Ring Floodlight Camera Reviews 

 July 6, 2022


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Doorbell cameras are the best deterrents for criminal activity and burglars. They can provide vital clues to help trace and identify people involved in criminal activities such as arson, trespassing, or burglary.

You have to install a security system to track movements inside and outside your property. Moreover, the Ring Floodlight Camera does this by giving you detailed alerts and viewing anyone that comes near your door. Read this guide to see why this is a great asset for your household.

About The Product

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The Ring Floodlight Camera allows users to monitor the outside of your house with a PC or a smartphone. It consists of two LED light bulbs that are equivalent to 100W floodlight bulbs. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price [amazon fields="B0727XJQLD" value="price"].


The camera has a 1080p resolution, 8X digital view, and a 140° field of view. On the bottom of the device is a motion detector that has a 270 ° range. This gives you a clearer image of your door allowing you to discern who’s a guest and a home invader. Some notable features:

  • 1080p HD wide-angle video
  • Infrared night vision
  • On-demand audio and video
  • Weather resistant
  • Motion-activated alerts

Installing the Ring Floodlight Camera isn’t difficult. However, you need an outdoor junction box and have a basic understanding of electric wiring. If you’re unable to handle electrical wiring or don’t have an existing power source, hire a professional electrician for assistance.

Once the device is installed, use the mobile app to add the Floodlight. Alternatively, you’ll have to download the app and make an account. This process is simple and only takes 10 minutes to get the software installed on your laptop, cellphone, or tablet.

Motion detection works on this device, but you’ll have to adjust it to avoid false triggers. We suggest that you keep the sensitivity on high during the evening. This keeps your home safe and will alert you when unwanted guests arrive on your property.

Users like the app for the multiple features it provides. For instance, it has a Ring Neighborhoods setting that lets users share recorded events with neighbors who also have the app installed. As a result, neighborhoods use this camera for increased security through its shared system.

There are a few minor issues. Creating a live view takes a long time (20 seconds or more). And for users wanting no ongoing home security costs, Ring doesn’t give a free tier of cloud storage. Still, the camera can complete home security tasks better than most standalone devices.

With the Ring Floodlight Camera, you can talk to anyone at your door, keep an eye your house from any location, and scare burglars off with a loud siren. Get this product if you want a camera that will save your property from incoming damage, losses, or invasions.

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Buying Advice

Are you still stuck on what doorbell camera to buy?

Keep reading.

Personal And Family Requirements

We have our level of needs when it comes to home security. It may have to do with increased neighborhood crime rates, or the recent birth of a baby has the family needing a security system.


When it comes to finding the security requirements of a property, it’s pretty straightforward. Walk around your home and take notes on which areas can serve as motion points. Doing this allows you to create our own motion zones to alert you when threats enter your home.

No matter the reason, you must sit down with your family and find what device will make everyone feel safe.

Check the interior and exterior of your home to find out where you need to place a camera. Stand at the entrance with your back towards the door. What do you see? Do you see a walkway that’s is obscured by foliage? Here are some notes and camera solutions you should consider when looking for your first doorbell camera:

  • No streetlights in proximity = night vision/infrared camera
  • Cold and hot temperature extremes = weatherproof cameras that are resistant to the area’s climate
  • Large yard area = Wide lens camera for more visibility and access
  • No entry lights or back door lights = night vision/infrared camera
  • Long Driveway = 2-3 cameras to increase the line of sight

Each of these solutions is based on your home’s interior and exterior design. To protect your home, see where your house is vulnerable in vision. This helps you get a doorbell camera that can view your blind spots, and alert you if something unexpected occurs.

Field Of View

How much area do you want your doorbell camera to cover? Since it’s guarding a single point of entry, or room, a larger field of view is recommended. We suggest getting a camera with a lens angle between 140-270°.

Once you determine the field of view, you need to know where to place the cameras. This is a list that will help you get the most out of your camera:

  • Camera in livestock areas or your pet to monitor animals
  • Entry cameras to see people at the door before opening
  • Hidden cameras in a workshop, cabana, or garage where valuable possessions are stored
  • Ability to access the doorbell camera via computer or smartphone while traveling or away at work
  • Camera located on the bottom of the driveway or walkway to see visitors before they reach your home


Mainly, the Ring Floodlight Camera is a great option for anyone wanting more home security options. It features customizable motion zones, night vision to see who enters your home during the evening.

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You’ll like this doorbell camera due to its 270° sensing lights, 140° field of view, and its compatibility with Android and iPhones. Ultimately, purchase this doorbell camera if you want the highest level of security without 10-second delays.

Do you have any experiences or concerns using this camera?

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