RIF6 Cube Pico Projector Reviews 

 April 26, 2022


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There’s never been such a huge focus on information sharing than there is today, and we’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to share our favorite things with others. As we live most of our lives on our smartphones and tablets, it makes sense that they’re now used for entertainment, work, study, and more, and they’re the easiest ways for us to share what we find.

However, rather than having everyone crowd around your small screen, there are now other innovative options available. Pico projectors are a growing trend in the multimedia world, offering you a compact way to project media from your smartphone or tablet and share it with others around you, whether it’s at work or while socializing.

Although these projectors are meant to be compact, some users still find them a little complex and bulky to carry around and so they lose their impact somewhat.

The modern Pico projector needs to be compact enough so that they can keep it with them at all times but with enough power that it can turn the image from any phone to something vibrant, large, and clear for everyone to enjoy.


The RIF6 Cube Projector could be just what you’re looking for, offering all of the features you’d find in a regular projector but at a fraction of the size.

Not only does this amazing projector have the ability to turn your multimedia into something seriously impressive, but it also comes equipped with speakers so you get a complete cinematic experience with just one tiny device.

About The Product

As one of the fastest growing tech gadget brands, RIF6 have a few amazing products out on the market currently.

Their Cube Pico Projector is one of their most innovative yet, offering a pocket-sized projector that you can take with you and transform the images and media from your phone, tablet, gaming console or computer into something spectacular and larger than life.

The RIF6 Cube Pico Projector is just two inches cubed and weighs 0.3lbs, so you’ll have no problems taking it with you wherever you go. Don’t be confused about its size, though, as this small device is capable of so much more. The RIF6 Cube Pico Projector has so many noteworthy features that appeal to every type of user, including:

  • Built-in speaker, SC card reader, internal battery
  • Turns display into a 120” projected image
  • Works with smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles
  • Long lasting LED gives 20,000 hours of power
  • Made with the latest LED and optical lens technology

No matter who you are or what you use your phone or computer for, you’re sure to find a great use for the RIF6 Cube Projector.

This is ideal for gamers who want more screen to play with, business savvy users who need to share important information with their coworkers during meetings, or those who are sick of trying to watch movies on their smartphones and strain to see the screen. Just one little device like this can completely change the way you enjoy multimedia.

The Good And Bad

Despite not having a 1080p resolution, you’ll be seriously impressed with how clear the picture is from the RIF6 Projector. You’ll need to operate it in quite a dark space to get the best image from it, but when you do you’ll wonder how you ever watched anything on your phone or laptop before.

There have been quite a few online reviews that indicated additional accessories were needed to really enjoy the RIF6 Cube Projector.

Some have suggested that a power pack is ideal or a stand to keep your projector on, but it really depends on how you want to use it.

If you’re already spending your savings investing in this projector and don’t have more for extra equipment, you might want to look around for something that offers it all in one cheaper package.


Where To Buy

If you’re tired of staring at a small screen and want something a little more powerful to enjoy your media with, you can get the RIF6 Cube Projector for a low price through Amazon. For [amazon fields="B00QXS8L6I" value="price"], you can get the Projector that comes with all of the cords, battery, and inbuilt speakers you need to truly enjoy media the way it was intended to be enjoyed.

RIF6 offers their customers a 12-month return policy where they will send you a new projector if anything happens to it, so you can be sure you’re covered. With the LED bulb alone able to work for at least 20,000 hours, this is a good indication of the type of craftsmanship and material used in the RIF6 Cube.

To take the advice of some previous users who bought the RIF6 Projector, you might want to invest in an extra battery pack so that you can get more use out of the product, or even purchase a small tripod to make viewing easier. Thankfully, Amazon has countless quality items like this to suit so it really depends on what accessories you want for your Pico Projector.

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching around for a new Pico Projector but wanted one that can offer absolute quality and compactness, the RIF6 Cube is the choice for you. Although small, nothing is compromised with this projector and you’ll be seriously impressed with how clear and vibrant the picture can be.


To add the RIF6 Cube Pico Projector to your tech gadget collection and get the clearest picture possible with the greatest of ease, click here to purchase it today. Whether you use it for work or play, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.


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