Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Vapor Reviews 

 July 2, 2022


STIGA XTR Professional Table Tennis Tables – All Weather Aluminum Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Design with Net & Post - 10 Minute Easy Assembly Ping-Pong Table with Compact Storage
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY OUTDOOR PATIO SET - Durable outdoor table tennis table perfect for the patio or garage
  • BUILT TO LAST - Specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the elements
  • ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCE - Aluminum composite top offers great playability with all-weather performance
  • QUICKPLAY DESIGN - 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95% preassembled out of the box for quick and easy setup
  • SIMPLE STORAGE - Effortlessly folds into an ultra-compact storage position in seconds with self-opening legs

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STIGA are the leading experts when it comes to table tennis tables. Having signed an agreement with the Swedish National Table Tennis Team, STIGA is no stranger to crafting ping pong tables for championship players.

That’s not to say that STIGA has forgotten about all us aspiring ping pong players though.


Each ping pong table crafted by STIGA contains all the necessary features for it to perform well and be durable. The beginner’s STIGA Vapor outdoor ping pong table is no exception to this rule.

What We Like

The most important thing about outdoor ping pong tables are their weatherproofing features. When it comes to the STIGA outdoor table tennis table, it did not disappoint reviewers!


The undercarriage is power coated to protect from the moisture and so the frame is rust resistant.

The playing surface of the ping pong table is covered by a 6 mm thick aluminium plastic surface. This thin layer serves to prevent the table from warping due to exposure to extreme temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight.

Even the white paint to indicate the boundaries of the playing field on the table top have been silk-screened. This process prevents the white lines on the top from fading over time despite being left out in the sun all day.

Easy Assembly And Storage

STIGA loves to make ping pong tables that are easy to assemble and reviewers are not complaining! The STIGA Vapor takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble.

You pretty much just attach the wheels to the legs, flip the table over, add the net, grab a partner and play. The net is easy to figure out too; it has a couple of clamps which attach it to the ping pong table.


Like most ping pong tables, the STIGA Vapor also comes in two halves. This makes set up easier as you’re only putting in effort to move half a table at a time, instead of a whole table. Storage is a lot more convenient too, as the STIGA ping pong table folds up quite compactly so that it takes up minimal storage space.

Designed to be an outdoor ping pong table, the Vapor will still hold its own when left outside in bad weather. However, to maintain the exceptional craftsmanship and prolong your ping pong table’s lifespan, you may still want to invest in a ping pong table cover.


Each half of the table comes with wheels and the wheels roll along nicely across the ground, making for easy transportation. The casters also have locks to lock the wheels to prevent sliding while the ping pong table is in use or being stored.

Locking mechanisms are also available on the underside of each half of the table to provide more stability when storing or transporting your ping pong table.

Also, moving half of a table at a time instead of a whole table makes it a lot easier. Most doors won’t be big enough to accommodate a full sized ping pong table – unless it’s going to live permanently in your garage.


Play anywhere and anytime with the STIGA ping pong table. The two halves can be rearranged so that you can play by yourself if you don’t have a partner.


The table legs have adjustable levelers on them so if the ground on which the ping pong table is standing on isn’t level, this can be easily remedied.


The STIGA is covered for all manner of elements that can be thrown at it. Rain, sun and also wind. Made with steel legs, these legs are durable and help the ping pong table to remain upright even in strong wind.

A 1.5 inch steel apron runs along the edge of the table top, providing extra support.

While the ping pong table may still be flipped over in extremely strong wind due to overbalancing, the strength of the materials used to design the STIGA outdoor ping pong table means that it will be unlikely to dent.

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What We Don’t Like

The only negative reviewers had about the STIGA Vapor outdoor ping pong table is the average bounce height it provides.

Average Bounce

Although the bounce height is enough to still be playable, it is not as good compared with bouncing a ping pong ball on a wooden table.

The extra 6 mm aluminium coating may make the ping pong table more weatherproof but it decreases the effectiveness of the bounce of the ping pong ball.

Buying Advice

Perfect for recreational players who enjoy playing outdoors, the STIGA outdoor table tennis table is quite affordable at around $539.99. Most outdoor ping pong tables are quite expensive due to the extra weatherproofing features but STIGA has managed to keep the cost similar to an indoor table.

Due to personal preference or for advanced players, the amount of bounce provided in this table may not be suited to your needs and you may want to consider purchasing an indoor ping pong table instead.


However, this is the trade-off you need to consider when purchasing an outdoor ping pong table – is it more important for you to have good bounce or to have better weatherproofing?


STIGA works hard to ensure all their tables are of a high quality and the Vapor outdoor ping pong table is no exception.

The STIGA Vapor outdoor ping pong table is a sturdy and weatherproof ping pong table at a very good value point.

It is the perfect table for a recreational player who enjoys playing outside, but not for an advanced or competitive player since the bounce quality is not absolutely superb.

The extra durability components of this STIGA ping pong table ensures you and your family will enjoy countless games in the outdoors. It’s a great addition to any outdoor party and its weatherproofed features ensure your ping pong table will see many parties over the years.

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