OXO Good Grips Cutting Board Reviews 

 July 2, 2022

By  Jacqui

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Meal prepping can be easy or a pain depending on what you have at your disposal. If you don't think so, try carving a steak with a butter knife. 

One of the most overlooked pieces of cooking equipment is the cutting board and for a good reason. For some, it's an afterthought until you purchase one that doesn't work very well.

Poor quality cutting boards can at their best end up in botched chops that lead to uneven or weird slicing or at worst dangerous due to sliding around the surface its placed on.  It's important to take a look at your options to purchase one that works.


About The Product

  • All versions of the board are under 5 pounds.
  • Surface is made to be resistant to odors and stains.
  • Composed of polypropylene with no toxic additives
  • Available in a few different sizes for your ideal setup/workspace.
  • A Top Reviewed Board by Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen

From the name alone you can guess that the board’s biggest selling point is the grip that offers. On each side, it has a specialty made grab point that makes it easier to transport the board around if you have ingredients freshly cut on top that needs to be moved. Beyond that, the two side grips work to keep the board in place when you are actively cutting.

It's an important feature that other boards try and make up for by just using its weight to compensate. While this may work in some conditions, if your workstation were ever to have any remnant oil or grease, weight alone for keeping a cutting board in place may not be enough.

Another great aspect of the cutting board is that it comes with two different sides. One of the sides of the cutting board is specifically designated for cutting meats.

The other side of the board is for veggies, fruits, and other produce. It makes it easier to avoid contamination when you need to quickly prep a meal but don’t have time to do repetitive washing and rinsing in between.

That said, each side also has a groove for catching juices that can handle small amounts, which means it also works well as a setting board for letting your meat settle right after it has been cooked.

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What Customers Have To Say

Many customers own more than one version of the cutting board due to how well it works. Each size offers a different convenience and space for prep, with every board possessing a juice run-off area so that you can keep things as clean as possible.


According to customers, the board is the perfect balance of soft enough to not damage knives and other blades but hard enough to be resistant to scarring most plastic boards are susceptible to. The board is a cutting board, not a carving board.

The board comes recommended by a few top-tier publications that led to quite a few customers trying it for the first time. The name brand recognition inspired confidence that was not unfounded. 

It is a durable enough board that aside from the occasional deep cut mark can last as long as you need it to. Customers have said that its inexpensive enough to easily replace but it doesn’t happen frequently. Some just opt to get a new board as a supplement or decide to get the entire three board set for ease and flexibility.

The only drawbacks that have been cited by some customers is that due to the plastic composition of the board it isn't suitable for hot metal to be placed on it fresh out of the oven or stove.

Its capable of handling a bit hotter than boiling point temperatures but can lead to the plastic melting.  It's better to use another surface, and in some cases can also lead to scarring on the surface of the board.

The only other drawback is that it isn't 100% dishwasher safe due to the heat that some cause. It's better to hand wash it, which can ensure that all materials that are on it are thoroughly removed to prevent bacterial build-up which can ruin your next meal experience.

Where To Buy

In comparison to other boards regarding quality, its next competitor is more than three times the price at around $89. This board is only about [amazon fields="B000AAM0EY" value="price"] depending on which version you decide to choose. It comes in the carving board, the prep board, and the utility board.

Each boasts different space allocations and weight with only small pricing differences.  For the price of one competitor’s board, you can get all three.

When it comes to buying equipment for your home, where you purchase it from can be the difference between crafting a culinary experience every time and making yourself sick. Knock off products can’t compare to the original so its always better to purchase from a licensed seller. The best place to get the OXO cutting board is from Amazon.com.


They offer a variety of protections for buyers that will ensure you get what you are looking for when you decide to buy and can help you get a replacement if anything goes awry. Not to mention, Amazon offers the best pricing and delivery convenience that you will be challenged to find anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

If you want an inexpensive but good quality cutting board, the OXO cutting board is a great choice no matter the size you choose. The ease of which you prep your meals will be greatly simplified and quicker from using a cutting board that: stays in place, can handle chops and slicing and is easy to move only when you want it to. 

For the price, it will be hard to beat.  It has repeatedly beaten more expensive competitors both in quality and cost and is sure to continue to do so as long as the quality holds up.

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