ShalinIndia Tibetan Singing Bowl Reviews 

 May 4, 2022


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Singing bowls are widely used for religious, meditation and healing practices all over the globe but particularly in Asia.

Looking at the many benefits that they bring to enhance meditation and our general well-being, westerners are continuously incorporating singing bowls into their daily lives.

Today, they are widely used for natural healing practices and in thousands of yoga studios throughout the U.S.

About The Product

If you are looking for a singing bowl that easily produces pleasing and mesmerizing sounds; then the Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Copper and Silver Buddhist Décor instrument is just what you need.


The singing bowl boasts a stunningly beautiful design that easily blends with any modern and conventional décor. This bowl is a machine constructed from and comprising a metallic alloy.

It is brilliantly hand painted by an expert artisan whereas the bottom is painted on the inside to give it a fabulous finish. Hence, the singing bowl looks great from any angle you hold it.

The brand manufactures this authentic singing bowl in Nepal but widely used all over the globe for music therapy, healing, and personal enjoyment.


  • Next-level design
  • Durable
  • Weighs 549 grams
  • Beautiful hand-painted finish
  • Measures 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height
  • Comes with stick for playing and a beautiful cushion

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Thousands of people popularly use this Tibetan Singing bowl for yoga, healing, and meditation.

It is popular for its relaxing vibrations that instantly create a calming environment. You get calming vibrations, and the mallet is modified to suit beginners.


Hence, if this is your first time buying a singing bowl, this one may just be the right product for you. It

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What Others Are Saying

Customers, who purchased the Tibetan Singing Bowl by ShalinIndia, love it for its beautiful design and a productive vibration that sets the right mood for meditation.

People who are fond of yoga and practice meditation are fond of this singing bowl. The bowl is a pleasant addition to the ambiance of your room or yoga studio, thanks to its pleasant design.

Moreover, it is also noted for its rich sound that brings a multitude of healing benefits.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a special singing bow that boasts a highly aesthetic design and a wooden mallet; the Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Copper and Silver singing bowl is one of the best available products in the market.

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It maintains a good score and has received mostly positive reviews from its customers. Please note the cushion colors may vary, but they comprise of original and traditional Tibetan fabrics.

Final Verdict

If you want to treat yourself with a finely crafted Tibetan singing bowl, then this Tibetan Singing Bowl by ShalinIndia offers a great experience. It offers several healing benefits with its warm and harmonic overtones.

It is a great hand-painted singing bowl that is fit for people of all ages. You can easily play it without any hassle. This oriental artistic looking singing bowl is also a great addition to your home décor as it looks stunning.


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