Marathon Classic Alarm Clock Reviews 

 April 18, 2022


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Isn’t it incredibly frustrating when you’re asleep and the electric goes out. You have to be up at a certain time (like for work) but because of the power outage, your digital alarm clock doesn’t go off. For instances like that, it’s always good to have a basic analog alarm clock, like the Marathon Classic Alarm Clock, as a backup.

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Marathon Classic Alarm Clock, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the alarm clock had to say about their overall experience with it.


Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this alarm clock is something you should consider purchasing to help you wake up in the morning!

About The Product

The Marathon Classic Alarm Clock is the perfect combination of function and style. The sleek lines of this clock takes something as ordinary as an alarm clock, and elevates it to elegance with a purpose.

Unlike other analog alarm clocks, this unit was engineered with a continuous sweep second hand with quartz movement that is completely silent. This is the perfect time keeping device if you are someone who cannot stand that ticking sound while you try to fall asleep.

Notable features of the Marathon Classic Alarm Clock include:

  • Silent, continuous-sweep second hand quartz movement. It does not emit a ticking sound.
  • An ambient light sensor triggers a soft glow to illuminate the dial when placed in low light.
  • Easy to set alarm function with conveniently placed ON/OFF and SNOOZE buttons
  • This clock is 3.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall and 1.5 inches thick.
  • Two AA batteries are included in the box.

This alarm clock features an ambient light sensor that will turn on when the light is low. The soft glow from the light will make it easy for you to check the time in the middle of the night. The clock places the on/off switch for the alarm (as well as a snooze button) on top of the clock.

The spring-loaded button will be in the “UP” position when the alarm is set. If you’re in the habit of hitting the snooze button, the clock’s light will brighten a little for five seconds.

The overall size of the clock is fairly small and compact, which is great because it won’t take up too much space on your bedside table. The unit runs on 2 AA batteries, which are included with purchase.

What People Had To Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Marathon Classic Alarm Clock, many customers actually raved about this simple, unassuming alarm clock. Several people commented that they used to use their smartphone as their alarm clock, but they wanted a backup clock as a precaution.

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They wanted an analog clock that would not tick loudly and wasn’t too large. This clock was the perfect solution.

Customers commented that the light that illuminates the face was bright enough to see the time in the middle of the night, but it wasn’t so bright that it kept them awake at night. In terms of longevity, people found the clock continues to work – several years after the initial purchase.

The batteries that come with last a decent amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries soon after purchasing the clock.

Although there were many people who were happy with this alarm clock, there were some people who felt the clock could have been better. One of the biggest complaints people had was that the light wasn’t bright enough to allow them to see the face of the clock at any great distance.

Other customers reported that although the light can be switched between HI or LOW. Even when the switch was on the HI position, it was still hard to see the time.

Some people remarked on how disappointed they were that the clock they received broke within a few days – the alarm would not sound at all. These customers went on to say they contacted the company but the company never responded to their emails.

They were very disappointed in the lack of customer service. One person said they returned their clocks twice because either a knob fell off on one clock and the second hand stopped moving on the second clock.

Our Recommendation

In a world where smart phones, tablets, and digital alarm clocks reign supreme, sometimes you need a good, reliable analog clock as a backup. Electricity can flicker or go out completely, and your handy technological gadgets are useless or give you the wrong time.

The Marathon Classic Alarm Clock can give you some peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never be late for work again because it runs on 2 AA batteries. You’ll know when those batteries are losing their power when the light that illuminates the face of the clock becomes dim – thus giving you plenty time to replace them.

We like this clock because it is as simple and basic as you can get. It has an easy to read face and a silent, continuously moving second hand. For those who are light sleepers, you never have to worry about that incessant ticking noise that other clocks have.

We also like this simple clock because the on/off and snooze buttons are on top of the clock. By these buttons being placed on top, you don’t have to worry about fumbling with the thing trying to turn the alarm off; it’s a feature that your partner sleeping next to you will certainly appreciate.

If you’re in the market for a small analog alarm clock that sleek, simple, and easy to use, this is a great option.

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