Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Reviews 

 July 9, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

Lumaland Luxurious Giant 6ft Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover - Ultra Soft, Foam Filling, Washable Large Bean Bag Sofa for Kids, Teenagers, Adults - Sack Chair for Dorm, Family Room - Navy Blue
  • Comfortable furniture solution: Luxury Bean Bag Chairs from Lumaland are available in a range of stylish colors and sizes (3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft), and are breathable, comfortable, and ultra-soft. Each product is carefully crafted and quality-checked under the highest American standards. Made in the USA.
  • Expands on arrival: Your top-quality bean bag chair will be shipped in a box condensed to a fraction of its size. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the bean bag to expand to its full size. You can speed up the process by fluffing it up and crushing any foam clusters!
  • Easy Care: The micro suede outer cover is machine-washable and, thanks to the beige, polyester inner cover, you can still use your foam filled bean bag on washing day!
  • Superior Quality: The bean bag's inner cover is filled with high-quality foam with no plastic. The memory foam seat adapts to your body heat and shape, providing total relaxation. Our foam is 100% made in the USA in our family warehouse in Michigan and 100% virgin recycled.
  • For the whole family: From small bean bags to long, jumbo bean bag chairs, these luxury loungers are the perfect addition to any basement, family room, dorm or bedroom, whether as a comfy study spot, a gaming chair or a spare bed for visitors.

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Nothing can offer you a complete sense of relaxation and utter calmness than a bean bag. The heavenly clouds of memory foam and soft materials is what you need after a long day at work. People used to hide their bean bags when not in use because the design just did not go well with their interior décor.

But the plush-filled bags have significantly evolved from being mere tools of relaxation to an integral part of both home and office furniture. You will be surprised to know that modern offices employ the use of bean bags to offer their employees a way to rest and relax during lunch breaks and whatnot.

About The Product

When it comes to the best bean-bag, none can rival the quality and durability of the Lumaland Luxury bean bag. The entire design of the bag screams convenience and comfortability. Available in limited colors, the beanbag comes in different sizes. However, the company's 6-foot bean-bag has the most famous throughout the US.

The bag is ideal for people of all ages; even senior citizens can enjoy a nap of the 6-foot bean-bag. With all said, mentioned below are some exhilarating reasons why you should go and get on for yourself right away.

It Is Machine Washable

Yes, you have heard that right. The Lumland bean bag can be quickly and safely machine-washed. You don’t have to worry about tearing the product or anything. That is mainly because of its microsuede outercover. There aren't a lot of bean bags that are machine washable, but with this product, you can just unzip the cover and put into right into your laundry.

It Is Massive

Another spectacular reason why you should opt for the ultra-soft bean bag is that it is 6-feet in width. That means you can fit two adult children in the beanbag without any worries. So, the size will never be an issue. It is ideal for you and your gaming buddy.


If you love the outdoors and go on camping trips often, now you can take your bean bag along with you. It is sturdy yet amazingly soft. Just park it on the ground, lie down in the rejuvenating morning sun and read your favorite book.

Accentuate Your Interior Décor

Although the product comes in limited colors, it is trendy and chic in appearance. There is no question the product will accentuate the furniture and decoration in your living room as well as the rest of the rooms in the house. The bean bag is available in deep colors.

High-Grade Memory Foam-Filling

The product offers long-term coziness, durability, and comfortability. How? Well, that is because of the high-class, contouring, memory foam. All you need to do is lean back, stretch your arms and legs, and you will doze off before you even know what happened – it is that soft.

It Is Ergonomic

One of the best things about the bean bag is the fact it is ergonomic. A lot of physiotherapists recommend soft bean-bag-chairs to people that spend a majority of their time sitting at work.  Sitting for extended periods can completely deteriorate your posture, leading to lower back pain, neck cramps, joint pain, etc. Incorporating a bean bag in your life can help with correcting your body posture as you completely relax your body on the soft memory foam.

An Enjoyable Source Fun Activities

If you kids at home, nothing will make them happier than to just lounge around on bean-bag-chairs or jump on them. You can also set up camp outside in your backyard and watch movies inside a tent lying with your kids on the bean-bag.

Great For Pets

Although there is a possibility that your pets will try to claw into the bag, if you train them not to, it can become a bed for them. Pets need restorative sleep to become fully charged for next’s day activities. Giving them bean bag is an excellent way to ensure their mental and physical health.

What Others Are Saying

Lumaland bean bag users are ecstatic about how comfortable the product is for their back. People with low back pain and neck pain have stated that they felt calm and healed after lying down on the bag for a couple of hours.

A majority of users have also expressed their excitement about how happy their kids are with the bean bags. Another reason why the Lumaland bag has become so famous in the US as it is highly sustainable.

People weighing over 150-lbs say that they the bag has exceeded expectations when it comes to comfortability. However, you do have to put a tiny bit of effort erecting the bean-bag chair. It comes in a small package and takes a few minutes and some kicks and punches to fluff-up into a 6-foot, soft, plush chair.

Moreover, if you sit on it for too long you may feel the sponge harden a bit – but don’t worry it softens again once you get off the bean bag. In all, once you lie down on the bag, you will never feel like getting back up still.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Lumaland bean bag around $249.99 with free shipping at Amazon. You will get the product in fewer than 4 or 5 days, and it is worth every single penny. Sure, the colors are limited, but they go incredibly well with any décor.

The product is an absolute must-have. Also, it is machine-washable, which is an added convenience. You don’t have to use a wash-cloth to wipe all the dirt or accidental spills – just put it in the machine and wash it.

Final Verdict

With that price and features, it is no wonder, so many America households have Lumaland bean bags. They are excellent for kids, adults and seniors alike. No reason you shouldn’t make the bean bag a part of your furniture.

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