Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker Reviews 

 July 9, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Italian food can be complicated. With each step, there is a careful balance of love, creativity, and precision that requires the utmost attention to detail, culminating in a dish overloaded with flavor. Every ingredient, every piece of equipment, matters in how the overall finished product ends up.

One of the most critical areas besides ingredients and recipes that determine a dish's quality is the equipment used to craft it. In the case of Italian cuisine, traditional is best, and the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker is the essentials of tradition mixed with the benefits of innovation.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker 150

The Atlas Pasta Maker 150 is one of the most consistent pasta makers in modern history. It’s instantly recognizable globally for its simple but effective design. As far as a pasta maker goes, it can do everything that matters and more.


  • Manually Operated
  • Made in Italy
  • Material Used: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Width Setting: 150-millimeters
  • Maximum Thickness Setting: 4.8-millimeters
  • Minimum Thickness Setting: 0.6-millimeters
  • Comes with: Clamp, Recipe Book, Manual, Hand Crank, & Three Pasta Cutters
  • Can Make Taglioni, Lasagna, & Fettuccine
  • Offers ten thickness settings
  • Nine Color Options: Green, Silver, Black, Gold, Pink, Red, Blue, Light Blue, & Copper
  • Comes with 10-year manufacturer's warranty

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Safe to Use

As far as safety goes, the pasta maker is safe. Unlike many other pasta makers, it comes with a system in place to secure it to the platform it is being used on to make pasta. This saves incidents of the handle flying off, or the machine itself slipped and injured the user or worse.

The composition of the pasta maker itself is safe as well. There are no rough or protruding areas that could lead to damage unless it was being used in a way that it was not meant to. Even the metals that were used to make it are completely safe and offer no possible food contamination short cuts that could lead to illness overtime.

Many pasta machine companies don’t take the possibility of metal contamination into consideration, so it's important to purchase a pasta maker from a company that does.

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Insider Thoughts

Most people assume that making pasta is a grueling intensive pasta. For that reason alone they shy away from picking up a machine, and the reality is that it's even more convenient to make your pasta than it is to buy it in stores.

The Marcato Atlas Pasta machine can crank out enough pasta within 20 minutes to feed a household full of people with ease.

A finer point that makes it suitable includes the fact that it is and always has been manufactured in Italy. It can make tagliatelle, fettuccine, spaghetti, and more.

One thing that is recommended is to splurge a little bit extra and get the add-ons, they offer a much wider breadth of options for what kind of dishes you can make, and what you can do with it.

The pasta maker is made of steel, and the packaging comes with everything that you would need to get going within minutes of getting it. The warranty that it comes with is good for a decade, but most users have experience using them for far longer than that with only some small exceptions

It's so easy to use and comes with such a variety of options for customizing your pasta that it is dependent on what your preference is from consistency to how porous you want your pasta to be.


  • The Marcato can make a myriad of pasta.
  • It can cut an even wider range with a few inexpensive add-ons.
  • It is long lasting, with some users reporting owning theirs for 40+ years.
  • The warranty that permits replacement of damaged units upon delivery.
  • The safest pasta maker both in design and composition.


  • Not Suitable for Dishwashers
  • Occasionally damage can occur from dough moisture that isn’t fully dried.

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Buyer Advice

A few final points to mention that are worth noting. There have been a few rare instances of the gear materials being a problem for users who were over zealously working the crank when trying to overload their pasta machine.

The gears themselves are made of a polymer that is meant to prevent overheating or any hazardous damage. Forcing them to turn too hard can cause them to crack or chip, so it's best to use your machine carefully.

If you don’t, it can lead to it breaking far earlier than it should, which manifests as the crank handle turning but nothing happening.

Another thing to consider is that it is imperative to make sure your dough is dried enough before trying to convert it into pasta. Too much moisture can ruin it, and that brings up another point.

Moisture/water can ruin the pasta maker due to it rusting in some of its parts. Do not put it in the dishwasher, and be sure always to have it mounted when using it.

The last point is that when you buy the machine, the only place it should be bought from is Amazon.com. They offer the best, most secure, and simplest process for getting your machine intact quickly and at the best price.

Users who tried to purchase from other sites have reported receiving damaged goods, so it's best to stick to an accountable company.

Final Verdict

The Marcato Pasta Maker 150 is the only pasta maker you, your family, or your business needs. It is capable of churning out quality pasta for not only years but decades.

While it can be a bit pricier than the competition, the diversity of the add-ons make it a multi-functional tool for making an array of pasta that goes beyond the standard choices.

If you want great spaghetti, it's more than not using cheap tomato sauce, it means building your dish from the ground up, and the pasta is the base. Once you try the fresh pasta and see how easy it is to make, you'll never want to go back to pre-made, and the Marcato Pasta Maker 150 is your best too.

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Jacqui Cheng

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