Resonance Imports Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Reviews 

 April 27, 2022


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It is not unusual to experience feelings of happiness and tranquility when we start out our meditations with the mild hum of a Tibetan singing bowl.

There are many unique and handcrafted singing bowls available today that are designed to produce a rich and beautiful sound to become more attuned to our true self.

Singing bowls create sound waves that impact our brain’s wavelength to support relaxation. The sound produced by a singing bowl reduces us from depression, pain and stress.

About The Product

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Set by Resonance Imports comes with Bonus Meditation Music and an eBook. Hence, it is a perfect gift for a loved one or your self.


Like all other singing bowls from this brand, this model is also crafted with skilled perfection to produce a fascinating resonance. Being 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall that sits atop a beautiful cushion.

The manufacturers claim that this mini-bowl is one of the smallest bowls ever made. The dimpled variation features a contemporary yet conventional appearance.


  • Unique gifts for Valentine’s Day, wedding or birthday
  • Great for chakra healing, daily meditations, yoga and relaxation
  • Reduces stress


You also get a 7-Chakra meditation wristband bracelet with the singing bowl. You get the best of quality production by both handmade and machine methods. The bowl arrives in a protective box and also includes a cushion and mallet.

Since artisans who live in small villages create these bowls, there may be slight imperfections in each creation. However, these do not have any effect on the fine quality of sound that is produced by the bowl.


Manufactured by Resonance Imports, a trusted name in the industry that is known for bringing a string of successful products to their dedicated customers for over 20 years.

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What Others Are Saying

Customers are thrilled to receive bonus meditation music and the eBook with every purchase of this bowl. Customers are happy to use the bowl with free downloads and guides to relax the mind.

The bowl is a great tool to use at birthday parties, weddings or before starting your meditation session. Users can also check sound samples and check reviews on the Resonance Imports channel on YouTube.

Buying Advice

If you want to bring healing powers to your life with the right singing bowl, this Tibetan Singing bowl guarantees good health and superior well-being.

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Final Verdict

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set with Bonus Meditation Music and eBook is an inclusive product by Resonance Imports that continues to impress its customers.

Order it today to enjoy a peaceful meditation session or gift it to a loved one. You also ask for a replacement or refund in case they are not satisfied with their purchase.


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