ShowerMaxx Hand Held Showerhead Reviews 

 September 12, 2021

By  Tricia Hale

ShowerMaxx, Elite Series, 6 Spray Settings 5 inch Hand Held Shower Head, Extra Long Stainless Steel Hose, MAXX-imize Your Shower with Handheld Showerhead in Polished Chrome Finish
  • SHOWERMAXX ELITE SERIES - THE HIGH-END CHOICE FOR AN EXQUISITE EXPERIENCE: Being the maximum upgrade for any home or hotel room, the ShowerMaxx Elite Series Showerheads are here to surpass even your highest expectations. Expect nothing less than unmatched luxury, top craftsmanship and unparallel functionality that will cater even to your most demanding needs.
  • MULTIPLE SETTINGS INCLUDING Power Spray - This ShowerMaxx shower head offers six adjustable spray depending on your mood. One setting is High Pressure for a revitalizing spray, a Light Mist for easy rinsing (this is great for babies), Power Spray to release muscle tension, High Pressure + Shampoo Spray which provides extra rinsing power, High Pressure + Power Spray, and lastly, an eco-friendly water saver trickle intended for lathering and shaving.
  • HEAT RESISTANT SOLID ABS CONSTRUCTION HANDHELD SHOWER HEAD WITH LONG STAINLESS STEEL HOSE 60 inch STRETCHABLE TO 80 inch – ShowerMaxx all-inclusive showerhead kit includes everything our customers need for hassle-free installation. Each Hand Held Shower Head kit comes with Heat Resistant Solid ABS Handheld Unit, Solid ABS Mount, Long Stainless Steel Hose, Pre-Installed Flow Restrictor and fitted Mesh Sand Filter Disk! Complete with step-by-step installation guide – and free Teflon tape.
  • PRE-INSTALLED FLOW RESTRICTOR WITH PRECISION ENGINEERED NOZZLES - Our ShowerMaxx showerhead is equipped with precision engineered nozzle jets that are anti-clogging and self-cleaning. It comes with a Mesh Filter/Sand Disk to keep water flow clean and free from sediment. The head is heat resistant solid full body ABS construction which comes with solid ABS Mount with Brass Ball joint allowing you the freedom to tilt your shower head in the desired direction.
  • PEACE OF MIND LIFETIME WARRANTY – ShowerMaxx manufactures high quality premium shower heads. Each showerhead comes with a Peace-of-Mind Lifetime Warranty. Our friendly support team are on hand to take care of you if you have any question or for whatever reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please message us via Amazon.***NOT FOR SALE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS*** This shower does not comply with California energy regulations.

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This is one of the most luxurious handheld showerheads you can buy and not just because it is an Amazon’s top seller.

ShowerMax is known for their huge range of fine quality shower accessories and they certainly outdid themselves when they launched this glorious showerhead.


We love everything about it from its shiny chrome sheen to the multiple spray settings this showerhead offers.

Product Popularity

If you love investing in trendy homeware then this is a good pick. This showerhead is mostly popular because of its functionality. It is light in weight, beautiful and offers great flexibility in the bathroom. With so many buys, we are pretty sure that this showerhead won’t be discontinued any time soon.

Materials Used

The showerhead consists of a solid ABS construction with a stainless steel hose, solid ABS mount and a mesh filter and silicone nozzle. The ABS materials used in the showerhead aren’t quite as strong as a stainless steel construction would have been but is much lighter as a result. Overall it is made of quite sturdy and durable materials.


The showerhead is available in four different colors; brushed nickel, brass, bronze, and chrome. All of these colors are beautiful and the variety of color choices make it easy to choose a shower head that matches your overall bathroom décor too perfection. The design of the showerhead is also modern and compact so it won’t overwhelm the look of your shower.


This showerhead offers good functionality in the bathroom. It has a 70-inch stainless hose that is stretchable up to 80 inches. It offers 6 different spray settings so you can find a good setting that suits your washing need whether you are caring for a child, a senior or need a powerful spray that leaves you feeling refreshed. It comes with a showerhead holder and mount bracket that can be installed into your shower with great ease and the showerhead is fitted with a solid brass ball joint that allows you to tilt the showerhead in any direction.



The showerhead is very easy to install. All you need to do is remove your old overhead showerhead. Assemble your showerhead kit and install the showerhead mount in place of your old showerhead. Next, you can simply twist the shower hose in place and your showerhead will be ready for use. Switching your shower between different showerhead settings is also very easy to do.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The stainless steel hose of the set is pretty tough and durable which means you won’t have a hard time keeping it clean at all. The coatings used on the showerhead are sleek and smooth which means dirt and debris won’t cling to your set at all. The head itself is fitted with a removable flow restrictor and the nozzle is anti-clogging and self-cleaning. All in all, this showerhead should be pretty easy to keep in great condition.

Included In the Set

Included in this luxury spa showerhead are everything you need for installation and full functionality. You get the following pieces;


A 5-inch handheld shower head with 6 spray settings is included. This showerhead is fitted with a mesh that cleans water as your shower runs, offers high-pressure functionality and has a removable flow restrictor. The showerhead is also designed with anti-clogging and self-cleaning technology.

Interlock Hose


You also get a long double interlock 70-inch hose that stretches up to 80 inches which enhances comfort and flexibility in the shower.

Showerhead Mount

An ABS showerhead mount that matches the design of the rest of the showerhead is included in the kit. The mount screws onto your existing showerhead arm with great ease. The showerhead mount is attached to the showerhead arm after which the showerhead hose is connected directly to it and a firm bracket allows you to hang your showerhead with ease.

Removable Flow Restrictor

Inside the showerhead is a removable flow restrictor that you can take out at any time you please or leave it to produce a lighter rainfall like spray as you shower.

Mesh and Filter

The shower head also has a sand filter that keeps all sediments away from your body so you can enjoy a clean and fresh shower.

Installation Guide

Included in the set is an easy to understand step by step installation guide that helps you install your showerhead with great ease.

Teflon Tape

A 10 pack Teflon thread seal tape of 1.5” x 26.5” is also included in your set for easy DIY installation.


  • Materials used - Hardened ABS with a metal coating and silicone nozzle
  • Hose - 70” stretch up to 80”
  • Mount - Connects to the water source
  • Showerhead - 5” long with
  • Spray settings - 6 spray settings
  • Showerhead components - Fitted with removable flow restrictor and mesh sand filter
  • Weight - 1.7 lbs
  • Color - Brass, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome

What We Love About It

  • The 6 spray settings are glorious
  • A long stretchable hose enhances functionality quite a lot
  • The ball joint shower head fitting allows you to adjust and turn the head with ease
  • Durable strong heat resistant materials
  • Overall beautiful piece
  • Affordable price
  • Removable flow restrictor

What We Didn’t Love Quite As Much

  • Can only be used to replace overhead shower
  • No 3 way diverter means you cannot connect it along with an overhead showerhead
  • There is no water on/off switch fitted on the showerhead itself
  • No vertical slide bar

Final Verdict

Overall this is a very beautiful handheld shower head that you can certainly install if you want to create a spa effect at home. The showerhead is functional, offers lots of settings and is very easy to install and use.  If you are looking to replace your old showerhead then this is one of the best buys you can make.

Tricia Hale

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