Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles Reviews 

 January 23, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles/Collapsible to 13 1/2" / Hiking Poles Walking Sticks (Buy 1 Pole or 2 Poles)
  • FOLDABLE – Collapses to 13 ½ “ to fit in your backpack or your carry-on bag. When not in use, store the poles in the free included cloth storage bag. These compact poles are perfect to take on backpacking trips, snowshoeing expeditions and all of your vacation adventures. Our poles have been used on every continent, even Antarctica.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Made of a special T6 alloy of 7075 aluminum. The T6 alloy combines a number of metals including zinc and magnesium that give it lightweight, extreme durability and strength comparable to some steels.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Our poles feature our Quick Flip Lock so you can adjust the height of the poles from 44" to 54" quickly and easily. These poles fit people from approximately 5' 4" up to 6' 4" tall. For those 5'3" or less, try SHORT PERSON'S TREKKING POLES by Sterling Endurance.
  • ULTRA-LIGHT - Each pole only weighs 10.8 ounces for less fatigue and greater endurance! You will also love the comfortable extended EVA foam handle.

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Trekking poles are essential for individuals who love to hike on different types of terrains. Passionate hikers and daring mountaineers cannot fathom a night or day trekking adventure without a reliable pair of trekking poles.

Not only these accessories provide the much-needed support to hikers; the tools are also great for reducing strain on their knee and hip joints so they can make the most out of their outdoor adventures.

Today's top-rated brands continue to improve the design and built of modern trekking poles. The market features all types of products with different materials and varying specifications. 

Buyers must invest in the right kind of product if they want to ease their trekking ventures. Purchasing a mediocre pair of trekking pair is not just a waste of your precious money but can also lead to unfortunate injuries.

Among the current top-rated products, the Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles are beneficial for both short and tall trekkers. This tough and durable product can sustain heavy-duty use.

The brand takes pride in manufacturing these incredible trekking poles that are specially designed to cater to hikers who are from 5'4" to 6'4" tall. Hence, this is the only branded pair that offers great durability and ultimate comfort to a short adventurer who doesn't want to settle for anything less than perfect for an adventurous trekking trip.


Manufactured out of only premium quality materials; hikers get nothing but the best from this incredible model. The efficient lock system ensures easy adjustment and users can conveniently adjust the height anywhere from 44” to 53.”

If you are looking for a great pair of trekking poles to provide comfort on a challenging terrain; then this is the model to purchase for your trekking gear. The Sterling Endurance poles are manufactured to be durable yet light-weight, so you can store and carry them easily. 

One of the most incredible features of this amazing model is that it comprises of the professional-grade 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Popularly known as the strongest aluminum alloy, it adds unbeatable durability to the poles.

You won’t experience any corrosion since the material is resistant to harsh external elements. Hikers also benefit from a thickened and widened strap for ultimate comfort.

About The Product

Here are a few notable features of the Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles.

  • Folding Design: Since the poles feature an incredibly functional design; you get the lightest and most durable trekking poles for this price. Hikers love the fact they can transport it anywhere they like. The poles are easily assembled and disassembled within seconds without any complications.
  • Offers great support: Each pole features a rubber tip cover, a tungsten carbide tip and snow basket for helping hiker enjoy varying conditions and be safe on steep terrain.
  • Durable: The shaft is manufactured out of a tough 7076 aluminum alloy to guarantee a durable product. The alloy is as tough as steel and makes sure the design remains light-weight. Hence, you enjoy a light-weight pair of trekking poles but benefit from long-lasting durability.
  • Convenient Eva Foam Handle: The handle adds great versatility to the poles on an uneven terrain if switching handgrips becomes unavoidable. Thanks to the reliable EVA foam, hikers enjoy safety and a dry grip.
  • Adjustable Height: This is a great product for anyone who is less than 6 feet tall. Since the pair is specially designed to cater to people from 5'4" to 6'4," you can enjoy great customization capabilities thanks to easy adjustments.
  • Impressive Straps: You are less likely to find such straps that offer maximum relief. The lining efficiently wicks away any moisture, so you never hike with sweating palms. You can also easily adjust the strap’s length without any effort.
  • Reliable Warranty: A reliable one-year warranty backs the Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles. Buyers can safely evaluate the quality of the pair since they can ask for a refund in case they are not satisfied with this product.

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What Others Are Saying

Customers who are using the Sterling Endurance consider it a valuable purchase for the money. Not only the poles are great for providing ultimate comfort and support to a trekker on a challenging outdoor adventure; the tools serve as great accessories to relieve painful knee joints.

Buyers who have invested in this reliable and tough pair of trekking poles are in love with its durable construction and impressive design. The easy customization this pole offers makes it perfect for short hikers who find it difficult to get accustomed to other conventional trekking poles.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for trekking poles that work well with short individuals; then go no further. The Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles are suitable for people between 5'4" to 6'4" tall.

The poles are light-weight, boast a durable built and feature an aesthetic design to please demanding consumers who want a contemporary-looking trekking accessory. One of the best features of the model is, of course, the tough 7075 aluminum construction. Undeniably, the pair is one of the toughest and most durable products to have recently emerged in the market.

If you are interested in purchasing the Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles, you can buy new and used models from Amazon.com. The price around .

Final Verdict

The Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles are one of the best models that are currently available for this price. Although the market features many models that claim to deliver the same performance for short-heightened trekkers as this one; you are less likely to experience the same comfort and class.

The pair is also noted for a unique opening mechanism. The tough construction guarantees maximum durability and complete protection against corrosion. Last but not the least, the contoured handles offer a sturdy grip so you can remain safe on uneven terrain.

We highly recommend the Sterling Endurance Trekking Poles for their ultimate performance and exceptional durability. 

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