Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews

Few things are better than getting crisp, clear, ice cold water right out of the fridge. Prior to the advent of on-sink water filters, the primary go-to for many homes was a simple spout built into the refrigerator itself, which not only delivered chilled water, but filtered as well. 

Unfortunately, many refrigerator owners never got the memo about the need to change the filter out in order to keep that cold water tasting great. This means they are still getting water from their refrigerator’s dispenser, but the water itself is stale, flat, and full of the substances that were once filtered out. 

Worse yet, many refrigerator owners don’t even realize it, except for maybe sometimes wondering why the water doesn’t taste like it did when they first got the filter

Well, now you know: It’s time for a new filter!

Fortunately, Samsung makes a very affordable and high-quality refrigerator water filter that is relatively easy to install, and can instantly provide great tasting water that’s as good as the day you first bought the fridge. Better yet, it even lasts for nearly half a year before needing to be replaced.


The Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter is the perfect solution to the old, stale water found in many refrigerators. The filter is virtually identical to the original filter in most Samsung appliances, and offers an extended lifespan that ensures clean & filtered water for several months and gallons to come.

The shape and profile of the filter is almost an exact copy of the original filters it replaces, and manages to fit into the filter area with a minimal amount of effort — if you’re experienced with changing water filters in refrigerators, that is. 

This filter easily neutralizes over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants often found  in tap water, including lead, mercury, microbial cysts, benzene, and carbofuran. The Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter also helps to rid your water of the odor and taste of chlorine, which is still used as a disinfectant in the majority of water treatment plants. 

Overall, the filter ensures a clean and clear flow of water with a perfect taste, and still allows for beneficial minerals in the water such as fluoride. Furthermore, the filter protects the components of the refrigerator from any small amounts of sediment that may find their way into the system.

Although simple in appearance, this filter does everything it’s supposed to, and provides Samsung refrigerator owners with an easy way to ensure perfect drinking water on a consistent basis, and for a low cost. 


What We Like

  • Compatible with Several Products: Unlike some manufacturers who makes different sized filters for most or all of their refrigerator products, Samsung was sure to make the Premium Refrigerator Water Filter fit a wide range of their appliances, making it easier to access, and ensuring an easier way to obtain new filters. With that said, you should still refer to the specifications of your refrigerator to make sure it will fit. (You can see all the compatible models on the product’s listing.)
  • Tested and Certified by NSF International: The Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter is fully tested and certified by NSF International — a non-governmental organization dedicated to public health, safety, and environmental protection.This offers tangible peace of mind with each filter purchase by knowing each discarded filter will have minimal environmental impact.
  • High-Grade Carbon Blocker: Every filter is expected to remove at least some measure of contaminants in the water, but the Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter removes over 99% of numerous potentially harmful contaminants, while still allowing helpful minerals such as fluoride to remain. This requires a high level of engineering not commonly found in many filters.
  • Long Lasting: Every Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter offers a significant lifespan, lasting up to six months or 300 gallons each time. This is twice as long as many of the filters on the market.
  • Clear Instructions: Let’s face it, the worst part of getting a new filter is the installation part. While some may have some initial difficulties putting a new filter in, the Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter does come with very simple instructions that help to make the process a bit easier. 

What Could be Better

  • Filter Quantity: Each order of the Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter includes just one filter. It would be nice to see Samsung sell multi-filter packages with at least two in them, which would ensure your refrigerator is covered for a full year with each order. 
  • Installation Process: Although the filter does come with very clear and easy to understand instructions, the installation process itself can be a bit difficult for some. The removal process is actually the hardest part, and will likely require a pair of pliers and some extra hand strength. 

Buying Advice

It’s worth mentioning again: Before ordering, make sure to check your exact refrigerator model alongside the manufacturer’s info. The Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter is compatible with a number of different Samsung appliances over a wide range of years, but it’s always recommended to check the model number to be sure it will actually fit. 


Filters make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your water, so it makes sense to purchase a high-quality filter that will not only filter out the right contaminants, but also last for a long time. 

The Samsung Premium Refrigerator Water Filter does all of this, while managing to maintain a very low price point. If you’re looking for the ideal filter replacement in your Samsung refrigerator, this is the one you want, hands down.