Molly And Friends Scr/b Cat Scratching Post Reviews 

 August 26, 2020


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If you have ever owned a cat you are must aware of its insatiable desire to sharpen its claws by scratching things. It is a way to leave off its scent to let invaders know about its territory. However, if you have just explored this endearing trait of your kitten, it is the right time to find a permanent solution to save your couches and beds from tearing off.

That is to say; cat-scratching post has become an indispensable item whether you already have a cat or planning to adopt one. These furniture pieces are for your cats to satisfy the natural instinct to scratch claws.


Molly and Friends Scratching Post, in this regard, is one of the best cat furniture pieces you can seek. The 2-in-1 cat furniture performs well when it comes to redirecting your finicky felines’ scratching activities. 

The efficiently designed scratching post is a suitable object to give your kitten joy of claws workout for which it naturally craves.

Buyers who want sturdy yet classy cat furniture, Molly and Friend Scratching Post is a must-to-have product for them.  

This scratch-friendly furniture sets its aim to provide a desirable alternative to your felines to scratch claws, also gives you a practical solution to preserve your valuable furniture.  

Product Features

  • Comes with a large bed to cater different sized cats
  • Includes high–quality carpets with durable material
  • Made with thick natural sisal rope
  • Comes assembled
  • USA handmade sisal rope
  • Has sturdy design with sisal -wrapped around post of 27 inches
  • Comes in an ideal size for small spaces and apartments
  • Weighs 25.5 pounds
  • Has 35 x 19 x 19 inches of product dimension

Product Benefits

Keeping your precious furniture save from scratch marks is not less than a challenge if you love or own cats. Scratching is a natural instinct and a part of cats’ daily routine.   Molly and Friends Scratching tree is ideal feline recliner with its perfect size and height to keep your pet’s scratching instinct satisfied.

The scratching post takes limited space and is ideal cat furniture for small homes and apartments.  One thing that sets this cat tower apart from rest of the cat posts is its homemade design. It features wood pole of solid pine.

The whole tower comes wrapped in sisal rope that is not only un-oiled and natural but also durable. The sturdiness of Molly and Friends Scratching Post is exceptional and is not something that is offered by too many manufacturers of cat furniture.  It is strong enough to withstand hard blows of sharp claws.  

Also, if your playful feline gets bored with climbing and scratching the post, a full cuddle bed that makes a perfect place for your cat to snuggle comfortably. The covering of this bed has a soft carpet upholstery, neutral colors, and premium quality. The manufacturers have deliberately kept the design in neutral colors so that it subtly blends with your home decor.

What stands out among all these features is the attractive and cat-friendly design of carpet. It has a quality to attract your feline, which does not only make it extraordinarily cat-friendly but also protect your curtains and furniture. Moreover, the fantastic scratching post is hand-crafted in the USA that ensures its durability and stability.


No longer do you need to worry about lengthy and time-consuming assembling process with Molly and Friends Scratching Post. For your convenience, the stylish cat tower comes pre-built and is ready to climb on once it is out of the package. The robust pines have heavy-duty shafts and screws for added security.

The 27 inches sisal wrapped cat tower is comfortable and has plenty of space to keep more than one kittens. It entails an 18 x 18 base covered with beige carpet to merge subtly with décor regardless of the fact where you place it.

The all-in-one scratching post is tall and wide to provide maximum scratching space to your felines. You will not require additional scratcher for your cats as a single post allows multiple cats to scratch and play on it.


  • Fulfills instinctual needs of cats to scratch and nap
  • Protects home furniture
  • Ideally sized for all cats
  • Available in neutral colors to match with your interiors
  • Cozy and comfortable for cats to play
  • No use of chemicals and adhesives
  • Durable and stable
  • No need  to build  or assemble the tools

What Other Buyers Are Saying

The cat-friendly furniture has become buyers’ product due to its homemade and robust design. Many buyers shared their views on multiple platforms regarding sturdiness of this unique kitty tower.

They reflected how this kitty tower keeps their felines busy as they love to climb it and scratch their claws. The spacious bed of scratching post provides buyers enough room to hold more than one kitten.


Moreover, the item is a perfect purchase and suitable for any size of a cat.

With ideal size and height, this cat tree has impressed its customers by giving them a smart solution to protect beds and couches from damage.

Buying Advice

A few of buyers raised their concerns about fur of the carpet that comes off when more than one cat scratches it.

Other than that, this cat tree has fairly impressed its customers. Many customers found it a worthy purchase that keeps their furniture safe from damage.

If you are an interested buyer, the product is available on Amazon at around [amazon fields="B000OSM9MK" value="price"].

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Molly and Friends Scratching Post is a tall, sturdy, and full scratching post for your giant cats. It can be the best scratcher that allows your cats to satisfy their natural scratching instinct. It has ultimate stability as the product has sustainable sisal ropes. Thus, it is versatile and trendy cat furniture with a slew of benefits.


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