Simply Naked 3D Waterproof Mascara Review


BEAUTY  To create an alluring look for eyes with long, full and beautiful eyelashes is a dream of all women.  Gone are the days when women had to rely only on homely products or remedies to define the beauty of their eyes.   Now, there is a plethora of cosmetics available in the beauty markets to … Read more

Lavish Lash HD Waterproof Mascara Review


BEAUTY  People with short lashes often opt for products that could add extra length and volume to their eyelashes. If you think you don’t have decent eyelashes with volume and high definition, then using the lavish lash mascara can be ideal. The product is revolutionary and specially designed for people who have thin and short lashes or … Read more

Blinc Waterproof Mascara Review


BEAUTY  Every mascara lover understands and can relate to the stress and anxiety of wondering if their product is trickling down their face or if it is smudged any time of the day. That is especially true when you are partying all night with your friends – and you may have also been disappointed at … Read more

100% Pure Blackberry Waterproof Mascara Review

100% Pure Blackberry Waterproof Mascara Reviews

BEAUTY  Applying mascara the right way is nothing less than an art, but it is not always your fault if your mascara does not look as good as you expect it to be. The online forums and blogs are full of tutorials and guides on how to apply mascara correctly. Despite that, a lot of … Read more

Best Waterproof Mascara Reviews 2019: Top 5+ Recommended


BEAUTY What kind of a world would it be without mascara? For most women, it’s hard to imagine a life without their trust wands. Without a doubt, a quality mascara is one of the best gifts you can give. Trust in the capabilities of mascara whenever you need to give a quick boost to your spirits. … Read more