RTIC Soft Pack 40 Reviews 

 September 8, 2020


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Every now and then, you’re going to want to go out with a couple of friends or your family for a fun day out by the water or even on an overnight camping trip. For those outings, you’re going to want to bring some beverages along with you so you can stay hydrated. No one wants warm beverages, so you’re going to want to put them in something like the RTIC 40 Soft Pack!

In our review, we’re going to talk a little more about the features of the RTIC 40 Soft Pack, but we’re also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the soft pack had to say about their overall experience with it.

RTIC 40 Soft Pack Side View

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this soft cooler is something you should consider purchasing for your next outing!

About The Product

When it comes to a great product for keeping your goods nice and cold, the RTIC 40 Soft Pack is a great option. This bag is capable of holding 40 cans worth of your favorite beverage and still have room for ice and/or ice packs.

The soft cooler is constructed very well, using a heavy-duty nylon material. This material is puncture and tear resistant, making the cooler incredibly durable and long-lasting. Notable features of the RTIC 40 Soft Pack include:

  • Holds up to 40 Cans Plus Ice
  • No Leak Zipper
  • Exterior Does Not Sweat
  • Up to 2" of Foam Insulation

As far as insulation goes, this cooler uses 2-inches of closed-cell foam insulation, which is the same kind of insulation used in wet suits. This thick insulation is going to keep your items colder for much longer, while preventing leaks.

Because this cooler does feature such thick insulation, you can rest assured knowing your items are going to be cold for a long time—up to an unprecedented 5 days! Also, when the ice does finally melt, the waterproof, leak-proof zipper is going to keep that water contained, protecting the inside of your car should the cooler tip over while driving.

The cooler features a shoulder strap that will make carrying the cooler easier and much more comfortable for the person carrying it. We do want to point out that the cooler itself weighs 5 and a half pounds when empty, and it can carry up to 40 pounds of ice, or 8.75 gallons—so you’re going to want someone who is pretty strong to carry this case.

When you take into consideration, you take into consideration that this is an affordable cooler, the thickness of the insulation and the amount of storage space, this is a great cooler!

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What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the RTIC 40 Soft Pack, we weren’t surprised that for the most part, many people raved about their experience with this cooler.

RTIC 40 Soft Pack Backside Pocket

Customers report that they were able to fill the cooler up with their favorite snacks, beverages, and ice and go to the beach for more than six hours, leave the cooler in direct sunlight and in a hot car, and there was still ice in the cooler.

Others reported that they can take this cooler on camping trips or all day fishing trips and the unit held ice beautifully—thanks to that thick layer of insulation.

Customers also reported that they loved how much space was in the cooler, but also that the unit had numerous decently sized pockets on the outside. These pockets and the large capacity interior was great for packing enough goodies for an entire day for a family of four.

Customers appreciate that the cooler comes with a comfortable shoulder strap because when the unit is packed, it can get pretty heavy.

Although there were many people who were happy with this cooler, there were some who were disappointed with it. These folks reported that the ice only lasted two to three days instead of the advertised five (which is still pretty impressive). Some did point out that if the cooler isn’t completely zipped, the ice will melt within 24 hours.

Others reported that when they received the cooler, it had a very strong chemical smell. They go on to report that even when leaving the cooler open for several days to air out, the smell went away, but when it was in a closed space with no ventilation (like in a trunk of the car), the smell came back.

Final Word

If you’re someone who enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors, you’re probably going to want to bring along some snacks and drinks so you can stay outside even longer.

We like the RTIC 40 Soft Pack because it has plenty of space for all of your lunch and beverage needs, but also because it features an incredible 2-inches of closed-cell foam insulation—the same insulation used in wet suits. Of course, there are smaller versions available if you don’t need one this large.

It is this insulation that is going to keep your ice frozen for several days. We do want to point out that RTIC advertises that the cooler can keep ice cold for five days and some customers agree, but it is worth noting that some people reported that the ice melted in two to three days. So that is something to be wary of when you pick this cooler up.

With that said, we fully recommend this cooler if you want a unit that is going to keep ice cold for several days, that is incredibly durable, and is going to be able to hold all the beverages and snacks that you might need for your trip.

This is an affordable option in comparison to other big name cooler brands, except, we feel that this may even surpass certain brands that are more expensive.

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