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August 20, 2020

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves, 6oz 4oz Junior Training Mitts, Maya Hide Leather Ventilated Palm, Muay Thai Sparring MMA Kickboxing Fighting, Punch Bag Speed Ball Focus Pads Punching Workout, Youth Games Fun
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RDX Kids Boxing Gloves, 6oz 4oz Junior Training Mitts, Maya Hide Leather Ventilated Palm, Muay Thai Sparring MMA Kickboxing Fighting, Punch Bag Speed Ball Focus Pads Punching Workout, Youth Games Fun
  • MAYA HIDE LEATHER construction in these kids boxing sparring gloves resist cracks, tear and splits. Practice jabs, hooks and cross knowing the hands are well protected. Go for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Bag-to-mitt work.
  • COMBINATION OF FOAM PADDING include Calibrated impact diffusion sheet, DenZo-Tron foam, Sponge X Padding, Spongy Black top fabric, Infused Shock dispersion sheet to keep the impact away from young hands.
  • QUICK EZ HOOK-AND-LOOP strap is child-friendly. The strap allows for easy on and off application. It offers secure and protected fit around the wrists without any concern of slipping and sliding.
  • PERFORATED HOLES in the palm are tactically placed. These kids’ junior boxing gloves offer optimal ventilation and thermal regulation with sweat wicking inner lining to keep hands as fresh as possible.
  • ATTACHED THUMB SUPPORT keeps you and your sparring partner safe by keeping your thumb aligned with your fist while you strike. Build accuracy, focus and speed rhythms while enjoying some punching experience. Sizes are recommended for age between 6 to 12 years.

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Kids are becoming more and more interested in fighting techniques such as boxing and Muay Thai, but there remains a gap between the growing need for specialized training gear and the limited supply. There are some brands you may find on the market, but these are mainly produced to cater for recreational purposes, let alone serious training.

Luckily, RDX has set out to fix the problem and bridge the gap by manufacturing specially designed fight training gear for kids. Introducing the latest addition to their lineup; the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are making a big impression on kid fighters and their trainers alike with their advanced features.


The RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are the staple training gear that every enthusiastic youth champion needs. These gloves exhibit some impressive benefits that can convince anyone of their remarkable quality. Forget all the dangers you associated with unfit children's boxing gloves and see how the RDX gloves stack up against them; there's barely any competition.

About The Product

Available in two sizes, 4oz and 6oz, this model of kids boxing gloves are for intense training. Kids between the ages of 6 and 15 will experience sparring and Muay Thai training like an advanced fighter.

Product Features

  • Sizes: 4 oz and 6 oz
  • For Ages: 6 to 15 years
  • Features Latex Padding
  • Foam addition through Knuckle Area
  • Designed with Slipastic Wrist Design
  • Constructed from Maya Hide Leather
  • Integrated technology: Cool-X Palm Mesh
  • Elastic Design on Outer Wrist
  • Padding of EVA-LUTIONFOAM on Outer Wrist
  • Features T-Lock anti-thumbing mechanism

The ergonomic design of these gloves allows for more extended practice sessions, because of the internal features that accompany it. The latex padding on the inside converges with high-quality foam that has shock absorbing properties. Present throughout the knuckle region, the mix of padding and foam provides your child with the right protection that he/she needs.

The Slipastic design on the wrist of these RDX Kids Boxing Gloves is child-friendly and has an elastic band so that they can effortlessly put them on and take them off without the help of a trainer or adult.


Meanwhile, the outer part of the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves has sturdy Maya Hide leather which gives it unmatched ability to withstand immense wear and tear that comes with excessive use. Due to their award-winning durability, you can rest assured that you won't need to get a replacement for these long-lasting gloves anytime soon.

If your child has faced the frustration of having to stop training because of excessive moisture buildup inside his/her gloves, then they're not alone. But with the Cool-X technology that's integrated into these RDX gloves, your kids can become the best and train till they've reached their peak.

The Cool-X system comprises of palm mesh that promotes airflow through the palm regions while the internal moisture-wicking lining keeps them from getting too sweaty by implementing breathability.

The specific ventilation features allow kids to train continuously and keep their focus on their movements rather than the moisture in their gloves. Moreover, with proper ventilation, the temperature inside the gloves is also well-regulated to prevent overheating and irritation

Despite being available in two sizes, your kid will be getting a customized fit because of the exceptional EVA-LUTION foam that these gloves feature on the outer wrist region. The dimensions are detailed and well-calculated to mimic those of an adult-sized glove which is what makes RDX Kids Boxing Gloves so different from the rest. 

However, these gloves don’t miss out on inclusivity by adding the T-Lock anti thumbing feature for beginners who are not yet well-versed in how they should throw punches. The T-Lock keeps their hands safe and secure from throwing any wrong punches that could lead to injury.

Last update on 2022-05-19 at 13:29 PST - Details

What Others Say

Buyers of the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are quite impressed with its performance and how it holds up despite intense use. This fantastic pair of kids’ boxing gloves has gained positive critical acclaim in the form of reviews on many online forums.

Parents have been quick to complement the feature of shock absorbent foam along the knuckle area and how it keeps them at ease from worrying about their children’s safety.


Similarly, some reviews voiced praise for the T-Lock technology that helped in keeping children focused on movement and form, all while their hands remained protected from throwing the wrong punch.

However, these forums voted upon the Cool-X palm mesh technology to be the highlight because of its performance in regulating moisture and temperature levels inside the gloves.

Buying Advice

Aside from all the benefits that these boxing gloves provide, they’re also amazingly affordable and don’t break the bank. This way you don’t have to be disappointed when your kid outgrows them. Interested buyers can purchase the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves from Amazon at the price of around $24.99, in a variety of colors.

Final Verdict

All in all, it can be concluded that the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves take the top spot as useful training gear that is for kids who may be young but take their training very seriously. They make for a great addition in any fighting studio to help children master various techniques and achieve their full potential.

Last update on 2022-05-19 at 13:29 PST - Details

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