Sigtuna 16 mm Heavy Duty Bike Lock Review

SIGTUNA Bike locks - 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock with U-Lock Shackle and Bicycle Lock Mount Holder + 1200mm Steel Chain Cable Bike Lock
  • SIZE DOES MATTER - Our Bicycle Lock model Wodan is made of 16mm Hardened ABS Steel. This thickness outperforms almost all bike locks on the market. It is certified against a wide range of attacks and the Double Bolt Mechanism is designed for extensive holding power. With this kind of protection, you will be sure that your bike is safe (and you can enjoy more rides to family and friends!).
  • THIEVES WILL THINK TWICE - This model Bike U lock comes with a 4 Feet Double Loop Steel Cable. The 10mm thick Cable works as an Extra and Double Layer of Security and helps you secure your accessories, like a helmet. With this extra cable lock, you can lock whatever you bring plus thieves will think twice and go for an easier target (your bike is secure!)
  • GO FOR EASY LOCKING - The Mounting Bracket Holder is easy to install with our instructions and with just one push on the Quick-Release Button the U-lock can be released from the bracket. This enables you to quickly take and store your bike lock when out on a ride (so that you can enjoy your day!) and with 3 laser-cut Keys, you will never have to worry when you lose one.
  • WARRANTY AND SERVICE - If this U-lock is not the favorite you ever owned - some say it is heavy, but that means it is secure - just return it and get a full refund. No questions asked, you can rely on us. We stand for our products, so all our products come with a 3-year guarantee. Our customers love that, we know you will too.
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  • Extremely affordable at [amazon_link asins='B016GZWRY4' template='PriceLink' store='wtw291-20' marketplace='US' link_id='136acbbb-0217-11e9-bdf3-adfd62870385']
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Can secure two bikes
  • Extremely durable


  • None

Bike theft is a rapidly growing problem for most bikers, and it seems there isn’t enough police to handle the problem. That is one of the main reasons why bike theft is escalating in every city in the US. Also, the penalties for bike theft are not harsh enough, making matters worse; and even the so-called “good bike locks” are no better than thin cable locks you may buy at a dollar store.

However, there are some useful bike locks on the market that do the job very well, reducing the risk of bike theft. Sigtuna Heavy Duty Bike Lock is one of these locks. Bikes can cost a fortune; it is why it is you should invest in a first lock to safeguard them. The Sigtuna bike lock not only offers incredible resilience under pressure but is also provides remarkable convenience.

A majority of bike locks tend to compromise on one aspect of design and build while maximizing the other; it makes it tricky for customers to make a choice. The high-quality steel used to design and produce this bike lock is sturdy enough to withstand intensive hits and good enough to keep its integrity intact.

About The Product

The Sigtuna Heavy Duty Bike Lock is one of the best bike locks for numerous reasons; however, one of the primary ones is the unmatched design and sturdy construction of the steel. The 16 mm reinforced and high-performance steel can stand up to pushing with a lever, cutting, and almost anything except for maybe an acetylene torch.

  • The U-Bolt lock has 16mm hardened steel
  • It has 1200 mm flex cable to provide extra security at virtually no additional cost
  • The lock comes with a 100% guarantee (no-questions-asked)
  • Double bolt efficiently secures each side of the bike lock to the crossbar
  • Its mounting bracket makes sure you lock up the bike incredibly smoothly and quickly
  • Crossbar made from steel
  • Extremely durable and has a disc-style cylinder mechanism, making it especially effective against a leverage attack
  • The lock comes with three keys
  • Keyhole cover against corrosion and dirt
  • Amazon Prime members get free shipping

The lock’s double bolt mechanism on each side of the crossbar helps provide resistance to pulling, prying, and jacking. Also, the shackle is fashioned from durable steel and is resistant to bending and cutting.

It allows you to lock up the bike in multiple places particularly around points and poles with large diameters. Anyone looking to reduce this bike lock would need extra special tools and some spare time.

The bike lock comes with a useful U-bolt (also known as a D-bolt) lock along with an extremely durable and robust cable. The product gives you sufficient cable length to safeguard your beloved bike just like most experts recommend – by carefully looping the wire through the bike frame and the tires provided you have enough room.

Another great feature of this lock that will get your attention is its mounting bracket. It is incredibly convenient and simple to install. Once you mount the bolt, you will also realize that it is one the most reliable and secure locks you will find. You can even secure two bikes with just a single lock.

The sturdy and durable mounting bracket is ideal for carrying this bike lock from one place to another. The bike lock has a weight of 1.7kgs which is light enough to carry but substantial enough to make sure your bike is secure.

However, what sets this bike lock apart from other brands on the market is how conveniently it can hook up to almost anything you are anchoring. It leaves little room for even the most experienced thieves to do their dark deeds.

The bike lock is excellent as it does what it claims and will protect your bike for several years. Also, the bike lock is covered by a PVC seal, making it extremely friendly for frames and, hence, no scratches. As the seal is waterproof, it will keep rust and damage away for a long time.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, the lock comes with a full money-back-guarantee, and that alone makes it an excellent purchase as it gives you the peace of mind.


  • Extremely affordable at [amazon_link asins='B016GZWRY4' template='PriceLink' store='wtw291-20' marketplace='US' link_id='136acbbb-0217-11e9-bdf3-adfd62870385']
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Can secure two bikes
  • Extremely durable


  • None

What Others Are Saying

The customer testimonials on this fantastic bike lock showcase how effective the overall design and construction is. Many customers love the fact that bolt cutters can only put an insignificant dent in this lock.

Other customers have praised the quality of the bracket. A majority of customers agree that the bike lock is easy to attach and use and locking and unlocking the bike takes little time.

Buying Advice

The Sigtuna U-Lock is an incredibly durable and reliable bike lock and easily one of the best bike locks available on the market. It is as good as some of the big names in the industry. The convenient mounting bracket of this lock makes it nearly impossible to cut or break.

With so many features this lock has and how well it can protect your bike, buying it must be a no-brainer. If you are interested in buying, the product is available on Amazon at [amazon_link asins='B016GZWRY4' template='PriceLink' store='wtw291-20' marketplace='US' link_id='136acbbb-0217-11e9-bdf3-adfd62870385'].

Final Verdict

All in all, if you need a durable and sturdy lock that is also easy to carry, you will not go wrong with Sigtuna bike lock. Also, it is more economical than other brands in the market and comes with a 100% refund guarantee. Sigtuna bike lock is the best option, especially for high-risk areas.

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