Tech Tools Height Adjustable Punching Ball Reviews 

 August 20, 2020

By  Kawandanell

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Every parent knows it is essential to provide a healthy physical outlet for your child. Most children have high energy levels, buzz with excitement and are quick with their tempers as well.

If they are not provided the proper channel to let out their energy out, then they may take it out on their teachers, parents, siblings, neighbors, the household pet or whatsoever. And this is where the TechTools Punching Ball comes in handy.


With a punching bag, an adjustable stand for growing kids, and protective gloves, the TechTools Punching Ball provides the perfect fun activity and exercise platform to your child. Before we get into the details, let’s walk you through some of its most prominent features:

Product Features

  • Full set: Stand, gloves, and an inflatable punching ball
  • Pump included
  • Stand with adjustable height from 35 inches to 50 inches
  • Soft and durable punching ball of 9.5 inches
  • A sturdy, non-slippery base of about 26.5x7.5 inches
  • A price around [amazon fields="B01N0RPKXB" value="price"] with free shipping
  • Let’s discuss some of its most incredible characteristics in detail

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All Setup Equipment In The Box

The best reason you should get your hands on the TechTools Punching Ball is that it comes with additional accessories and setup tools –all at the same price as any other kids’ punching ball in the market.

The full set includes a durable, adjustable stand, an inflatable, soft punching ball, and a pump to fill the ball up with; moreover, the product is budget-friendly.

Easy Assembly

One thing that people talk about after buying a set-up-yourself is the ease of assembly of the product.

Many products are harsh to assemble, and often require professional expertise which may end up costing an additional amount.

However, with the TechTools Punching Ball, there is no need to worry about it –it's a toy and just about anyone can assemble it.

All you have to do is screw-in the nuts of the stand into the base, and fill the air into the balloon with a pump –and voila! You are good to go.

Safe Recoil Effect

With an indoor punching ball, what most parents fear is the recoil effect of the setup injuring their child because the ball is too hard. However, such is not the case with the TechTools Punching Ball, which comes with a soft, inflatable ball.


Because of the safe punching ball, you do not have to worry about any injuries to your child because of the recoil effect of the ball –it is entirely safe. The spring is sturdy so the ball will bounce back fast, but it will not hurt your child.

Entertainment And Education

Not only does the TechTools Punching Ball give your child something to do when they are feeling a little too hyper, but it improves their skills as well. 

Boxing is known to improve coordination skills, motor skills, and reflexes, build speed and timing, and get those happy hormones flowing. With an indoor punching ball, your child will be getting a physical education, stress relief, and a healthy and safe dose of entertainment –all in one.

Not Just For Little Boys!

The TechTools Punching Ball is not just for little boys buzzing with energy, but for girls and adults as well –so don’t make assumptions! Kids, no matter their gender, need a healthy outlet and a safe way to exercise and channel their energies and this product is the perfect match for them.

Moreover, because of its adjustable height of up to 50 inches, any adult and parent can join in and have a nice playtime with the child, or even alone. Although, they will have to get their hands on some adult gloves because this product comes with child-sized gloves only.

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What Others Are Saying

People who are buying the TechTools Punching Ball for their kids are entirely in love with it, and so are their kids. Most of the feedback is people narrating stories of their kids fighting over who gets to have the first go.

One thing that the parents all over seem to love is the safety measures that Techtools guarantees with this product. The sturdy, independent base and the punching gloves that come with it altogether keep the kids are free from the injuries that usually occur with punching bags.

Moreover, there have been some complaints about the stand being too weak that you have to stand on it to make sure it does not topple over. Plus, there have been many, many more talking about how the product is cumbersome, so we are guessing some people got hands on a couple of bad apples of the entire lot.

The good thing is, if you come across manufacturing flaws, you can quickly return them to the manufacturer and get your money back or the right product shipped again.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the TechTools Punching Ball in around [amazon fields="B01N0RPKXB" value="price"] from Amazon with free shipping. Coming with the punching ball is an additional stand and a pair of children-sized boxing gloves. Another reason why you should opt for the product is the fact it has an adjustable stand.


So now you don't have to worry if your kids will grow out of anything. As soon as they start to become taller, you can adjust the height of the stand to fit their needs. So, this is a toy that will last you an extended period! 

Final Verdict

Two of the most popular demands in products like this is the safety of the child, and their flexibility as the child grows. The TechTools Punching Ball combines both these characteristics effortlessly, with its safe recoil effect and an adjustable stand.

Coming with the product are added accessories so that you don’t have to waste money buying products to set it up. Plus, the assembly is easy –even your child can do it. All in all, this is an excellent product with a multitude of features at a reasonable price, and we would recommend buying.

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