MASO Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Portable Bluetooth Speakers Mini - MASO 5W Driver Wireless Shower Speakers with Bluetooth Waterproof hifi Speaker Boombox Mini SUPER BASS 3.0 Touch Speakers 6H playtime for Echo Dot, iPhone, iPad, Sam
  • YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS, EVERYWHERE! - You can now listen to your favorite songs anywhere you are with the Ancord BM3D mini bluetooth speakers! Designed with maximum portability and convenience in mind, our stunning portable speakers are the perfect way to fill any part of your day with amazing music!
  • INNOVATIVE TRUE WIRELESS STEREO TECHNOLOGY FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE! - Indulge yourself in the movie theater-like superior-quality sound produced by our lightweight and compact BM3D speakers thanks to the cutting-edge TWS technology! They can be easily paired together via Bluetooth and offer you a crystal clear, stereo audio experience no matter where you are!
  • SLEEK, GEM-LIKE ALUMINUM BODY WILL IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS! - Designed to resemble a unique gemstone, the Ancord BM3D smart Bluetooth speaker is not only sophisticated and stylish, but also extremely durable. You can rest assured that the ultra-loud 3W speaker is protected by the heavy-duty aluminum body!
  • SUPERIOR, CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND THAT FITS IN YOUR POCKET! - Our ergonomic and compact wireless bluetooth speaker is the ideal gift for your friends or family! They'll be able to enjoy their favorite music for office, park, beach or camping trips since the BM3D speaker requires no wires and can be paired with both Android and iOS phones easily!
  • LIVE THE TRUE WIRELESS EXPERIENCE! - Say goodbye to struggling with wires, cords and constant plugging and unplugging once and for all! The Ancord exclusive wireless small bluetooth speaker is the epitome of innovative design and maximum convenience. And the best part? It comes with our hassle-free, full refund guarantee! Why wait any longer?

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  • New and high quality.
  • Easy-friendly: it includes volume, next song, and play/pause song functions
  • A LED light shows the speaker’s working status
  • Hand-free function: you can answer your phone calls easily.It features a compact design to carry with you anywhere.
  • It is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including Apple.


  • Long exposure to water may reduce the durability.
  • Sound quality may lower when reaching the 10 meters range.

Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers that are more comfortable and easier to use than traditional ones. They provide better music and sound experience thanks to their advanced technology.

Different from ordinary speakers, Bluetooth ones don’t require any cables for connectivity. This means you can pair the speaker with multiple devices without using any wires. Moreover, there is no need to have the audio source near you when using the speaker.

Bluetooth speakers must not be confused with Wi-Fi speakers because they operate in different ways. While both function without cables, Bluetooth speakers feature a type of technology that allows direct sound transmission from the speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers

  • Portability: Bluetooth speakers are easy to carry anywhere. They come in different sizes that fit into small bags. So take them with you to your job, the gym, or to a meeting with friends! Some of them may even fit into your pocket.
  • Low consumption: these types of speakers usually consume low power. Moreover, they don’t require any batteries and they tend to last for many years.
  • Wireless: these types of speakers work without any cables. Because of this, they are more comfortable to use than ordinary speakers.  You can connect the speakers to the device automatically.
  • Practicality: Connectivity is established automatically. There is no need to install any drivers. You can pair the speakers with any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as laptops, cellphones, and tablets.
  • Multiple uses: use these wireless speakers wherever you want: at a meeting, on a picnic, at work, or simply at home. Listen to your favorite music within minutes in any place.
  • Compatibility: These speakers work with any device that includes Bluetooth technology. As most cell phones and laptops include Bluetooth, these speakers function almost universally.  They even work with iPhone!

About the Maso Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The C6 Mini Speaker is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. It features a great sound definition, providing an extraordinary music experience. Thanks to its small and compact size, you can have it anywhere with you and listen to music while working, taking a shower, or doing exercise.

What the product includes

  • One Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • One Hook (to easily hang the speaker)
  • One USB Cable (to charge it)
  • One Instruction Guide

Best Characteristics

  • Take your music wherever you want! -  With this Bluetooth speaker, you can now listen to your favorite music in your car, at home, or in a park! Its practical portability is convenient for using the speaker wherever you wish. Just pair it with your cellphone and you’re done! 
  • Advanced technology for a unique music experience! - Immerse yourself in the high-quality sound this wireless speaker provides. You’ll feel just like in the cinema. Enjoy your favorite songs even more than before thanks to the speaker’s crystal clear sound.
  • Fashionable and attractive design! - The speaker’s aluminum and blue body look like a beautiful gemstone. Impress your friends with this great design! And that’s not all. The speaker is incredibly durable, too! It is perfectly protected by the aluminum.
  • Ergonomic design! - Thanks to its compact size, you can place the wireless Bluetooth speaker right in your pocket! Take it with you to different places and fill the air with the music you prefer. It’s definitely a perfect gift for your friends and family.
  • Say goodbye to wires! - The Bluetooth speaker doesn’t need any chords so you can now stop worrying about the constant plugging and unplugging. You won’t get tangled any longer with the cables while doing other activities. What better than this?

How to connect the Bluetooth speaker

Pairing the wireless speaker with your phone is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth speaker
  2. Then, open the phone Bluetooth. You’ll find the option under Settings.
  3. Once you’ve activated Bluetooth, search for device C6 in the list that appears next.
  4. Finally, Click C6. Wait a few seconds and you’ll successfully pair the speaker with your phone!

Get your MASO Bluetooth Speakers now!

Bluetooth enabled speakers are one of the most common devices used on a daily basis. Given its wireless characteristic, you don’t have to worry about any cable bothering you around. They are comfortable and very practical to use.

So, if you are still hesitating whether to buy the Maso portable Speaker, then don’t! It will truly offer a unique sound and music experience. In terms of convenience and features, this product is definitely your best option.

The mini speaker is practical to use and to carry with. Its design offers high-quality sound and an attractive style that will impress all your friends. On top of all this, it is waterproof! So you can sing to your favorite songs while taking a shower at home. So, what are you waiting for?

Last update on 2020-09-29 PST - Details