Nest Smoke Detector Reviews 

 June 6, 2021

By  Jacqui

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Settling for something less when it comes to considering the safety of your home and family is indeed not a wise idea. It is vital for you to keep yourself updated regarding all the advanced features of safety devices such as smoke detectors to ensure maximum protection from unexpected fatalities.

About The Product

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm, in this regard, is one of the safety devices you can count on without having to worry about its performance. It is equipped with some excellent automatic features to help you deal any fire emergency in your surroundings.


Unlike traditional smoke detectors, Nest Protect Smoke Alarm takes technology a step ahead with its ‘Speak Alert’ feature. The device, upon connecting to your android phone can communicate to you via an automated voice to alert you regarding smoke or fire in the house.

Buyers who value durability and convenience in their home security devices, Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is their go-to option. Your safety is the foremost priority of this smoke detector as it aims to take out the hassle that a buyer gets to face while dealing with home security devices.

Product Features

  • Entails Split-spectrum sensors
  • Has long-life lithium batteries
  • Has 1.8 degree of heat sensor
  • Comes with 3% of the humidity sensor
  • Wi-Fi connection with IOs android phones with Nest app
  • Comes with 2-watt phone speaker to send a voice message
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Has a Sleek and stylish design
  • Can interconnect 18 devices

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Product Benefits

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm with its highly developed features, has the edge over its rivals. The smoke detector device is quintessential when it comes to comparing it to its state-of-the-art technology. Neither it uses ionization sensor nor traditional photoelectric sensors; however, the updated device has Split-Spectrum Sensors.

Furthermore, it has LED detectors and infrared photoelectric radiations emitted by the thermostat to detect the smoke from smoldering fire. When thermostat senses carbon monoxide, it automatically shuts down the furnace to minimize the smoke leakage.

Fire alarms often come with nuisance caused by false alarms. They are known to interrupt your sleep and everyday activities. Alternatively, the excellent design of Nest Protect Smoke alarm meant to take all this hassle out of your life.

Long before your fire alarm starts chirping, the smart technology updates you and smoke detector enables you to run a check on low batteries. Not only this, it has an advanced self-check system that remotely assessed your home devices by keeping you stress-free.


Have you ever heard of talking fire alarm? Well, it does sound peculiar, but this is what sets this product apart from other smoke detectors. Unlike other fire alarms that beep to signal danger, Nest Protect Smoke alarm has this extraordinary feature of communicating the threat to you.

In case of any fire emergency, the device sends you a spoken message on your cellular phone regarding possible danger and tells you the exact fire location. The device is compatible with many mobile tools that allow you to connect your phone to it and receive timely notification.

Moreover, by incorporating some highly advanced features, Nest Protect Smoke alarm has become the top choice for buyers. The smart design is not restricted to protect you against fire fatalities only, but it is equally compatible with the other intelligent devices of your home.

 Whether it is about using your smart bulbs to draw your attention towards an emergency situation or providing data to dryer and intelligent washer to meet low energy demand, Nest fire alarm has it all.

Moreover, wireless connectivity is another impressive feature of this smart device. Nest app is designed to help you connect to your fire alarm device. The easy-to-install app sends you notifications and runs check on false alarms.

This app keeps you updated if you have 1Pv6 router. Thus, the product deals with everything that comes to mind when you think about an ideal fire alarm device.

Pros And Cons


  • Dual photoelectric sensors
  • Efficient CO detectors
  • Voice warning and LED lights
  • Integrates with Nest cam and Nest thermostat
  • Back up batteries
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • One- button silence option


  • Requires IPv6 router for wireless connection

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What Other Buyers Are Saying

Smoke alarms entail life-saving value –especially when dwellers are awake, but you cannot deny their essential benefit when people are asleep.

Buyers in this regard, have given this high-tech device five stars for its self–check automatic battery feature that does not let its alarm go off randomly during sleeping hours and help them take notice before any fire emergency occurs.

Buyers are delighted with the app integration that has made device extremely convenient to operate from anywhere. It is easy-to-install and has brought CO alarms in the 21st century. Many bloggers and reviewers have also appreciated the combination of spoken messages and notification that has proven to be an extra safety feature for the buyers.

Buying Advice

Despite having a plethora of advantages, there are some concerns of the buyers regarding Nest Protect Smoke alarm. Many users have complained about a lag -time between receiving a notification and alarm sound going off. Buyers notify these glitches when the device connects to the wireless network.


Other than that, the different fire alarm has a significant impact on the buyers regarding its price and performance. If you are interested in buy, Amazon is offering discount up to 15% upon buying a used product. It is available around  [amazon fields="B00XV1RCRY" value="price"].

Final Verdict

All in all, it is essential for your smoke detector to have some extraordinary features to stand out among other brands. The device performs like an all-rounder with its latest technology of Split-Spectrum Sensors, android app, and automatic smoke detection thermostat to reduce CO leakage during fire emergencies.

Thus, Nest Protect Smoke alarm is undeniably the best option for your home security equipment.

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