SonicAlert Bunker Bomb Alarm Clock Reviews 

 April 18, 2022


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There are two types of sleepers in this world: one that will wake up from a needle being dropped on the floor and another that can sleep through a hurricane. The first group will only need a soft alarm, with some birds chirping, a soft piano, or some lights to get them up gently. This will be enough to get them out of bed.


However, give such an alarm to a heavy sleeper, and they won’t even flinch when they wake up. If they don’t wake up feeling like they just have a heart attack, then no way that they they are getting out of bed. 

They need to feel like a bomb is going off at their doorstep. And this is exactly why SonicAlert came up with the Bunker Bomb vibrating alarm clock.

About The Product

If you feel like every morning has you buried deep beneath the sheets, then you may have noticed that the piano song you’ve chosen as an alarm only makes you want to go back to sleep. Now, what should we do if waking up in a regular manner doesn’t work?

You need an alarm that will make you feel that if you’re not on your feet in two seconds, you’re literally going to die. While this may be a very hateful way of waking up, it’s still better than being late for work every single morning.

Furthermore, if the sound is not enough to wake you up, you may also bring the earthquake to your bed. This alarm clock is also equipped with a bed shaker that you can place under your pillow, and that will go off at the same time as the alarm. If the sound of the bomb won’t wake you up, at least the crumbling of the house will.

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Here Are The Main Features Of This Alarm Clock

  • Extra loud 113 dB sonic bomb sound that can be adjusted for its volume and tone
  • Very powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • Adjustable snooze option (1-30 minutes, according to your choice)
  • Adjustable alarm length (1-59 minutes)
  • Battery backup that will save your settings in case of a power outage
  • Clear display that shows the time
  • 12/24 hour clock option
  • Dual alarm option
  • Slim and practical design that would look good on every nightstand


This alarm clock may not have Bluetooth connectivity or radio presets, but it will definitely do the job that it was made to do: get you out of bed every single day.

This is the kind of alarm clock that you will simply love to hate – especially since it was not meant for you. It is great for those who have extreme difficulties in waking up, and for those who tried to do everything.

When you use this alarm for the first time, you may think that you are having a heart attack. There will probably be moments when you are going to hit the snooze button, but adrenaline will be enough for you to keep you going. 

This alarm clock is also great if you are a part of the military, law enforcement, or are simply an outdoor enthusiast. Plus, it has an arsenal of features that will make sure you’ll be getting out of bed on time.

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What Other People Say

Most customers seem to have the same opinion about this alarm clock as we do. Medium sleepers only use it for the bed shaker, to prevent having to hear the racket caused by the alarm. Some even say that their internal clock automatically wakes them up now before the alarm goes off, due to what they believe is fear.

Those with hearing loss are also highly appreciative of this device since they finally found an alarm clock that they can hear. We liked that you can customize the alarm tone to make it suitable for every kind of sleeper. You can change the tone, adjust the volume, or simply set it on vibration to wake you up.

Customers would have liked it even more if it could connect with mobile phone because the sound of the alarm can get annoying after a while, and it would have been nice to change it– or at least some other bunker bomb ringtone you could find.

Buying Advice

For just [amazon_link asins='B01CUNCTDA' template='PriceLink' store='wtw291-20' marketplace='US' link_id='d5fe4678-0775-11e9-a7c2-0580186993b7'], this alarm clock can be found in many online stores; however, we recommend you try Amazon since you have all the chances of getting a pretty good discount. It’s a very convenient price, considering the efficiency of this device.


Final Thoughts

Overall, even though this alarm clock doesn’t have the fancy colorful features, temperature displays, or music players, it is perfect when it comes to doing its job – and that is to wake you up. It will wake up even the deepest sleeper – if not with a heart attack, then with an intense feeling of smashing the noisy thing.

If you have a friend or a colleague with problems waking up, you can recommend them the SonicAlert alarm clock.

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