Sonic Alert SB200ss Alarm Clock Reviews 

 May 4, 2022


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Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest parts of your day-especially if you are habitual of ignoring the incessantly buzzing sound of your alarm clock. Alarm clocks are designed to help you get out of the comfort sheets of your bed; however, if you are a heavy sleeper, it is possible that these gadgets might fail to jolt your slumber. 

With all its innovative features, the Sonic Alert loud dual alarm clock is the solution to your problem as it is for heavy sleepers.  The product features a new booming alarm technology that will wake you up on time without interrupting the peaceful sleep of your companion.


A buyer values the product that comes with guarantee and reliability, and Sonic alert loud dual alarm clock gives them the confidence to wake up on time.  The product sets an aim to facilitate customers with its comfortable and portable design. 

Product Features

  • Has an installed bed vibrator
  • Includes selectable snooze time
  • Has a strong battery backup
  • Has SS12VW Super Shaker with bed  vibrating system
  • Includes extra-loud alarm with 113 DB
  • Dual time (24/12 time format)
  • Includes 5- level dimmer function
  • Comes with a travel adapter to facilitate during traveling
  • Includes 220 V power battery
  • Includes green power technology for less energy usage
  • Comes  with adjustable tone and volume control
  • Contains 6 x 2 x 3.5 product dimension
  • Weighs 1.1 pounds

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Product Benefits

The Sonic Alert loud dual alarm clock is a fantastic tool with its unique dual loud alarm function. The product has with SB200ss technology that enhances its features making it the best travel clock.  Its unique bed-shaking mode is what makes it stand out among all the other alarm clocks. 

It is an ideal solution for the people sharing their sleeping space with others as the installed vibrator of the device allows others to sleep while waking you up with the help of its powerful 220-volt battery.  

On the other hand, the Sonic Alert alarm clock has flexible volume options - up to 113 decibels, to help you adjust the audibility and to set the alarm volume to a comfortable level.


Moreover, the dual alarm clock contains robust battery backup which seems to be a great help during a power outage. Now you will never have to worry about running late for work or an appointment. You can keep a streamlined schedule.

Its dual hour time capability is another highlighted feature of the clock.   It allows both (12/ 24 hours) alarm times to accommodate different sleep patterns. Buyers find it a convenient solution as have an option to set two separate alarm times and go to sleep without having to consider wake up timing.

Furthermore, sonic alert alarm clock also features 1.8 displays to help you read the time whether you wake at 3 am in the morning.  It’s a perfect solution for the people suffering from legal blindness- especially elderly.  

The 5-level dimmer function of the clock adjusts the level of brightness with its LED display.  You can efficiently manage the brightness display dimmer by changing the setting with the snooze button.

 The compact design of the Sonic Alert loud dual alarm clock makes it a travelers-friendly product as it has a perfect rectangular shape to occupy in your traveling bag.  

Unlike other traditional alarm clocks, you can take the product outdoors - especially when you are going camping. The product has travel shaking vibrating alarm mode.  It is a portable, comfortable and perfect clock - an essential travel companion. 

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  • Powerful battery back up to hold time settings
  • Green technology saves energy up to 60%
  • Strong bed vibrator
  • Portable and travel-friendly

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What Others Are Saying

Sonic alert loud dual alarm clock has undoubtedly been successful in grabbing buyers’ attention in no time with its excellent and a vibrating mode. The flexible design of the tool allows buyers to carry the clock anywhere to help them get out of their bed. 

Buyers have appreciated the device for its vibration mode that can be switched on to avoid waking people up around them.

Moreover, the extraordinary features of this alarm clock like visual cue of LED display, dual time pattern, battery backup, have made it buyer’s first choice when it comes to buying the best alarm clock.

Buying Advice

Apart from raising concerns about the light material of the clock, buyers are delighted with the performance of sonic alarm dual clock.  A few of customers complained about the flimsy and thin material that carries a risk to break easily.

However, at the same time, buyers showed their concurrence over the fact that the thin clock material supports its lightweight and compact design to make it travel-friendly.  

Buying sonic dual alarm clock seems an ideal deal for the customer with its smart design that accommodates buyers’ requirements.

Buyers can avail a discount of up to 35 % on buying the product from Amazon.  If you are an interested buyer, sonic alarm, the clock is available at the affordable price around [amazon fields="B000EX7LNM" value="price"].

Final Verdict

To crown it all, to make your wake-up routine an easy task, you must opt for a smart solution like a sonic dual alarm clock.

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The fantastic features of the device work correctly for your particular needs and make your wake –up morning task less hectic and bothering for you and others with its vibrating technology.

It is undoubtedly an all-time solution that ensures you wake up on time even if there is a power failure. Its durable battery and 220-volt bed shaker do the best job to facilitate you whether you are home or traveling.

It can quickly adjust between your mattresses to shake you awake when the alarm goes off.  The tool is not efficiently designed to make you fall asleep with confidence but ensures not disturb others in your room.


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