Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reviews 

 December 31, 2020

By  Jacqui

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Graphing calculators are proven to improve student's GPAs and SAT, PSAT, and ACT scores. Having one is a great investment and will help you throughout your academic career. That's why we suggest considering the Texas Instruments TI-84 Calculator.

Through this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons associated with this graphing calculator. We'll even include consumers’ opinions to fill in the gaps that we might have missed. Our primary goal is to teach you as much as you need to know about this calculator so that you can make the right purchasing decision.

As we go through our review, allow us to give you some buying advice. The buying advice section is made to inform you of certain things you need to know before buying a graphing calculator. Read this article to get a clearer understanding of calculators before buying one that you might not need.

About The Product

The TI-84 Graphing Calculator is a perfect entry-level calculator. It has enough features that are useful for both novice and advanced mathematicians. For instance, the device comes with a USB that allows users to transfer their data from their calculators to their computers. Get this calculator because it will improve and increase your academic performance.

Technical Specs

  • LCD Screen for Graph Plotting
  • Transfer Data from Calculator to Computer
  • Approved by SAT, ACT, PST, and other college examinations

Texas Instruments is the company that manufactures this graphing calculator. For over 87 years, the company has provided high-quality mathematical tools used to help students, professionals, and engineers. Because of this, they are a reliable brand that will give you the calculator that you deserve.

This graphing calculator is designed for versatility. It's able to graph linear functions, linear inequalities, and more mathematical equations.


Here is the Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator. Created by one of the top calculator brands, it's a product that's worth giving a look. Equipped with an LCD display, it's able to show mathematical functions such as quadratic, logarithmic, and parametric functions in a clear format.

It's a cheap, yet valuable investment if you are studying for intense math exams. For students, the TI-84 offers a high level of utility, making it a great calculator that will last the duration of your academic career.

One thing that consumers like about this calculator is its compliance with standard testing policies. It is 100% accepted by college examinations such as the SAT, ACT, and the PSAT. This means that the calculator is accessible and can be used to pass all levels of standardized testing. Get this product if you are a high school student planning to ace your exams.

Another advantage lies in its long-lasting battery. The calculator has a life span of two weeks before losing its power. Because this rare occasion can happen, we suggest fully charging the calculator's battery before the exam. This prevents any issues and ensures that you'll have a fully functional device as soon as the test starts.

However, there are a few flaws associated with this product. The lack of quality control in the package is a major concern. For instance, some students noted defective parts when first using the calculator.

Most of these defective calculators caused students to receive lower test scores than planned and reduced their efficiency. Call for a replacement calculator if this problem occurs.

Consumers across the board complained about the difficulty in the device's navigation. Some users found the instruction manual confusing to read, making it harder for them to perform complex equations with this product. Take time learning about this calculator when using it to maximize your performance.

The Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator is a powerful tool to have during exam time. It comes with a powerful, long-lasting battery that allows you to use it for an extended period.

Also, it comes with supplemental software that further enhances your mathematical skills. Buy this calculator if you need something simple, yet efficient enough to use for your standardized exams.

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Buying Advice

Before purchasing a calculator, you should consider a couple of things...

Exam Type

You need to know what calculator is accepted by the exam you plan to take. Students who fail to do this often waste hundreds of dollars in test fees and even more for the wrong calculator. Knowing the right calculator saves you a lot of trouble in the long run by giving you a fully functional tool that's exam friendly in the long-run.

Certain exams such as the NCES have a very strict graphing calculator policy. These types of exams allow only certain models of calculator brands to be used during their exam. First find out what calculators are permitted by your exam and dedicate time to learning their operation.

Doing this helps you get acquainted with the calculator and become more prepared for exam time.

Supporting Apps

One thing you'll notice about the TI-84 is the number of apps that can be downloaded by the device. Each of them is beneficial because they are tailored to help you learn whatever math subject you desire. Using apps is an excellent way to understand the full range of possibilities your graphing calculator can offer.

To start, check the catalog of apps that can be downloaded in your calculator. For example, the TI-84 already comes with apps such as Flash Cards, Conic Graphing, and Transformation Graphing. See which apps work the best for you and use them to help you study before exam time.


In conclusion, having the Texas Instruments TI-84 does a lot more than improve your grades. It's a robust tool, meaning that it can be used for years after it has completed its intended tasks, such as school. The TI-84 is a great tool for the long-term because it can create mathematical solutions through high-quality graphs.

To proceed, you'll need to understand how to use your graphing calculator before the exam starts. While it's great to have a high-quality calculator, struggling to understand it during the exam is only going to waste your time and points.

Ultimately, you should study your calculator as much as you are studying for the exam if you want to receive the best results.

Do you have any experiences using a TI-84 during an exam? What was the result?

Leave a comment below.

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