Makita Benchtop Planer Reviews 

 December 30, 2019

By  Kawandanell

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  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Significant table extension
  • Smooth and noiseless operation
  • Powerful motor
  • LED light indicator
  • Easy blade change-up


  • Underpowered
  • Doesn’t feed properly at times

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A craftsman’s toolkit is incomplete without a wood planer. You can use this machine to create wooden boards with uniform thickness, which is perfect if you want to work with wood. Initially, planers featured a handheld design, but today, several brands incorporate modern technology and innovations in their devices.

You get a cutting-edge machine that features a planning platform, which allows you to enhance accuracy. You can easily adjust the settings and performance without hassle, using the controls the brand provides.


Many wood projects involve producing boards that feature the same level of thickness. You can find a wide range of planers on the market today, which can make selecting one a tad challenging. The safest option for you is to buy a brand that is reliable and reputable.

The features the top models offer to ensure you get great value for money and are also able to work on a variety of projects. You can benefit from the features available to you, as you can easily switch between tasks and also carry the machine around without any hassle.

About The Product

Makita is a brand that you can count on to deliver high-quality benchtop planers. The brand provides a wide range of cordless and corded power tools, including planers. You can find the signature stamp of quality the brand adds to all its products, including the Makita 12-inch Planer.

This planer offers all the features you can expect from a high-end machine, with excellent durability and a compact design. Click here to see how it stacks up to other planers. Here is an overview of all the features you can find on this planer:

  • Compact Design: The design of this planer is compact and elegant, which ensures it is not an eyesore, even when you place it in your workshop. The compactness of the machine makes it highly portable, so you can move it from place to place, wherever you want to work on a project.
  • Smooth Operation: This machine operates silently, so you don’t have to worry about noise emanating from the planer when you are working on wood. The smooth operation of the machine ensures you don’t have to invest any extra effort in the job. You can operate the planer conveniently, without any hassle.
  • Easy Change-Up: You can easily change the blade of the planer, as and when you need it, without any hassle. You can use disposable double-edged blades with this planer, which allows you to achieve an accurate and precise cut.
  • Interna-Lok: Makita incorporates its patented Interna-Lok automated head-clamp, which enhances the accuracy of the machine. The automated feature means that you don’t have to adjust the clamp from time to time.
  • Versatile: You can use this planer for carrying out a range of wood projects. Professionals and amateur artisans can design cabinets, closets, furniture, and staircases using the Makita 12-inch planer.
  • Additional Accessories: The package includes many accessories that you will find useful when using this machine. These include a toolbox, wrenches, and magnetic holders, all of which are versatile accessories that serve multiple purposes.
  • Perfect Finish: The quality of the blade and the machine ensures that there will be no errors in accuracy. You can achieve a perfect finish, no matter the type of wood you are working on, which further adds to the versatility of this planer.
  • Table Extensions: The machine comes with a stable design, which makes it easier to operate. Also, you also get significant table extensions that enable you to work on larger projects, regardless of the space available to you. The stability you enjoy with this model allows you to ensure accuracy and precision.
  • Powerful Motor: You can enjoy the powerful performance with this model, thanks to the powerful 15 motor. The machine operates at 8,500 rotations per minute load speed, and despite this, you don’t have to bear noise more than 83 dB.
  • LED Indicator: The model features an LED light that works as an indicator. The light will turn on when you insert the plug into a reliable power source.

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What Others Say

Most people who reviewed this product on Amazon are happy with its performance and recommend it for others. A customer wrote an initial review of the product, stating his level of satisfaction with the machine. He updated the review to share his experience of using the model, and he states that he is happy with the purchase.

A reviewer mentioned that he doesn’t usually work on wood projects, but the Makita 12-inch planer managed to impress him enough that he wrote a review for it on Amazon. A customer wrote that the model offers a smooth and precise finish for any wood you want to use.

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Some customers gave this product a negative review for many reasons. A customer wrote that he purchased the product based on the reviews he read, but the machine did not perform as expected. A reviewer stated that he likes products from Makita, but this model did not offer the performance he desired.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently order this planer from Amazon, and the retailer will deliver the package to your doorstep. The retail price of the planer is around [amazon fields="B000051ZOO" value="price"], while you don’t have to pay extra for shipping.

Final Verdict

The Makita 12-inch Planer is, without doubt, one of the best benchtop planers available on the market today. The drawbacks are minimal, and the benefits you enjoy ensure you get great value for money. You can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon, but this product is worth the price it is available for currently.

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