LIGHTSMAX Insect Bug Zapper Reviews 

 February 15, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • The device is easy to use and effective in killing pests and bugs
  • It’s easy to mount and dismount for portable use
  • The device is versatile for use in varied outdoor application areas
  • It’s environment friendly and chemical free
  • Doesn’t require electricity to operate
  • The zapper is durable, weatherproof and can operate both at night and day time
  • Comes in an attractive design to improve the appeal of your outdoors
  • Premium plastic construction for increased durability
  • Comes with an extra grid layer for protection of kids and pets
  • It’s designed for safety and offers protection from accidental injuries
  • Stores charge for up to 8 hours upon full charge 


  • May not work in poor weather such as winter or areas that barely receive enough sunshine
  • Not ideal for areas with poor sunshine

LIGHTSMAX is a household brand. The company manufactures various household items for cleaning. It also develops products for controlling different kinds of flying insects, bugs and pests in residential and commercial settings. They include insect repellents and bug zappers for indoor and/or outdoor use.

The LIGTHSMAX Insect Bug Zapper is solar-powered. Mount it outdoors to light your deck, garden, pond or path at night. It charges during the day and lights at night to kill stubborn flying insects. It can also work during the day to eradicate all kinds of flies. The device doesn’t use any kind of harmful sprays, rendering it safe for humans, animals and even the natural environment. 

If you’re looking to save energy on power bills, the device is an ultimate choice. It’s installed in an ideal positioning to receive direct sunlight for charging. Therefore, you don’t need electricity to use this device. The weatherproof insect zapper comes with low-voltage LED bulbs for energy-saving use.

The zapper is versatile for in various areas. You can move it around in your yard to support parties or barbecues in different parts of your outdoor space. When going fishing, camping, hiking, picnics or any other outdoor activity, you can easily dismount the device for use on the go. It has built-in handle for easy carriage and handling.

Built with two LED light bulbs, the zapper is made from premium plastic to give it a sturdy construction. It’s sturdy enough to last many years of consistent use if take care of well. The housing offers protection from accidental shocks and electrocutions, especially if you’ve got kids and pets around. The device comes in a pack of 1 to 8 bug zappers.

What We Like

We like the versatile nature of this mosquito zapper. You can use it outdoors when at home and dismount it if need arises for use on the go. What’s more, it’s energy-efficient because it uses solar power. If you’re living in an area that receives lots of sunshine throughout the year, or working on a tight budget, you’ll find the device handy.

What We Don’t Like

 Although the device is versatile and finds use in most areas outdoors, it’s unfortunate that it’s not recommended for indoor use. It means that despite the cost savings that result from investing in this solar bug zapper, you may still have to buy another device for indoor use.

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Features of LIGHTSMAX Insect Bug Zapper

  • Solar-powered
  • 2 low voltage LED bulbs
  • Built-in handle for easy handling
  • 1 AA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery
  • Measures 5.25” in width x 16.25” in length
  • On/off switch 

Buying Advice

Do you want a mosquito zapper to use indoors or outdoors? Or, do you want one you can use both indoors and outdoors. Bug zappers are designed for use indoors and/or outdoors. When looking for the best insect zapper to buy, choose one designed for your intended application area.

Whereas some devices use ultraviolet light to attract insects, others use carbon dioxide and Octenol to lure biting pests such as mosquitoes. Choose appropriately for the kind of insects you want to control in your residential or commercial space. For instance, if mosquitoes are problematic in your application area, look for a device built to use Octenol for effective use.

How big or small is the area you want to rid of flying insects and pests? When searching for a device to buy, make sure it has the right coverage area. For instance, if you’re for an outdoor zapper to use in a large yard or when you go camping, opt for one with a large coverage area in acres or square feet.

If you’re interested in enhancing the look of your outdoor space, find a zapper in an attractive design and finishing hue. Choose a color of your liking on a unit’s casing. Most stylish zapper designs come in the form of lanterns for a functional and decorative look.

The wattage and number of LED bulbs in a single device is also worth putting into consideration. For powerful illumination in a large application area, consider a device with wattage or voltage and more than one bulb. Whichever bug zapper you opt for, make sure it’s built for your intended use and targets the pests you want to eliminate.

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Controversies surrounded the use of bug zappers in the 18th and 19th century. Studies revealed that the devices were effective at luring killing most pests and bugs, except disease-carrying mosquitoes. However, technology has improved over the years to ensure that zappers can effectively kill mosquitoes. 

When choosing the best bug zapper, look out for the different factors above to get value for your money. Make sure to cross-check prices and compare prices before making an informed buying decision. Also check out buyer reviews and ratings to get a general idea of products that previous customers recommend. 

Are you looking for a solar-power bug zapper to help you kill harmful pests in your home? Check out Amazon and make an order today to enjoy living in a bug free environment. 

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Lisa Hanel

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