Marcato Atlas 180 Pasta Maker Reviews 

 July 9, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Pasta that’s cooked to Italian standards is loved by all, which means it’s the type of dish that every dinner guest will be asking for seconds.

A secret known amongst Italians that is slowly becoming common knowledge to the public is that making pasta at home will enhance the flavor of a pasta dish more so than store bought pasta ever could. If you want to make pasta dishes faithful to and consistent with Italian standards, you need a pasta maker in your kitchen.

On top of impressing your dinner guests with homemade pasta from a pasta maker, your body will sense the positive and healthy diet change as well since you’ll have ultimate control over every ingredient that goes into the pasta.

You can finally say goodbye to the unhealthy store bought pasta that is infamous for negatively impacting your overall health and say hello to healthy homemade pasta when you start using a pasta maker for every pasta dish.

A manufacturer with a long history in the pasta making business that produces pasta makers specifically catered to help with healthy lifestyle changes would be Marcato.

In fact, Marcato recently released a series of wellness Atlas Pasta Makers whose priority is to ensure you no longer eat empty carbs that are associated with store bought pasta.

Keep reading for a detailed review of Atlas Pasta Maker.

About The Product

For those who want a pasta machine that can run both manually and automatically, some manufacturers design pasta makers with removable motors that can be swapped out for hand cranks at any time.

Marcato is one of the few manufacturers that thought to develop a pasta maker that combines both power sources to result in a pasta maker machine that can run on electricity and human strength.

This dual-function structure makes it possible to choose between physically turning the hand crank and pressing a button to watch the pasta maker produce fresh pasta.

Coming straight out of Marcato factories in Italy, Atlas Pasta Maker contains the unique design that mentioned above that accommodates to not only one but two power sources, which ensures you can pass the pasta maker down generation to generation.

Marcato initially released a smaller version of this pasta maker which offered a width measuring 5.9 inches while the updated Atlas Pasta Maker accommodates a larger pasta sheet that measures 7 inches in width. If you prefer the large size reviewed here, make sure to look for Atlas Pasta Maker 180 instead of Atlas Pasta Maker 150.


  • Removable 110 Volt Motor
  • Stainless Steel Build
  • Model: Roll-and-cut
  • Comes with Three Shaping Discs: Lasagna, Taglioni, & Fettuccini
  • Additional 12 Pasta Cutting Accessories Available Separately
  • Caters up to 10 thickness levels: 0.6 millimeters to 4.8 millimeters
  • Built with an Adjustment Dial
  • Motor Runs on Two Speed Options
  • Made in Italy
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty

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Who Is Marcato

Since the 1930’s, Marcato has been a leading pasta maker manufacturer to come from Italy and continues to remain in Italy to this day, which solidifies its expertise in the pasta maker industry.

Marcato dedicates its time to designing innovative and technologically advanced pasta makers that competing pasta maker manufacturers attempt to replicate, but end up failing to execute.

Atlas Pasta Maker is part of the Marcato initiative to produce wellness oriented kitchen appliances whose primary function is for you to foster a healthy dietary lifestyle.

Marcato initially released the 150-millimeter Atlas Pasta Maker, but then a couple of months later improved on its design to release the 180-millimeter Atlas Pasta Maker.

On top of producing professional quality products, Marcato makes sure to manufacture pasta makers of varying widths, which is a feature that’s not commonly seen in the pasta maker industry.

Durable Build & Convenient

Pasta makers are either made out of plastic or metal and thankfully Atlas Pasta Maker consists of a stainless steel build that guarantees a durable structure, which ranks superior to any plastic pasta maker. Keep in mind that the stainless steel material also makes Atlas Pasta Maker rust resistant, so the chances of it losing its roller function remain slim.

Since Atlas Pasta Maker functions both manually and automatically, you can choose between using your two hands to turn the hand crank and attaching the unique Pasta Drive motor to move the rollers for you.

If you want to simplify the pasta making process even further, you can combine the power of the Pasta Drive motor with one of the three shaping discs to create dish ready pasta that doesn't require any cutting on your part.

Adjustable & User-Friendly

Other than the pasta shape attachment, Atlas Pasta Maker comes with an adjustment dial meant to allow you to set the width between the rollers as well as the thickness since it offers ten different thickness settings.

Atlas Pasta Maker reaches a maximum width of 180-millimeters, which is larger than the standard 150-millimeters. The additional 30-millimeters Atlas Pasta Maker comes with allows the device to produce more pasta in the same time frame it would take a 150-millimeter model.

Keep in mind that the elaborate width options open the door to other culinary ventures that involve more than just making homemade pasta. In fact, you can expand your use of Atlas Pasta Maker to make pie crusts, cookies, tarts, and even crackers.

Pasta is not your only option when it comes to making practical use of what Atlas Pasta Maker has to offer.

Ultimately, the personalization this pasta machine provides to the pasta making process ensures you are satisfied with your homemade pasta, which is a feature many pasta makers tend to forget about.

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Insider Thoughts

Buyers love how easy and effortless it is to make pasta using Atlas Pasta Maker, which means that positively altering your diet becomes a natural transition rather than a forced one. The natural change diminishes the chances of you ever breaking your diet, so pasta becomes a healthy meal rather than a cheat meal.


  • Removable Motor makes cleaning easier
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel
  • Can pass down generations
  • Dual-Operation Capability


  • Expensive
  • Not compatible with Atlas 150 attachments and accessories

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Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Atlas Pasta Maker is perfect for those who can't choose between a manual and a motor-operated pasta maker since it guarantees both power sources.

For the price of one pasta maker you have the freedom to choose between two power sources, so if one option no longer works, you still have plan B as a viable alternative.

At around [amazon fields="B01NBR0RE7" value="price"], you have the option to equip your kitchen with Atlas Pasta Maker, so authentic Italian pasta is always a couple of feet away from your bedroom.

Final Verdict

This is the best pasta maker to cater to individuals who prefer a device that is both manually and automatically operated but at a price that won't make a massive dent in your wallet. I would highly recommend buying Atlas Pasta Maker to provide a helping hand, so you stick by your dietary changes.

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Jacqui Cheng

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