Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Reviews 

 December 24, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Bluetooth devices have always been useful for allowing us to be hand free when needed. Now, there are many different types out there, and companies have applied this technology to enable Bluetooth to have different uses.

Now, we as consumers can use Bluetooth to stream our favorite music without having to do as much as we usually do. The process that we are all used to is having to find your aux cord, plug in your phone, and manually having to choose a song that you want to listen to. That can be dangerous when you want to change the tune but are in the middle of driving.


With Bluetooth devices such as the Mpow portable Bluetooth receiver, you can jam out on your way to work easier than ever. You are also able to use the Bluetooth to call or take calls from others without holding the phone. These features will allow you to safely navigate your way around the city without the risk of having an accident.

Also, with some of the new smartphones out there, you may not have an earphone jack, or the phone may be easier to use hands-free. If that is the case, a Bluetooth receiver will be perfect for you as well.

There are some out there that do not allow you to charge and plug things into your phone at the same time, so a Bluetooth receiver will give you the chance to revive your battery without sacrificing music. If this product sounds like something you could use in your home or car, then continue reading to learn more about the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver.

Automatic Reconnection

One of the first things to pay attention to when you are looking for a Bluetooth adapter is if it automatically reconnects. These types of devices should be able to recognize and remember the electronics that they are linked to every time you are using them.

If they do not do this, it will mean that you have to manually connect your Bluetooth to your phone or tablet like a new device each time, and although this is not a bad thing, it is excessive, unnecessary, and wastes time. Look for a Bluetooth adapter that is simple to connect, where you only have to turn on the Bluetooth device and phone while it does the rest for you.

Battery Life

Another feature that you want to know about in a Bluetooth receiver is how long the battery lasts. The worst thing that can happen is your Bluetooth dying when in the middle of an urgent call, or not giving you enough time to listen to music without having to charge it continuously.

The ideal time for your Bluetooth battery to last is about ten hours so you won't have to worry about charging it every day, and this gives you an ample amount of time to use it. If the device does die, you will want to invest in a Bluetooth adapter that does not take a long time to charge. About 2 hours should be enough to make the battery full, so keep this in mind.

The Product


  • 33ft connection range creates low signal delay
  • Gives you ten hours of battery life and 1.5 hours of charging time
  • Automatically reconnects and pairs with known devices each time
  • Compatible with almost any device
  • Has the ability to connect to more than one device at a time
  • Made with A2DP technology to provide crystal clear sound

The Mpow Portable Bluetooth Receiver is specially made to make listening to music and talking on the phone easier. Being compatible with any device allows you to listen to music in your home through your audio system or in your car on your way to work or school. This device is suitable for everyone that wants better sound at their fingertips.


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The Mpow Portable Bluetooth Receiver is one of the best Bluetooth adapters out there. One of the things we love about this Bluetooth receiver is that it comes in different colors instead of the black that you see with every brand. Besides black, it is available in green, red, and blue.

Another great feature of this product is its ability to connect with more than one device. If you are going on a ride with someone in your car and you both want to listen to music, you can take turns choosing songs without having to manually switch back and forth between the two devices.

This Bluetooth receiver also has a long range that allows it to connect fast with devices and provides a strong signal. With a 33-foot range, you won't have to worry about the Mpow disconnecting in the middle of your favorite song.

What Others Say

The top thing that many customers love about this product is that it replaces the need for an auxiliary cord. The cord can be quite annoying and is inconvenient if you have a phone that has to use an adapter to connect to it, so being able to go wireless is a plus for many of the people that have invested in this product.

The only problem that you may come across is that it may not be compatible with the device or system that you want to connect it to.

Some customers found that the Mpow had a hard time connecting with specific brands of headphones and older audio systems in cars and homes.

Buying Advice

If you like how the Mpow Bluetooth receiver sounds so far, you will be happy to know that it is very affordable for the amount of quality it provides.

The price of this product is just around [amazon fields="B07ML5GP72" value="price"], making it available for anyone that wants to invest in this product.



The Mpow Portable Bluetooth Receiver is the perfect option for anyone that wants to listen to music hands-free with quality sound. You can also listen to anything from audiobooks to phone calls with this product, all at an affordable price. We hope that this review has helped you decide if this product is right for you. Thanks for reading.

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