Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox

tools Product FeaturesThis heavy duty rolling toolbox has immense storage. The top compartment has separate storage for small items and it is removable. On the bottom, there is a chest type storage container.  On each side of the toolbox there are hooks for placing cords or small supplies. This is great for not getting cords tangled … Read more

Cartman 39 Piece Tool Set

tools Product FeaturesThis 39 piece tool set is small and useful for small jobs in the home. The case is made of plastic and the tools are forged from high quality steel with chrome plating for protection. The set comes in black with orange accents.  The Cartman 39 piece tool set has all the basic tools … Read more

DekoPro 168 Piece Toolbox

tools Product FeaturesThis easy to carry toolbox features professional grade tools for any home project.   The DekoPro toolbox is made with high quality materials. The plastic storage case is durable and attractive in black and yellow. The case itself is lightweight and easily fits in your car, office, or under the bed.  There are a variety of … Read more

Cartman 148 Piece Tool Set

tools Product FeaturesThis 148 piece tool set is rated one of the best tool sets for homeowners. This tool set is ideal for home or garage repairs. All tools are heat treated and chrome plated to protect from corrosion.  The storage case is made of plastic with a blow mold interior designed to hug each tool … Read more

The Best Tool Box for the Job

tools History of the Tool BoxThe need to store tools has been around since the beginning of mankind. Since the first human civilization came about people were looking for a way to store and carry essential tools needed to survive.  Hunters and gatherers needed a way to have quick access to the tools needed to acquire … Read more

Engineering Tool Box Buying Guide

tools What is EngineeringEngineering is a highly respected and needed field today. It is growing rapidly in many areas, such as, mechanical, technical, chemical, and even medical.  Engineers are responsible for designing and developing new products, systems, and materials. Some of the wealthiest people in America are engineers.  This industry is a rapidly developing one and without … Read more