The Best Convertible Baby Crib 

 February 19, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • The crib converts into a day bed or full-size bed
  • When you purchase rails additionally, it can also be a toddler bed
  • The crib will serve your child from infancy to teenage stage
  • It is made of very strong materials that can last a lifetime
  • The crib is very beautiful in design and is sure to suit most nurseries
  • Many color options are ideal for creating the perfect nursery
  • The crib is made of non-toxic, baby-safe finishes and materials
  • The crib is tested and meets all safety standards
  • It features an adjustable mattress height to accommodate the safety requirements of babies in different stages
  • Very quick to assemble


  • It is relatively heavy
  • Assembling the crib isn’t the easiest of tasks
  • Finding bed sets for the mini crib can be challenging due to an odd size
  • The mattress isn’t off the highest quality

Baby cribs are some of the first things parents consider when they are soon welcoming a new baby into the world. Every baby deserves a comfortable and safe place to sleep at night or during nap times and baby cribs is the ideal solution because they keep your little one safe from external elements and perfectly cozy.

Today you can choose from a huge variety of baby crib types. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, designs and are distributed by many different brands. If you haven’t bought a bed for your child’s bedroom just yet then you should consider a convertible baby crib because this is the only bed your child will need for the next 16 or more years.

Most babies outgrow their cribs by the time they reach the age of two and parents then need to invest in a toddler bed so these children can still get lots of quality sleep at night. Convertible baby cribs, on the other hand, never need to be replaced. They are simply transformed to suit your child’s growing body because these cribs can be transformed into a day bed or even a full-sized bed. These cribs are also made of higher quality materials to ensure durability and strength for as long as your child needs a soft place to sleep.

If you are looking for the best convertible baby crib then we suggest you have a look at the Dream on Me Addison 4-in-1 baby crib. 

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This baby crib is the type of baby bed that mothers dream of because it isn’t just multi-functional, it is also very beautiful. The Dream on Me Addison 4-in-1 baby crib is available in five different colors that include white, natural, espresso, cherry, and black. This little baby bed offers a very beautiful and elegant look with its smooth broad slats and its slight curve at the back and sides of the crib.

The baby crib is an elite choice for new parents because it can be used as a crib for babies aged 0 - 2 and then transforms into a day bed for toddlers. The crib can then also be transformed into a full-size bed and can be used with or without a footboard. Besides the convertibility, the crib also offers 3 mattress height positions so you can slide the crib base up and down to suit the needs of a baby from infancy to the busy toddler stage.

The baby bed is made of highly durable materials that are sure to last a very long time. New-Zeeland pine wood is used for the manufacturing of this crib and all fittings and the design of the crib meets all ASTM and CPSC standards to ensure the safety of your little one as he or she sleeps and plays in the crib.  

The crib is shipped disassembled but a detailed instruction manual is included and most parents have these cribs fully assembled and ready for use in less than 2 hours. The assembly instructions are very clear and the crib arrives with all required accessories including screws. 


  • Weight - 34 lbs
  • Size - 32 x 24 x 38 inches
  • Gender - Unisex
  • Materials - New Zeeland pine wood
  • Type - convertible
  •  Convertibility - crib, day bed, full-sized bed with or without a footboard
  • Colors - white, natural, black, cherry, espresso
  • Mattress height - 3 levels adjustable

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The Dream on Me Addison 4-in-1 baby crib is the king of all mini baby cribs because it will serve you and your family for so many years. The crib is made of durable materials that are sure to handle lots of wear and tear and it transforms into bigger bed sizes to suit a growing child. 

It is also very beautiful. This crib will go perfect in just about any nursery or bedroom and it is available in 5 different colors which are a pretty big bonus. 

The only downside to this crib is that it comes with a thin mattress that isn’t of the highest quality. It is also smaller than your average crib and finding suitable bedding can be challenging. 

But on the upside, the smaller size of the crib makes it perfect for small bedrooms, apartments or large families that share bedrooms.

We are quite certain that this is a worthy investment for anyone looking for a quality baby crib and future child’s bed. And if you are not quite convinced that this is the right crib for your little one then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews so you can find out more about the other best cribs to consider for your nursery right now.

We hope that this product review proved to be useful in helping you find the right baby crib to keep your little one safe and snug. 

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Lisa Hanel

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