Monipa Foldable RV & Camping Kitchen Faucet Reviews 

 July 2, 2022

By  Tricia Hale

Foldable Kitchen Faucet 360 Rotation Turning RV Caravan Camper Faucet w/Hoses Cold Hot Water Mixer Faucet Copper Silver Tap
  • 【Modern Design】Sleek lined kitchen faucet, High grade brushed nickel kitchen faucet shines with metallic luster. It provides a fresh look for your place
  • 【360°Rotation Caravan RV Faucet】High-arch spout design with 360-degree rotation offers more room for a variety of sink activities
  • 【Easy to Install】RV faucet's Quick-In system with 2 hoses, without plumbers and specialized tool, and it is easy to finish the DIY installation. DIY is Like a Breeze
  • 【Application】 It not only provides a fresh look for your kitchen but also saves your space. Perfect in the RVs bars, farmhouse, modern kitchen, motor home and so on
  • 【Quality Guarantee】USA STOCK.Arrive within 3-7 days after shipment.In case of missing parts or any quality issue, please send the email to us.MONIPA will work with you to resolve the issue

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If you’ve ever owned or used a boat, RV, or camper, you’ve probably noticed that some of the fixtures and appliances that come with it tend to be rather poor when it comes to quality. This is often true in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. 

This is an odd phenomenon, considering the high prices of one pays to purchase any of these. While your camper or RV may be a newer model, there’s a good chance fixtures in the kitchen and/or bathroom are on the lower end of the quality spectrum. 

Before you know it, that cheap plastic sink is breaking, or barely even able to function. This is an important fixture, so having to repair or replace it can definitely be bothersome. 

Whether you have a broken faucet on your hands, or just want to make an upgrade before things go south, the Monipa Foldable RV & Camping Kitchen Faucet is an easy and affordable way to outfit your recreational vehicle, camper, or boat with a high-quality faucet that works as great as it looks. 

Not only is this faucet a solid choice in regards to quality and appearance, it’s also inexpensive, and doesn’t have some long and complicated installation process.  


The Monipa Foldable RV & Camping Kitchen Faucet is a simple fixture that does everything right. It’s minimal aesthetic allows it to match most any decor style, and its functionality is far above what you typically get with a stock sink faucet.

The design of the faucet is modern and sleek, with a clean chrome look and soft bends at each end. The handle is also minimal, and is integrated with the rest of the faucet’s body, rather than an external handle that protrudes out from the sink area. This sink is meant to have a minimal profile, while still offering an added level of functionality and positioning.

As for the materials, the sink is made from copper all throughout, but has a chrome treatment on the outside. This allows the sink to resist corrosion and offer a consistent temperature, while still having a standard chrome look.

The faucet’s body can fold all the way down into the sink to save space, and can also pivot a full 360 degrees in any direction. This allows for precise aiming of the water flow, whether that’s in the sink, or if you need to aim the faucet off to the side and into a larger container or object. This versatility offers countless uses, and adds plenty of convenience to the faucet.

The installation process takes just a few minutes, and basically involves just connecting the two hot and cold hoses that come with the faucet assembly. The faucet’s body is screwed in and attached on the underside — all you need is the right sized cutout or space within the sink’s body itself. This faucet has a standard size, so it will fit practically any camper, boat, or RV. 

The cost of the faucet is definitely fair, coming in at around $69.99. This makes the Monipa Foldable RV & Camping Kitchen Faucet an affordable upgrade or replacement option. 

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What We Like

  • 360°Rotation: The faucet has a high arch that gives it plenty of clearance to accommodate taller objects within the sink’s basin. Even so, you can fully rotate the faucet head in any direction, allowing you to aim the water flow wherever you’d like. This is incredibly handy and convenient, and gives the sink a number of expanded uses.
  • Foldable: The faucet’s rotating ability isn’t its only big advantage. The faucet head can be folded all the way down flat as well, which not only gives it more aiming ability, but also allows you to move the faucet out of the way for whatever reasons. Again, very convenient and very functional. 
  • Modern Design: The faucet’s sleek appearance is a definite bonus, instantly adding an updated look to wherever it’s installed. The luster of the chrome offers a modern appeal, and also resists corrosion. If you currently or previously had a plastic faucet, this product is a major upgrade for sure.
  • Easy to Install: The Monipa Foldable RV & Camping Kitchen Faucet uses a quick-In system with 2 hoses, and doesn’t require any specialized tools. Even the most novice DIYer will have an easy time getting the faucet installed in a quick amount of time — no plumber or handyman needed.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Monipa backs this faucet with a full satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, you can get a full refund or replacement simply by contacting them. 

What Could be Better

  • No Sprayer: It’s hard to really find any real negatives with this faucet, but if we had to pick one thing, it’d be the inclusion of a sprayer in addition to the faucet head. Whether as a separate piece, or integrated into the faucet head as a pull-away sprayer from the head, this addition would really push this great product into the category of exceptional.

Buying Advice

As with any fixture, be sure to check the specs of the opening in the sink to make sure this faucet can be installed. If the opening is too small, you can typically use a power saw (such as a reciprocating saw) to make an opening big enough to fit the body in. 

Also, it’s always a good idea to include an on-faucet filtration system as well. 


Stock sink faucets are almost always low quality in campers, RVs, and boats. Whether you have a broken faucet, or simply want to install an easy upgrade, the Monipa Foldable RV & Camping Kitchen Faucet offers an affordable, sleek, and simple option that is an asset wherever it’s installed. We can’t recommend this faucet enough.

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