March 10, 2021

By  Tricia Hale

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Aside from having a say over their internet connection hardware and improving speeds, the main reason most people buy a router and modem combo is to save money, forgoing the monthly rental fees by purchasing a device upfront. 

This opens up a number of options as to which device you can go with, with some opting for expensive units with high speeds and lots of added features. While this may offer a significant boost to performance, not everyone is willing to pay what it costs to obtain one of these products. 

Fortunately, there are a number of router and modem combos on the market that can still provide improved network performance, while keeping the cost well below $100. The Motorola MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo is a prime example of better performance that comes at a bargain price. 

Although this router modem combo may not match the speeds of the units twice its price, it’s still a worthy upgrade to many of the rented units ISPs typically provide their customers, at a cost equivalent to 4-6 months of rental fees. 


The MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo has a very low key and unassuming look, with Motorola’s standard tower design with displays on the front. The unit is compatible with practically every major ISP, and most smaller ones as well. This includes Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable, and more. 

Speeds aren’t at a premium with the MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo, but they are certainly more than adequate. The unit can provide speeds of up to 343 Mbps with faster internet plans, while using an 8x4 channel setup. Again, not ideal for gaming and large file transfers, but average users won’t notice any issues. 

The router components offer a decent amount of signal coverage, but this range can be boosted by using the included Power Boost feature found on many other Motorola devices, which boosts the range to the maximum legal limit for a residential router. This underrated feature is something you won’t find on many router modem combos that are much more expensive. 

The MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo does utilize DOCSIS 3.0 protocol, and accommodates both 2.0 and 3.0 connections if needed, on a single-band 2.4 GHz channel. 

One of the more impressive aspects of this unit is the number of ethernet ports on the back, with four total ports that can connect everything from computers, to network storage, media players, and more. This is anywhere from 2-3 more ports than many cheaper router modem units provide, giving this unit much more versatility. 

In addition to some solid speeds and signal range, the router modem also comes with some integrated security features, including a chipset that prevents malicious Denial of Service attacks.

The MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo may not have any flashy features or blazing speeds, but it’s still an economical upgrade for those still renting units from their ISP, or still using outdated modems and routers that can’t accommodate the increased speeds from newer internet plans. 

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What We Like

  • The key advantages of this device are its price and simplicity. There’s no extra configurations required, installation is easy, and it has just enough modern specs to remain as a quality router modem for those wanting an affordable way to upgrade, or replace a rentred model. Still, you get DOCSIS 3.0, multiple ethernet ports, and even some built-in security. For around [amazon fields="B01LFXQ01I" value="price"], that’s a great deal. 

What We Don’t Like 

  • The low price does come with some understandable drawbacks, mainly in regards to the single-band setup, and the lower Mbps speeds.
  • Despite some negatives in terms of speed and connectivity, those who live in an average-sized home, and don’t require high speeds for things like gaming will do just fine with this router modem. 


  • 8x4 cable modem and built-in N450 single band (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi Gigabit router
  • Four Gigabit (GigE) Ethernet ports
  • DOCSIS 3.0
  • Broadcom Cable Modem Chipset provides security from denial of service attacks.
  • Compatible with most ISPs, including Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Charter, Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse, and more
  • Wireless power boost adds high-performance Wi-Fi power amplifiers to boost the wireless signals
  • Compact, upright design


  • Very affordable
  • Can reach speeds of up to 343 Mbps
  • Power Boost vastly improves signal strength
  • Numerous Ethernet ports
  • Plug-and-play installation


  • Single-band only
  • Not as fast as more expensive router modem combos

Buying Advice

Always be sure to check with your ISP to make sure a new router or modem will be compatible. Odds are it will be, but it never hurts to double-check. 

The next most important aspect to consider with router modems is the speed. If you’re only needing to surf the internet, stream shows on a computer or media device, and download files from time to time, you can get by with speeds under 300 Mbps without any trouble. 

The MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo is certainly better suited for those with basic internet needs. If you have a lot of devices in your home, or need high speeds for HD streaming and gaming, you’ll want to go with something with dual-band channels, and higher Mbps. 

Due to the Power Boost feature of this router modem, Wi-Fi signal range should not be much of an issue, even in larger-than-average homes. You can deploy this router modem with confidence that your Wi-Fi devices will have a strong signal at any part of the home. 

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If you’re tired of renting your router modem combo from your ISP, and also want a boost in speed, signal strength, and even security, the Motorola MG7315 N450 Modem and Router Combo offers an excellent value at around [amazon fields="B01LFXQ01I" value="price"].

The purchase pays for itself in just a few months, and if your internet needs are fairly average, you’ll enjoy better speeds and connection quality on your Wi-Fi as an added bonus to no longer wasting your money on rentals.

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Tricia Hale

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