SoulFino Premium Cutting Board Review 

 June 6, 2021

By  Jacqui

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The best cutting board is like a reliable knife, a cut above the rest, and can make a substantial difference in how easily your meal prep goes. Every bit of its composition matters for a few reasons. It should be easy to wash to remove bacteria and lingering pieces, inexpensive so it's easy to replace, but built to last so you can make the most of it.

Many cheaper cutting boards slide or slip easily, and that can be dangerous. The last thing you want is a board that can't last or is too flimsy to handle any carving or chopping you need to get done especially when you have last minute meals to prep.


When looking for a cutting board that can withstand both cuts from a professional chef and a clumsy novice alike, one that comes highly recommended is the PREMIUM bamboo cutting board by SoulFino. 

About The Product

  • Materials are anti-bacterial, meaning its surface is easy to clean with basic tools.
  • Its dimensions are 17’’x13’’x1.5’’
  • Its materials are completely organic.
  • It can also act as a charcuterie board for easier serving after quick prep.
  • Comes with a groove specifically meant for juice run off.

One of the biggest selling points for this cutting board was that it has a more substantive size than many of its competitors at its price.  The quality of materials is exemplified in a few ways.

First, looking at its dimensions, it's a big board, but it also weighs almost 8 pounds. It can handle both vegetable and fruits prep as well as intensive carving and other butchering without sustaining any damage. 

It is built to be anti-scratching due to its hard surface but due to the bamboo is lighter than comparable plastic and wood boards. At the same time, it isn't so hard as to cause problems for your knife's edge which would require frequent sharpening or lead to chipping issues. Your knife will glide over it with each chop.


Due to the composition of bamboo, it doesn’t take as much effort to clean it.  Unlike other options, there are no holes for bits and pieces to find themselves in. Plus the build of the cutting board makes it difficult for food remnants and juices to sink into the board itself, which can prevent it from smelling or becoming warped over time.

About The Board’s Environmental Impact/Additives

For the additive conscious, the boards are environmentally friendly. Bamboo is far easier to replace in the environment than trees.  Its a fantastic alternative to the use of wood that has been leading to deforestation that destroys habitats for animals.

It takes as little as four years for what's been harvested to recover completely.  The bamboo cutting boards also have no toxic additives meant to preserve them that could have a negative health impact.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers are pleasantly surprised by a few things regarding the boards. On the product side, the quality is better than most expected.  In terms of maintenance, it isn't a board that has to be frequently rubbed down with oil to be kept looking good. It comes treated in advance, so it is already setup to last.


Customers also talk about how easy it is to use for a variety of types of food prep and that for charcuterie lovers it's the perfect board for easy prep and display.  Its strong enough to handle what needs to be done without scarring easily from sharp or hard knife cuts but looks good enough to just present as soon as you’re done setting your meats and cheeses. 

Anyone that has used cutting boards made of wood for charcuterie knows the pain of having a triple cream or goat cheese get set into the board and the scrubbing required to get it back to perfectly clean, this isn’t the case with bamboo boards.

A few customers also mentioned how surprised they were when they found out just how bacteria filled plastic cutting boards can be but how much more obvious it is the level of cleanliness they can get their board to with ease. 

The last point that customers love is how big it is. It provides plenty of area for working on prep without needing to have multiple boards or transport veggies or meat from chop to chop. It can be quite the time saver.

On the service side of things, Soulfino offers a 100% guarantee that every user will be satisfied and offers a kind of replacement warranty in the event of any issues with the board's composition. 

Where Can I Buy?

When it comes to purchasing anything for the home, convenience as well as quality matters. Buying from third party sites that aren’t trustworthy can leave you with an inferior product or not what you were looking for at all. 

The best place to pick up one of the bamboo cutting boards from Soulfino is via Amazon.  It offers buyer protection, which assures that any damage upon delivery is covered.  You can see pictures, as well as other customer experiences first hand right before you, order so that you are as informed as possible.

Not to mention, in many places, Amazon offers same day shipping which means you can get to slicing in no time.  Also, Amazon offers the best pricing beating out the mark up that other sites may have due to buying in bulk. 

Final Thoughts

The biggest challenge when it comes to cooking in the home isn’t only having the right tools, but knowing what you need to get a recipe made as perfectly as possible.  Like building a house, you can get the job done in a variety of ways, but having what you need can make the entire process easier and safer. 


Cooking is no different. The PREMIUM bamboo cutting board is the best of its kind and comes highly recommended for a reason. Don't sacrifice food safety or quality by cutting corners when choosing the best cutting board for you or your family.  

Pick the board that has some of the highest ratings online and for a good reason. It's cost efficient, best for keeping bacteria at bay, and reliably durable.

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