Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Skate Reviews 

 August 31, 2020

By  Tricia Hale

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When you’re in the market for your first pair of rollerblades, the price alone can be daunting, let alone choosing one with the right features. It seems there are plenty of skates made for professionals and with prices to match, but if you’re after something budget-friendly that still ticks all the boxes for a casual or general skater there are minimal choices.

Rollerblades don’t need a lot to be functional, they just have to be well made and easy to put on and adjust. With a pair of skates like this, you’ll be able to focus on improving your skills and enjoying your time skating, giving you something comfortable and supportive to use.

Finding a quality pair of blades that meets these requirements without breaking the bank is difficult it seems, but if you want to avoid spending close to $100 on your first pair there are still some good options available. Choosing a simple pair of rollerblades that are comfortable and practical is all you need, and we’ve found some that match the description.

Roller Derby has created the V-Tech 500 Inline Skate, designed for beginners and casual skaters. With easy adjustability and a comfortable fit for most women’s sizes, we’re going to find out if these could bethe ideal first pair of rollerblades to help you get into this popular pastime.

Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Skate

Roller Derby is a brand with a huge focus on blades and they make skates for all types of users, young and old. Their range is comprised of comfortable, affordable, and simple skates that don’t rely on too many confusing features and specifications to choose from, making them the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate skaters.

The V-Tech 500 is a rollerblade suitable for children, teenagers, and adults, with women’s sizes from 7 to 10. You can easily adjust the fit with a push of a button and they go through four different sizes. This means the blades will last for many years and accommodate the changing sizes of your child’s feet or your own, so they’re perfect for all ages.

These rollerblades are designed for beginner and intermediate users, and all of their features are simple and straightforward. When you opt for the budget-friendly but practical Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Skates, you’ll be getting:

  • 76mm urethane wheels for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Triple buckle closure for security and easy removal;
  • Bevo Gold-7 Race rated bearings;
  • Lightweight less than 1lbs;
  • Three bright and colorful designs to choose from;

Roller Derby has proven that good rollerblades don’t have to cost a fortune and they’re made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that you can feel as soon as you put them on. Whether your kids want to get into skating or you’re looking to start for yourself, these will make it easy and enjoyable to build up your skills.

The Pros and Cons

What makes these rollerblades such great value is their adjustability in both the inner and outer boot. They can be used for all ages and size up from a women’s 6 to a 9 so they’re perfect for most kids and teenagers as well. You simply push in a button to adjust to a custom fit which means they’ll stay securely in place as you make your way around the rink.

Some people found that the insoles were a little flimsy and ended up replacing them with better ones. Although it won’t cost much to do this and you’ll be given a lot more comfort and support, it’s not really something you want to do when you purchase a brand new pair of rollerblades. For the price though, it’s expected some things might be less than perfect, so this is just one of them.

The insole aside, these are incredibly practical rollerblades that have all of the features you’d expect of a more expensive pair. There’s a triple buckle closer to help you get them on and off with ease, quality wheels and bearings built into their construction, and a supportive boot with padded lining that will make it comfortable enough to blade for hours.

Where to Get Your V-Tech Blades

f you’re ready to get started with rollerblading and want a pair of V-Tech 500s, you can go to Amazon for the lowest price. Their current price on these is just around [amazon fields="B01CUT690I" value="price"] which is incredibly low compared to others and especially given the many great reviews they have.

For that cost, Amazon also pays for free shipping to your door, and if you’re in their Amazon Prime program this means you’ll receive them in just 48 for free as well. Whether it’s a last minute birthday present for your kids or a treat for yourself, this speedy service is pretty handy to have.

There’s no word on a manufacturers warranty on these skates so if you’re after something with this type of coverage you’ll have to spend a little more. Because they can adjust up to four sizes though, they should last for many years if they’re taken care of properly, so they’re well worth looking after.

The Verdict

Roller Derby has proven that a good pair of beginners rollerblades doesn’t have to cost a fortune just to be well made, and the V-Tech 500 would make any new skater happy. They’re easy to put on, can adjust for a range of sizes, and give you a secure and supported fit that makes learning to blade a whole lot easier.

 Starting out with rollerblading doesn’t have to be daunting when you have a comfortable pair of skates to learn in. To get yourself a pair of the Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Skates and make the learning process easy, click here to grab them today.

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