Texas Instruments Nspire Graphing Calculator Reviews 

 May 28, 2021

By  Jacqui

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Graphing calculators provide a lot of utility. They can calculate expressions, equations and mathematical formulas with ease. Also, graphing calculators have supplemental apps which can be downloaded directly to your calculator. That's why it's important to have one at your side when taking a standardized test.

Texas Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of graphing calculators. For over 87 years, the company has provided state of the art calculators for everyday and professional use. Their calculators are accepted in popular standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT.

Buying a TI calculator is an investment to increase your mathematical computation skills and pass almost any math exam.

We're here to review the Texas Instruments Nspire Graphing Calculator. It's a lightweight, yet durable calculator that's useful for various mathematical applications. In this brief article, we'll discuss the pros, cons, and consumer opinions associated with this calculator.

Our primary goal is to give you the confidence to buy a reliable calculator that suits all of your mathematical needs.

About The Product

Meet the Texas Instruments Nspire Graphing Calculator. It's a powerful calculator that allows the user to create 3D graphic functions. This places it a step above the competition because it provides graphical representations in the highest quality. The Nspire is a great choice for beginners and advanced calculator users who need something to help them on their exams.

Technical Specs

  • TI-Nspire Rechargeable Battery
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Color Coded Graphs
  • Rotate & Graph 3D Functions
  • Lightweight Design

As you can see, the ´╗┐Nspire´╗┐ is a powerful calculator. Based on its features, it gives the user the ability to solve almost any math problem you would find on a standardized test. This is a great advantage because it helps students increase their test scores and GPA after a few weeks of use.

Get this graphing calculator if you need something that's versatile, durable, and useful for long-term math projects.

The TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator is designed for sophisticated graphing solutions. Most graphing calculators don't give the user the ability to manipulate it as desired. With this calculator, you can rotate and move your 3D graphs with little issue. Texas Instruments created this calculator for those wanting accurate and complete graphs for any mathematical situation.


The first thing we've noticed is its slim and sleek design. Nspire is one of TI's lightest calculators, making it mobile and easy to carry around. Because of its lightweight construction, the product is easy to use without taking up too much space in your book bag.

Nspire's main advantage is its rechargeable battery. No longer do you have to pay extra money buying replacement batteries of lower quality. The battery is powerful enough to last up to two weeks, making it a great choice for those needing a long-lasting calculator.

Another advantage lies in its multiple representations. This means that the calculator is useful for making multiple graphs for your mathematical equations.

The multiple graphs help users find the relation between each of them, making it an excellent choice for statisticians and economists.

But there are a few consumer complaints about this product. For instance, consumers across the board complained about the touch screen. The touch screen doesn't respond well to user commands and is hard to navigate around the menus. We suggest not using the touch screen or asking for a replacement if this continues to be a problem.

The buttons are hard to use, which is another disadvantage with this product. In comparison to other TI calculators, these buttons require more force for them to work properly. It also makes a loud noise when pressed, making it inappropriate for exams where silence is necessary. Avoid this product if you need something a bit quieter.

This is a high-quality graphing tool. The Texas Nspire is made to handle complex mathematical computations faster than the average calculator. While it has a few flaws in its buttons and its touch screen, the calculator still is a great investment. It's a great calculator that's proven to increase your scores on normal and standardized exams.

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Buying Advice

Your requirements, graphing quality and as well battery life, are important things to consider before making a purchase of a new calculator.

Exam Requirements

You'll want to have a calculator that can be used for standardized exams. Having the wrong calculator can result in a loss of money and a failed exam. Fortunately, Texas Instruments calculators are SAT approved.

If you have a standardized exam, the Nspire is a great tool to have before the exam starts. It'll increase your computation speed which is ideal for timed tests.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery is the sign of a high-quality calculator. As technology has expanded, Texas Instruments created calculators with rechargeable batteries. The Nspire is an excellent example of this because it has a life span of 2 weeks when charged. Because of this, the product is great for those needing a calculator for the long-term.

The quality of your graph is another important aspect of your calculator. Some calculators return your equations in simple, black and white graphs. More expensive calculators return the graphs fully color coded, which is great for complex graphical solutions.

One thing that's good about the Nspire is it's exceptional graphing quality. Simply place your equation in the calculator to receive an accurate color graph. The graphing feature is ideal for algebra up to college calculus. It's a versatile graphing calculator that shows the best image quality graphs you can find.


To conclude, we believe the Texas Instrument Nspire calculator is ideal for any mathematician. It returns the user's graphs in a clear and accurate format. You'll like this calculator if you need something that's acceptable for standardized math exams.

As time progresses, we'll start to see innovations within the calculator industry. This calculator is a great example of a smart tool; it has a long battery life, color-coded graphs, and additional software to be used for more complex math computations. Ultimately, the future possibilities for calculators are endless and will continue to help create mathematical solutions.

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