Novo Solutions Scar Cream Reviews 

 December 26, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Once scars form, they are tough to deal with, and that's because of how stubborn they are. Scars can take many years to fade if they are ever to fade at all. Sometimes they are raised, discolored, caved in, or even painful. Other times, they are just visually bothersome to the people they belong to.


Some people are also naturally susceptible with highly irritable skin and scar-prone, which means that they can get a scar or a discolored spot from something as small as a mosquito bite!

Scars can form for a variety of reasons. They can form from surgeries and incisions, wounds, cuts, burns, acne, and more.

Because we can't typically control scars or their placement, they can have negative affects on us. Besides possibly being painful, irritated, or itchy, a scar can be a source of insecurity for some.

It can also be a reminder of a negative event that occurred to cause the scar. Sometimes it can get in the way for people who rely on their skin for work (beauty industry, modeling industry, etc.).

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About The Product

Whatever the reason for wanting to get rid of your scar, there is a way. Some costly procedures can help fade scars, and there are also more affordable scar creams that are available over-the-counter.

A cream that many users swear by is the Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream. It is highly rated with great reviews. It is also medical grade. This cream is on the market for around [amazon fields="B01MQCMTCF" value="price"].

Below is a review of the Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream.

The Novo Solutions Physician's Formula Scar Cream is a vital piece of skin care for those with existing scars or scar prone skin. It works!

This scar cream can be used on older scars and right after surgeries or wounds to prevent scarring from occurring or getting worse.

This cream reduces redness and discoloration in scars. It also shrinks raised scar tissue, as well as making the area smooth and free of bumps and lumps due to scarring.

This scar cream can be used on the face and body, which makes it very cost efficient for its users. It is a great buy for anyone with scars.


  • Physician-strength scar cream
  • Medical grade scar treatment
  • More efficient than drugstore creams
  • Effective on new and old scars
  • Reduces redness
  • Patented NovoSerum technology
  • Stem cells used for rapid healing
  • Effective on different scar types
  • Reduces redness
  • Lessens appearance of raised bumps
  • Helps discoloration

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Who Can benefit?

Those with old stubborn scars that they struggle to get rid of will benefit from purchasing the Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream. That is because this cream not only works on new scars but old scars as well.

Finding a cream that will work on older scars is harder since old scars tend to be more stubborn with less room for improvement. However, this one is designed to work!

People who have recently completed surgery will enjoy this particular cream. It is great for scar healing and scar prevention and will help reduce the redness and inflammation of the operation incision area.

People with sensitive and scar-prone skin will love this product because it will help keep the scars away. It will also help keep inflammation away as well.


The Novo Solutions Physician's Formula Scar Cream is a medical grade scar treatment with physician strength. Doctors and surgeons recommend it, and it is proven to be better than the drugstore scar cream brands.

This is because the cream contains a patented ingredient called NovoSerum. This ingredient contains stem cell technology. This technology keeps the scar from continuously forming by interrupting the scarring process. It also activates a healing process that begins to revert the scar.


The NovoSerum is also technologically designed to help restore the skin's elasticity, which will help it return to its previous state before the scarring occurred. This means that natural texture and skin pigmentation will replace the scarred area.

The NovoSerum also helps to erase lumpy scar tissue that has built up and raised over the skin’s surface. By erasing the scar tissue, it will even out the skin and bring it back to normal.


The Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream is an absorbent and hydrating scar cream that feels nice and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin’s surface.

This bottle has 45 grams, and the product can be used on both the body and face.

This cream comes in a squeeze tube with a twist-off top. It also has some great ingredients like extracts, aloe vera, and more.



The Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream is very convenient for users because it is super straightforward and easy to use. All you do is apply it and go!

The affordability of this product is another high convenience point. That's because scar removal procedures are time-consuming and costly. This works rapidly at a better price.

What Others Say

The Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream is a medical grade cream that is recommended by the best. It will work amazingly for people with scars.

To achieve the best results, you must apply this scar to the affected area three times a day, every day. This will help speed up the scar removal process and allow you to see your results in real time.

Use this product on scar areas on both your body and face. It can be used anywhere.

Buying Advice

The Novo Solutions Physician's Formula Scar Cream is a high-quality medical grade cream that is sure to work on individuals with scars.

The best place to make this purchase is Amazon. Amazon provides prime shipping for this scar cream.

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend buying the Novo Solutions Physician’s Formula Scar Cream. It packs a great formula and a physician’s strength!

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Jacqui Cheng

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