Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest Reviews 

 August 19, 2020

By  Jacqui

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Sometimes it’s best to not only have a weighted vest that provides some extra comfort, but also some added functionality. The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest is the perfect example of both, offering its users a substantial amount of padding, along with plenty of bonus features that address many things other vests overlook.

Combine that with different choices in styling and an affordable price, and you can see why the Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest is one of the most popular weighted vests on the market, whether you’re a Crossfitter, full-time athlete, or just starting your fitness journey.

The foundation material used to make the Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest is extra-durable nylon, which can be found in everything from the actual vest fabric, to the numerous velcro straps. The material doesn’t flex or stretch, helping to keep all of the portions in place during movement — a crucial component of any weighted vest.

This is especially helpful since there’s a lot of working parts with the vest. There are actually two portions that are velcroed together when wearing it, but the nylon material is more than up for the challenge. The vest doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee, but you can definitely count on it lasting for years, even with frequent use.

The nylon used with the vest is also water-resistant, which is really more useful in regards to keeping it clean than repelling rain or moisture. Still, it’s appreciated.

The vest features padding throughout the inside portions, but Strength Sport Systems was sure to add extra padding on the shoulder areas, which bear the brunt of most of the weight when wearing the vest. This not only reduces any bounce with the vest, but prevents shoulder soreness as well.

The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest comes in three different weight sets of 12, 40, and 60 lbs total. The weights are supplied via iron ore in bags that you slide into the holders on each side. The iron ore has a sand-like texture, which some prefer to using metal plates for weight.

The vest itself is highly adjustable, with multiple straps on various sides to get the fit just right. And although some prefer to have a single piece for a vest, the separate pieces do allow for more adjustability to fit different body styles.

As for extras, the vest has much to offer. The back part has a reflective stripe, making the vest suitable for night time or early morning running when visibility might be an issue for surrounding traffic.

There’s also a zipper pouch located on the front of the vest, which provides a waterproof area to keep items like you’re phone or wallet. The pouch also has a small hole that you can run your earbuds cord through — a very convenient feature you don’t see often with weighted vests.

The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest comes in three different color patterns, which includes black, and two different camouflage themes.

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What We Like

The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest merges comfort and functionality with a high amount of adjustability.

  • Extra Padding on the Shoulders

Additional padding on the shoulder area is something more weighted vests should include. While it’s helpful to have padding all along the inside, the Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest goes out of its way to ensure your shoulders avoid soreness, while also preventing the vest from impacting your shoulders with each step.

  • Lots of Weight Options

It’s common to see many weighted vests stop at lower weights, or not provide a lot of options when it comes to changing the weight or working up to using more. The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight ranges from 12 to an astounding 60 lbs, so practically every need is covered. Adding more weight to the vest is incredibly easy.

  • Highly Adjustable

The strap and two-piece system can be a little tough to figure out at first, but once you do, the vest is adjustable in several different places, which helps with ensuring a tight, yet comfortable fit, regardless of who is wearing it.

  • Multiple Colors

Style is not always a concern with weighted vests, but it’s always nice to have some added options. Many will prefer the all-black look, but there’s certainly plenty of buyers out there who will appreciate the two camo options as well.

  • Waterproof Pouch

When wearing fitness gear, there’s rarely ever a place to put your essentials, such as a wallet or phone. The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight gives you the perfect solution, and even throws in the earbud cord hole and waterproof zipper.

What Could Be Better

The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight is a great product, but there are a few things that could stand to be improved.

Not only this, the Lavish Lash HD Fiber Mascara is sweat proof, and the fibers do not fall off to give you a perfect coverage for 24 hours.

The Mascara does not include any extended process of application as the fibers flakes come already attached with the brush.  It requires one or two strokes to thicken the coating for an instant voluminous effect.

Also, it follows the same one-step application when you talk about removing it. However, it comes off quickly if you use it with coconut oil or another makeup remover instead of just using water.       

  • Bulky

The overall design of the vest is not very sleek, and can seem cumbersome and overly bulky to some. In some ways, the bulkiness is a necessity due to the pouch and additional room for more weight, but it would be nice to see the vest trimmed down a bit.

  • Difficult to Get on for Some

The two-piece design and multiple strap + velcro system may be hard for some to get on themselves without a bit of help. You’ll eventually get the hang of it, but prepare to be a little annoyed at first.

Buying Advice

Always check the measurements before you buy to make sure the vest will fit.

Also, if you plan on using the phone pouch, it may be a good idea to purchase a waterproof phone case or zip bag to use with it — just in case.


The Strength Sport Systems S Pro Weight Vest has a clever design that includes a number of helpful features to increase its functionality and use. The additional weight capacity is a  great compliment to the durable materials as well.

 You can purchase this vest with the assurance that it will last for years, and add more weight over time if needed. This makes it not only economical, but also versatile. We love this vest, and you will too.

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