicle, but the moment it rains while you are driving, you will have dirty streaks visible on the top and sides of your car.

Aside from dust, other factors are not related to weather which can dirty the outside of your car. The most nefarious of these are bird droppings. It seems like birds enjoy leaving their droppings on your car, as some days, you will find your car covered, but the ground around it will be spotless.

Bird droppings can be difficult to clean off of your car but easier to clean off of a cover, so you will not have to worry about scrubbing away at your car's paint job to get them off. That is not all though; car covers can also protect your car's exterior from lasting damage such as scratches.

Sometimes, your car can get unintentionally scratched. We do not mean major scratches which will be visible from far away, but minor scratches that can only be seen when you look for them. A car cover will ensure that your car is not accidentally scratched while it is parked, regardless of whether it is inside or outside.


It is important to search for a car cover which is durable enough to withstand a reasonable amount of abuse. Car covers which are too weak will end up breaking long before you get your money’s worth out of them. Since a car cover will be exposed to the elements more often than not, it will have to be able to withstand a good deal of abuse.

A durable car cover is also a car cover which might just end up saving you money in the long run. If your car cover can last you for a longer duration, you will find that you save money on replacement car covers which you will not need. Cheaper car covers may be more affordable at first, but they will very likely inconvenience you in the end.


It is also important to invest in a car cover which features a sufficient amount of elasticity. Most car covers are not made out of elastic material, as that would significantly increase their price. They will instead feature elastic material around the edge of the cover so you can get a proper fit on your car.

Car covers which do not feature an elastic hem will usually require extra anchoring and will be harder to attach to your car. Think of a non-fitted bed sheet and how much more challenging it is to get it properly positioned than a fitted bed sheet with an elastic hem, it is much the same concept.

The Product


  • Comes available in a wide range of sizes: all the way from 157 inches to 264 inches long
  • Protects your car from bird droppings, the wind, dust, dirt, and much more
  • Features an elastic hem for a more sure fit around your car
  • Features straps and a buckle to ensure that the wind doesn’t blow the cover away
  • Available in either grayish blue or camo colors
  • Comes included with a storage bag
  • Comes included with adhesive antenna patches

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If you need a car cover that is both versatile and affordable, look no further than this model from Leader Accessories. It comes available in a choice of two colors and five different sizes so you can find the ideal model for your car.


This is one of the most effective car covers that we have come across concerning protection. This cover will keep your car from being dirtied by many factors, both environmental or otherwise. This car cover offers full UV protection, so you can ensure that your paint job is protected from the sun.

The inclusion of an elastic hem ensures that this car cover will always fit snugly against your car. We particularly appreciated the wide range of sizes available for this model of car cover. There are five different sizing options, and the largest and smallest have a difference of about 100 inches in length.

It also comes equipped with buckles and straps to ensure that the wind will not end up blowing away your cover and costing you more money. The inclusion of adhesive antenna patches makes this a great option for older cars with antennas that do not retract.

What Others Say

Other customers had a great deal to say about this product in their reviews.

Most of them were impressed by the value for money offered by this model of car cover.

Other reviewers took issue with this car cover's lack of waterproofing, stating that water resistance should be an essential feature of all car covers used outdoors.

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Buying Advice

This car cover is one of the higher quality models that you will come across in this price range. While it features a low price point, the value for money offered by this product is superior to most of the competition. This car cover can be purchased for around 50 dollars, but it drops to as low as [amazon fields="B00J0C8AE2" value="price"] when on sale.


If you want a car cover which provides excellent value for money, you will be hard-pressed to find a better choice than this one from Leader Accessories. If this review has helped you make a decision, feel free to let us know down in the comments section.

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