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December 1, 2019

Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone Reviews

Master & Dynamic MW60G1 MW60 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headphones - Premium Over-The-Ear Headphones - Noise Isolating - Portable, Gunmetal/Black Leather
  • TECHNICALLY SUPERIOR - Master & Dynamic has a deep passion for creating technically sophisticated sound. The MW60 features BEST IN CLASS SIGNAL RANGE using Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX and our patent pending antennae. Other features include: 45mm Neodymium Driver, 16 hour battery life, mute button, removable ear-pads, inline mic. and fold flat design
  • RICH SOUND - Tuned for a rich, warm sound the MW60 offers a natural, detailed, live sound signature highlighting and capturing the detail of well recorded music. Our tuning is designed to enhance a diverse range of music genres and tastes
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - Beautifully designed using the highest quality luxury materials including premium leather, stainless steel, and aluminum - creating an iconic, durable and timeless look. Key components, including lambskin ear pads, and woven cords, are designed to be replaceable to ensure decades of use. Accessories include: Protective carrying case, USB charging cable, 2.0m Standard Cable, 3.5/6.3mm Gold Plated Adaptor and Leather Storage Box
  • INDUSTRY LEADER - Positively reviewed and highly praised by industry leaders for both sound and build quality. Wired magazine named the MW60 “Best Bluetooth INDUSTRY LEADER - Positively reviewed and highly praised by industry leaders for both sound and build quality. Wired magazine named the MW60 “Best Bluetooth Headset (2015)”Headset (2015)”
  • WARRANTY Master & Dynamic offers a limited 2 year warranty against defect. The headphones come with a unique serial code to register the product to ensure priority customer service. Please make sure headphones are purchased from an authorized reseller to guarantee coverage

Last update on 2021-10-21 PST - Details


  • Has a long battery life of up to 16 hours on a single charge
  • Long range Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comfortable, stylish and durable
  • Comes in a range of color options such as silver, black leather and red leather
  • Premium materials for high built quality
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Offers protection from manufacturing faults


  • Priced higher than standard headphones, but gives value for your money
  • The in-line mic isn’t good enough for the high-end gadget

Reviews Of Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone

Based in New York City, Master & Dynamic is a brand with a focus on manufacturing premium audio equipment such as headphones and speakers. The company is passionate about developing attractive and tech-savvy audio products with a sophisticated touch. 

Having been in business for several decades, the company uses top quality materials to engineer audio products that last. It balances strength, beauty and the need for great sound to produce high-performing audio devices. 

It designs headphones that offer rich yet warm sounds bound to captivate even the tiniest details of the songs being played. The Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone is designed to offer you exceptional listening experience for many decades.

The MW60 feature offers optimal performance through the tech feature it comes with. Use Bluetooth 4.1 with Aptx to connect your headphone to nearby compatible devices. The 45mm Neodymium driver is built into the audio device to ensure you get the best sound quality. 

Although the patent of the aluminium antenna is still pending approval, it offers unmatched connectivity. The company sources the finest luxury materials from across the world to build durable headphones. 

Engineered with a combination of lambskin, high quality leather, stainless steel and memory foam, this headphone provides comfort, strength and exceptional beauty. Featuring a natural signature sound, the headphone delivers detailed live-performance-like sound with every music you play. 

The wide soundstage captures every detail of your favourite song for great and memorable listening experiences. With the audio equipment, you can tune to your specific music genres and taste whenever you want. What’s more, the headphone has easily available replaceable parts. 

And, you can easily dismantle the microphone from the headphone for audible sound clarity. As a result, the device is comfortable, and delivers great sound quality, atop being easy to use.

The wireless headphone has a wide signal range that’s about four times the industry standard. Coupled with 16 hours battery life, expect top performance and flexible usage with this headphone. The Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone also gives you the ability to mute your music and remove the ear pads for cleaning.

The fold-flat design allows for compact storage for easy portability. Use the in-line microphone for communication as you deem fit. The headphone comes with various accessories, including a USB charging cable, a case for storage and transportation, a gold-plated adaptor, a 2m-long cable and a leather box for storage.

The headphone was named an industry leader in 2015 by Wired Magazine for its good sound and design quality. The audio device comes with a limited warranty of two years for protection from manufacturing faults. Make sure you register your device after purchase for fast customer support.

What We Like

We love the fact that his headphone delivers rich sound irrespective of the kind of music you play. What’s more, you only need to replace worn out or lost parts to continue using the audio device. This way, it can last up to many decades. You can even pass yours down the next generation if well taken care of.

We also like the nine beautiful finishes it comes in such as black metal, black leather, navy leather, silver metal, brown leather, gunmetal and red leather.


What We Don’t Like

 This is an impeccable headphone built with great features and capabilities. However, we wish it supported noise-cancelling instead of noise isolation for even better sound quality. Although the in-line microphone works just fine and better than those in most standard headphones, it can be better for such a high-end audio gadget.

Features of the Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone

  • Neodymium driver motor
  • Aluminium body
  • 16 hours battery life
  • 360g weight
  • 106 decibels sensitivity
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX wireless connectivity
  • 32 ohms impedance
  • Stainless steel that fold up easily
  • Lambskin ear pads
  • 2-years warranty

Buying Advice

When shopping for headphones and headsets, there’re various factors you need to consider. Make sure the frequency response is within or above the recommended range of 20-20,000Hz.

Does the impedance of the headphone match that of the device you intend to use it with? Choosing a compatible impedance ensures that neither your headphone nor the music player gets damaged due to a more powerful amplification. 

Decide whether you want an in-ear, over-ear or on-ear headphone. It’s also important to choose between closed-back and open-back designs depending on your intended area of application. Whereas the former blocks ambient noise, the latter allows some noise to get into the headphone.

Full-size headphones are ideal for use at home or in the office where you can safely immerse yourself in prolonged listening sessions without interference or disruptions from others. 

You must also decide if there’s need for a microphone. If you intend to communicate with your headphone, there’ll be need for a mic. However, opt for a powerful headset if you intend to use the audio device for gaming or recording videos in a professional setting such as a studio.

Last, but not least, develop a working budget. Headphones vary in prices based on factors such as brand, quality and the features one comes with. Note that whatever you pay for a headphone is what you get.



Headphones and headsets are both functional and aesthetic. The need to choose a comfortable device goes without saying. Make sure you can use it for prolonged periods without getting fatigued. Whichever type of headphone you opt for, make sure it’s built for durability, atop being perfect for your intended application area.

Check out Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone on Amazon and make your order today for memorable listening experience.

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