Philips Avance Pasta Maker Review 

 July 9, 2022

By  Jacqui Cheng

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If you’re the type of person who loves Do It Yourself projects, a pasta maker is perfect for you since it turns making pasta to a Do It Yourself endeavor that ensures an authenticity unparalleled against store bought pasta.

In fact, your pasta dishes will taste as if they came straight out of grandma’s kitchen in Italy, which is an impossible sensation to achieve with pasta bought from a supermarket. Even dinner guests will appreciate the time and effort you put into making pasta from scratch, but their stomachs and taste buds will thank you more.

Now that you know you want a pasta maker figuring out which pasta maker manufacturer to trust is an entirely different matter in itself. Since experience in regards to using pasta makers varies from beginner to expert, the best pasta maker would be one that caters to all expertise levels.

Fortunately, Phillips, who is typically known to make health related wellness products as well as medical instruments, has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include kitchen related appliances as well.

Since its recent introduction to the kitchen appliance industry, Philips has won the world over with its pasta maker. In fact, individuals of all pasta making levels can make scrumptious pasta dishes within a matter of minutes when they properly use Philips Avance Pasta Maker.

Keep reading for an in-depth review of Philips Avance Pasta Maker.

Philips Avance Pasta Maker

If you want to give your hands a break but still want to consume fresh homemade pasta, Philips Avance Pasta Maker should be your go-to kitchen appliance that won’t even take up much space on your kitchen counter.

The traditional pasta maker machine model typically doesn't come with a motor, so you can imagine the time and energy required to make a single plate of homemade pasta.

To provide a solution, Philips listened to complaints buyers had about manual pasta makers and decided to produce the Philips Avance Pasta Maker that relied on a motor to operate rather than the sheer force of your arms.

The innovative approach that improves on the traditional pasta maker design makes Philips Avance Pasta Maker hands-down the best automatic pasta maker that will help you live a healthy lifestyle and still consume delicious food.


  • Automatic Operation
  • Ability to Extrude & Knead Dough
  • Fresh pasta in 15 minutes
  • Comes with a 200-Watt Motor
  • Included: Mixing Paddle, Four Shaping Discs, Lid, & Base
  • 20 Pasta Recipe Book
  • Comes with Measuring Cup & Cleaning Tools
  • Storage Drawer

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Who Is Philips

Initially, Philips made its mark in the health technology industry, so it’s only natural that it ventured over to the kitchen appliance industry since diet plays a huge role in a person’s health and physique.

Philips is a Netherlands based company that is known in the medical community to produce therapeutic devices meant to monitor patients. Outside of the medical community, Philips is known to produce devices such as a Philips Avance Pasta Maker, which in its own way is a therapeutic device.

Automatically Operated & Easy To Use

Instead of having to manually turn the handle responsible for moving the pasta maker rollers, you now have the opportunity to sit back and watch Philips Avance Pasta Maker do all the work for you.

In fact, Philips Avance Pasta Maker has a motor that emits 200-watts of power, which applies about 1,600 pounds of force to the pasta dough while it’s being extruded through the die.

Philips Avance Pasta Maker comes with a control panel that allows you to choose the particular pasta serving size you wish to create as well as notifies you about how much time is left for the pasta making process to finish.

There is also a program button that permits you to choose between an extrusion program and an automatic program, so you can specify if you want the dough kneaded or extruded.

Philips Avance Pasta Maker is a unique type of pasta maker since it goes above and beyond to do more than just produce fresh pasta, and will also knead the dough for you. Only a handful of pasta makers can achieve both functions, and Philips Avance Pasta Maker is the best one.

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Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Philips Avance Pasta Maker being such a user-friendly pasta maker that they never buy store brand pasta ever again. In fact, it'll save you more time to make your pasta at home than to buy pasta at the store when you use Philips Avance Pasta Maker

As a side note, users recommend following the pasta recipes Philips provides to make the best tasting pasta dough possible since each manufacturer has a particular pasta making method it adheres to. If you use another homemade pasta recipe, you run the risk of making inedible pasta.


  • Quick Operation
  • Emits Quiet Sounds
  • Recipe Booklet Serves as an Ideal Guide
  • Safe: Automatic Shut-Off Feature
  • Easy to Clean
  • Additional Storage Keeps Tools Organized
  • Kneads & Extrudes


  • Expensive
  • Have to Pay Attention to Precise MeasurementsBullet Point 2

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Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Philips Avance Pasta Maker is a worthy long term investment that will come in handy during social situations as well as positively impact your health.

During your next visit to the doctor, you’ll only receive praise for living such a healthy lifestyle when you incorporate Philips Avance Pasta Maker amongst your collection of kitchen appliances.

Where Can I Buy

Out of all the online retailers that sell Philips Avance Pasta Maker, the vendor a majority of buyers prefer is Amazon. For around [amazon fields="B00REJMIJ6" value="price"], you could be currently making homemade pasta with Philips Avance Pasta Maker doing all the hard work.

Final Verdict

This is the ideal pasta maker that will suffice as a gift for the person who is a cooking fanatic and prefers to make all their meals from scratch.

I would highly recommend buying Philips Avance Pasta Maker because it’s a product that can’t do you any harm and can only ensure positive effects.

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Jacqui Cheng

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