The Science Behind Singing Bowls 

 May 2, 2022


Hearing the eerie, yet incredibly calming sounds coming out of a Tibetan meditation bowl has the power to touch the very essence of your soul.

But is there any way one could explain what we hear? To understand why singing bowls help cleanse all the stress out of your body is to understand sound.

Sound – What Exactly Is It

Everything in the universe that moves will always vibrate – down to the tiniest of molecules. As long everything is vibrating it will generate sound.

Now we may not be able to hear certain sounds or noise – we may not perceive it because it may be considerably below or significantly above our threshold of hearing.


The human ear can pick up sound vibrations ranging from 20 cycles to 20,000 cycles every second. And we can also hear sounds that are the conduction of our bones, skin and through ingestion.

There are thousands of cultures and a lot of religions that revere sound to be one of the most fundamental aspects of spiritual and bodily healing.

As per various scientific researchers, sound waves and vibrations can induce significant changes in the immune, autonomic, neuropeptide and endocrine systems in the body.

Every cell and atom in your body can emit as well as absorb sound effectively.

The Dynamics Of A Meditation Bowl

A medication/Tibetan bowl comprises of alloy, copper or bronze. However, they also come in silver, gold, and tin. They are considered standing bells and are played using a leather or wooden mallet or stick – striking the rim of the bowl. The level of excitation causes the rim of the bowl to produce rich, vibrating sounds.

In an experiment, the magnificent singing elements of a meditation bowl were a method of investigating a certain liquid level of interaction with something made from a solid material.

These types of experimentation are also undertaken in different branches of engineering when engineers have to check the wind-loading of certain structures such as buildings and bridges.

So, when you will a singing bowl with fluid and rub it, the minor alterations in the shape of the bowl slightly unsettles the water at the edge of the rim – which in turn causes wave generation.

When these changes in the surface of the water at the edge is considerably strong, the waves generated are also stronger. Upon striking the rim of the bowl with moderate force the waves made by sound and fluid break, ejecting water droplets.

The calming sounds that are made by meditation bowls are a sort of energy medicine that helps heal a stressed, anxious body – leading to pain alleviation and treating a plethora of diseases.

You can initiate the process of healing using a singing bowl when you focus enough to harmonize or rather, synchronize your brainwaves with the sound waves the bowl produces.

The nice and gentle tones created from lightly hitting a meditation bowl is a perfect recipe for deep and intense meditation that can spark creative thinking and send intuitive, spiritual messages inside your brain and throughout the body.

Medical Applications Of Singing Bowls

There are plenty of modern medical professional and scientist that have translated the effectiveness of mediation bowls into medical practice.


For example, cancer specialist Mitchell Gaynor M.D. who works at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center has been using sound healing from Tibetan bowls as a part of his cancer treatment program.

The doctor has chronicled his research and studies into the power of sound healing as an essential component of holistic medication in his practice with several cancer patients.

Diane Mandle, who is a reputed and highly accredited sound healer in California, has successfully implemented the use of Tibetan bowls for clients that suffer from intense stress and anxiety.

She works with different types of sound patterns as well as geometry to create a fluid and streamlined path to physical and mental wellbeing.

She states that over the course of 5 to 6 weeks, the sound patterns made by the meditation bowls become hardwired in the brain and clients immediately synchronize themselves with those sounds, experiencing an intense healing experience.

There is no question that sound healing is indeed scientifically backed. Studies have shown that the vibrations generated by singing bowls as well as chanting interchangeable have the power to metabolize on a chemical level transforming into endogenous opiates.

These chemicals effectively and efficiently work to alleviate chronic and acute pain.


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