Spyder And Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Reviews

Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow - Ready 2 Shoot Archery Set | INCLUDES Bow, Instructions, Premium Carbon Arrows, Recurve Bow Case, Stringer Tool, Armguard, FREE GIFT | 45 lb RH -red
  • | FOR ARCHERS WITH DRAW LENGTHS OVER 29" SPYDER XL IS RECOMMENDED | DESIGNED BY THE MAKERS OF THE SAMICK SAGE: the SWA Spyder is a improved version which has even been referred to as the Sage 2; bow length 62" 1 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY from SouthWest Archery USA.
  • IMPROVEMENTS OVER STANDARD SAGE: The hard edges of the riser (handle) and limb pockets have been rounded to provide a sleeker, lighter weight, and more comfortable experience; A layer of red wood (found in many high end recurves) has been added to the riser to make it stand out from the crowd at a impressive value; flush limb bolts provide a more streamlined look and feel. Limbs still have reinforced limb tips, and are fast flight compatible.
  • KIT INCLUDES: SWA Spyder Bow, Bow String, Arrow Rest, Hard Case, Stringer Tool, Armguard, 3 Premium Carbon Arrows
  • ARROWS: 31.5" with 4" feathers and inserts installed, includes 100 gr. Tips CASE: Airline Approved, lockable, includes built in broadhead wrench and compartments for accessories.
  • HAND ORIENTATION: A right handed bow will be held in your left hand and the string pulled with the right hand. Left handed bows are held in the right hand and pulled with the left hand.

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Do you wish to take up archery as a hobby or a career? Archery involves many skills that you have to master to improve your performance. As a beginner, there are many mistakes you should avoid to ensure you can get up to scratch in no time. The best way to go about it is heading to a range and just practicing your skills.

The number of hours you put into practice will pay off in the long run, particularly when you take part in competitions. As they say about warfare, the more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed on the battlefield.

In addition to the practice, you need the right gear and equipment to hone your skills.

You cannot just invest in a bow and arrow and expect to become a skilled archer in quick time.

You need a wide variety of items in your arsenal to take your skills to the next level. Hence, investing in a recurve bow kit is a great idea.

Modern recurve bows are ideal for beginners to practice with, and you can even use them in competitions.

Moreover, you can find a variety of archery kits that provide all the gear you will require for your practice sessions.

About The Product

Southwest Archery is a brand you can trust when it comes to recurve bows. The brand is famous for manufacturing high-quality archery gear, which is not only functional but affordable as well. In other words, Southwest Archery is the foremost brand of choice for budding archers.

The brand manufactures the highly popular Samick Sage series. The Spyder series is a continuation of the high-quality archery gear the brand offers under the Sage series, with some experts stating that Spyder is in essence Sage 2.

The Spyder and Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow are among the best products from the brand. The recurve bow comes with a range of equipment that will help you stay safe and at the same time, be able to practice archery without hassle.

In fact, the brand claims that the kit offers everything a new archer needs.

Overview Of The Top Features Of Product

  • One-Year Warranty: This product is a risk-free purchase since the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty against defects and other issues. You can return the recurve bow, and they will replace or repair it, as per your requirements.
  • 62-Inch Bow: The length of the recurve bow in this kit is around 62 inches. According to the brand, this bow is perfect for archers who prefer draw lengths of over 29 inches.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Using this recurve bow is a breeze, thanks to the lightweight design. The brand rounded the hard edges of the handle and also the limb pockets, which makes the bow lighter than the Sage Series and also more comfortable to use.
  • Eye-Catching Riser: The riser of this bow features a layer of redwood, which adds to its aesthetic value. You find this feature mostly in high-end recurve bows. The design element adds value to the product.
  • Flush Limb Bolts: You get a streamlined look and feel with this recurve bow thanks to the flush limb bolts. The tips of the limbs undergo reinforcement, which makes them compatible with fast flight.
  • High-Quality Arrows: The kit includes three arrows. The arrows are 31.5 inches long with 4-inch feathers and inserts. The arrows come in a special case that is lockable and features a broadhead wrench. Moreover, you get separate compartments for different accessories. The case comes with airline approval.
  • Hand Orientation: You can purchase this recurve bow in the appropriate hand orientation. Southwestern Archery offers the Spyder and Spyder XL for both left and right-handers. The bows are suitable for holding with the other hand while you pull it with your preferred hand.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The kit offers you plenty of items in addition to the bow and arrow. You get an armguard, a stringer tool, and an arrow rest. As mentioned, you also get a hard case for storing the three Premium Carbon arrows in the kit.


  • Extensive variety of items
  • Portable
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Aesthetically appealing bow
  • High-quality arrows
  • Available for both hand orientations
  • One-year warranty


  • You might need some finger protection, which you don’t get with the items in the package

What Others Are Saying

The Spyder and Spyder XL recurve bow kit received mainly positive reviews from customers who purchased it on Amazon. Currently, there are no negative reviews, with only one customer sharing some minor gripes. His issue is with the bow stringer, as the ends of the stringer feature rubber construction.

On the flip side, many customers praised the design and functionality of this recurve bow. A customer wrote that this is the perfect archery kit if you want to improve your precision, especially when if you are a beginner.

Another customer wrote that this recurve bow offers excellent quality and great value for its price. Another reviewer echoed this sentiment, stating that the recurve bow is affordable and ideal for beginners.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase this product from Amazon. The best part is that the seller will deliver it to your doorstep at no extra charge. The model is currently available for around $299.95, which is a steal, considering the features it offers.


Overall, there is no reason not to consider buying this high-quality recurve bow and arrow kit from Southwestern Archery. The product bears the stamp of quality the brand brings to bear on all its products. You should keep it near the top of your list of options when perusing the market.

Last update on 2020-09-29 PST - Details