Orvis Fly Fishing Rod Reviews 

 August 19, 2020

By  Margaret Gulley

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Charles F. Orvis established the company in 1856. Based in Manchester, Vermont, the company manufactures high quality fishing gear and equipment for fly fishing. It prides in exceptional customer service and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

The company has grown over the years and earned the trust of many anglers worldwide to become a trusted source of gear for self-discovery and endless adventure outdoors. Inspired by nature, the wing-shooting and fly fishing brand attributes its success to thirst for fulfilling adventures and customer curiosity.

Today, the Orvis Fishing brand is a fly fishing leader worldwide. Other company offerings include a wide range of sportswear for women and men, home furnishings, fine gifts, travel accessories and luggage. The company is also a leading manufacturer of innovative dog products such as beds.

Inspired with the love for dogs, the brand offers information and dog-related education to interested pet owners. The range of sporting clays and wing-shooting products include gear, shotguns and tech apparel.

On the other hand, sporting product offerings include shooting and fishing schools, a network of lodges, guides and outfitters, dog breeders and trainers, among others. It also boasts an international agency for sporting and eco-travel. The company’s heritage is key to developing its product and service offerings.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Rod has a length of 8 feet and 6 inches, and 5 weight to support fly fishing. It’s constructed from premium graphite for long-term use. The sturdy build also resists scratches and other forms of wear. It comes with a tech-savvy design to deliver high performance.

What We Like: We like the quality of this fishing rod. Anyone who’s serious about catching fish or looks forward to engaging in it more, will find this rod handy for fly fishing. We also love the fact that it comes packed with everything you need to start fishing.

It’s actually ideal for anyone who wants to go fishing, but lacks basic knowledge on fishing gear or has no time to buy the various components of a fishing rod separately. Upon package arrival, setup your fishing rod and set out to cast your lines and catch your favorite fish species.

What We Don’t Like:As avid anglers who enjoy catching all kinds of fish, we prefer general purpose fishing rods. However, those into fly fishing would find the pole handing for their fishing needs.

Features of the Orvis Fly Fishing Rod

  • Graphite rod construction
  • Large arbor fly reel
  • Dacron backing
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Floating fly line for trout fishing
  • A tapered leader
  • Rigged professionally
  • A state-of-the-art rod design

Pros and Cons


  • The rod comes ready for use
  • Delivers high quality, smooth and crisp performance
  • Free shipping across the U.S
  • The rod’s case protects the fishing rod while in storage or under transportation
  • The fishing rod is reasonably-priced for mid-range use
  • The sturdy construction is bound to last
  • The construction design is thin and flexible
  • Its high hoop strength prevents damages such as flattening due to stress


  • Not ideal for people who aren’t keen on catching fish and go fishing once in a while, such as once a year
  • Wind can affect performance of the rod
  • A bit costly for people looking to try fishing for the first-time (and not sure if they’ll want to continue exploring the activity afterwards)

Buying Advice

When shopping for a fishing rod, despite the type or size you want, make sure you can afford to pay for one. If you’re still learning how to fish, opt for a cost-effective yet high quality pole to support your learning needs. If you aren’t sure about your future as a hobbyist or professional angler, find a good rod going for less than $50.

On the contrary, if you’re sure you want to venture into fishing long-term, even if just as a hobby, a fishing rod going for less than $100 would be handy. It’ll last you long enough to master fishing skills and some experience, until you’re ready to upgrade your game with a higher-end fishing pole.

Just like when buying a phone or an important home electronic, create a budget for your purchase. Determine how much you’re willing to pay for a fishing rod. Make sure whatever amount you pay gives you value for your money. Assess your fishing needs to determine the right fishing rod for your unique needs.

With your needs known, it becomes easier to find a suitable fishing rod for you. Next, do an intensive research online or in local stores to give you an idea of how much the best fishing rod for you would cost. Go ahead to do research on various fishing rods and make price comparisons.

When doing so, compare rod features, performance, brand and durability to help you pick at least 5 of the best fishing poles. Narrow down your list for the best pole based on price, features, performance and durability. Go through top review sites to find out what people have to say about your chosen fishing rod and brand.

The best fishing rod brands have been in the industry for decades, if not centuries, manufacture high quality fishing gear and offer exceptional customer service. They’re also reliable and trustworthy. During fishing rod selection, also consider the action, power, length and reel seat of the rod.

Finally, make sure the type of fishing rod you buy is ideal for your intended application area. Ascertain that it has the right power, action and length to battle large or small fish, as you deem fit. Also consider rod and reel combo units to save on costs.


The best fly fishing rods are lightweight, flexible, thin, and deliver top performance. They also come with product warranty and backup of a top brand behind it. The Orvis Fly Fishing Rod is a high-performing fishing pole from a top manufacturer.

It has stood the test of time and proven to be a leading fishing brand. The fishing rod comes in a sturdy construction to support consistent fishing needs.

Order the Orvis Fly Fishing Rod on Amazon today to embark on that long-awaited fishing expedition you’ve been planning for weeks now.

Margaret Gulley

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