Montem Trekking Poles Reviews 

 January 23, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

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When you’re going out on an adventure – the long and grueling type – such as hiking or trekking, you need items and accessories that are sturdy and compact.

Bringing along things that are cumbersome is just going to derail all your efforts, costing more time and more energy. That is primarily where the Montem trekking poles come into the picture.

Hiking poles are constructed to help conserve energy and give you significantly more mileage than you may have been capable of attaining with these tools. One of the top advantages of opting for quality trekking poles is the fact they can help take considerable load off of your joint when you're climbing uphill or navigating through the rocky or mountainous terrain.


There is no doubt hiking can be a very physically daunting and demanding activity. It can have an exhausting toll on your body – particularly on the joint, muscle fiber and ligaments located in your knees. Excessive stress can make your knees more susceptible to injury, completely knocking you off balance and potentially ending your trip.

That is where you need something that is compact, lightweight to carry and offers hassle-free adjustments. Enter the Montem trekking poles; these products can last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

They are ideal for long distance traveling and strenuous activities such as hiking and trekking. They are suitable for helping you maintain your balance, especially when it comes to slippery terrain or uneven, snowy or rock areas. 

You may have already experienced the frustrating of hiking in a forest, slipping over slick rock and get your clothes and gear dirty or wet. Well, not anymore, thanks to Montem's sturdy hiking poles.

About The Product

So, without further adieu – listed below are some excellent reasons why Montem poles have become increasingly famous throughout the US:

Constructed For Versatility

One of the best things about the Montem trekking poles is the fact you can use them for a variety of outdoor activities.

You can use them hiking and trekking (apparently), but apart from that, there are things like Nordic walking, backpacking and camping, snowshoeing, mountaineering and climbing along with a multitude of other outdoor activities where you can equip your hiking poles.

Family trips are fun, but all that walking can have a toll on your body – not to mention, it can be a little annoying. That is why you should have a pair of quality trekking poles to keep your mind focused on having fun rather than thinking about how tiring everything is becoming.

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Quick Adjusting 

One of the top reasons to buy a pair of Montem trekking poles is the fact that they are telescopic and you can quickly adjust the height during your hiking or camping. The poles are in-built with secure elements, and you can change the height of the product from 24-inches to 53-inches. 

Added Functionality

The Montem trekking poles contain a new feature – nylon straps. That is what makes the product so functional and flexible – the fact that you can use the straps to fasten the poles together means you will never have to worry about losing or misplacing them.

They are easier to transport this way, and you don't have to use both arms to hold them when you're resting – you can just strap them in and keep them in your tent.

You don’t have to fret about every dropping the poles again!

Enhanced Durability And Ultra Lightweight

Another impressive thing about the Montem trekking poles is that they contain industry-grade aluminum. Now, this is the same material utilized to construct airplanes (Aluminum 7075).


You can imagine how sturdy and robust these hiking poles are – no matter how hard you strike them against a rugged terrain, you don't have to worry about snapping in half, unlike a majority of the similar product on the market.

Sure, you may be thinking how massive the pole might be if they are high-grade aluminum. But no, they aren't heavy at all – you may be surprised to know that the poles have a combined weight of just less than 19 pounds. That is genuinely a fantastic factor especially considering how much weight you are already carrying on your hiking or camping trip.

Ergonomic And Comfortable Gripping 

Another reason why you should get your hands on the Montem hiking poles is that they are constructed to provide comfortability, no matter how rugged or harsh the terrain is – and thanks to the product’s sweat-proof and soft gripping, you can give your palms and wrist a break.

The grip is EVA Foam, which is renowned for eliminating odor and resist sweat marks and stains. Plus, the material also has anti-moisture properties. 

What Others Are Saying

The Montem telescopic, ultra-durable trekking poles have become famous throughout the US. Users are happy how comfortable and sturdy the poles are – especially considering they are so lightweight. That is also one of the reasons why a majority of people go for these poles.

Others are impressed with how easy they poles are to adjust – especially when it comes to preparing the kids for some trekking experience. Using the bolts to adjust the height is quick and straightforward.

Buying Advice

You can buy the Montem hiking poles for around [amazon fields="B01D0FNAWQ" value="price"] at Amazon with free shipping. The poles have a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


The poles are lighter than traditional trekking poles and products, and one of the best features of the product is the fact the grip is exceptionally comfortable – even more so than the high-end products available on the market. A definitive must-have!

Final Verdict

All in all, considering the price of the product and all the fantastic features it has, you shouldn't have any problems deciding whether or not to go for the product. It doesn’t get any better than the Montem trekking poles!

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