The Best Outdoor Thermometer 

 March 22, 2020

By  King

Lots of people love to log onto their phones first thing in the morning to find out what the temperature is going to be like so they can dress accordingly. Smartphone weather forecasts are pretty convenient but unfortunately, aren’t too accurate. If you want to get the right temperature readings in your exact location then you need to invest in a good outdoor thermometer. 

With the best outdoor thermometer, you can easily see just how hot it is at any given time of the day. Analog thermometers are the best pick for keeping an eye on the weather. This is because these thermometers are mercury or alcohol filled and indicates the temperature as these liquids warm up and starts to expand. The more the liquid expands, the higher it rises in the thermometer’s glass tube and the vertical measurements on the thermometer make it easy to view your results without a struggle. 

With a good quality outdoor thermometer you can keep your eye on the weather so you can all have some fun in the sun. These thermometers are perfect for logging climates so you can identify the most common weather and temperature patterns or find out just how hot or cold it is at this very moment. 

If you are looking for an analog thermometer that is sturdy and durable then we recommend you have a look at the Marathon BA030001 Vertical thermometer.  

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The Marathon BA030001 Vertical Outdoor Thermometer is very simple in design. It has no buttons for operations and requires no batteries to function. The thermometer is 16.61 x 2.6 x 0.39 inches in size and is white in design with the glass mercury tube fitted to a white mount that allows you to easily and instantly view both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees in a glance.

Red alcohol liquid will push up in the glass tube as the temperature rises so you can see just how warm the weather is at this given time. The thermometer is very large at 40cm tall which makes it easy to tell the temperature from a distance. The temperature range of this thermometer is just what you need for monitoring everyday climates. It ranges from -40 degrees C or -40 degrees F up to 50 degrees C or 120 degrees F. 

This is a perfect outdoor thermometer for any home or business because it is durable and waterproof which makes it suitable for all weather conditions. It can be mounted to your wall with great ease thanks to two mount holes and you also get 2 mount screws included in the package when you buy this thermometer.

This is a pretty safe thermometer for home use because unlike many other thermometers, this one is 100% mercury-free yet functions just as good as any normal mercury thermometer. It is a valuable investment for anyone. 


  • Weight - 3.52 lbs
  • Size - 16.6 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches
  • Colors - white mount with red liquid vase and red, black and blue temperature ruler
  • Degree type - Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Easy to use - Yes
  • Buttons - No, this is a non-digital thermometer
  • Waterproofing - Yes

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  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to read thanks to large design
  • Requires no batteries
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Good for outdoor use since it can handle natural environments or weather conditions
  • Very easy to install thanks to pre-cut holes and nails included
  • Waterproof design
  • No mercury in the glass tube
  • Affordable purchase price


  • No digital readings or display
  • No automatic logging
  • It is hard to see the temperature reading from an angle. You need to be right in front of the thermometer.
  • Made of plastic materials
  • Screws included in the package is a bit short

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a simple thermometer that gives you accurate readings at all times then this is a good investment. Installing the thermometer permanently on a wall is very simple thanks to screws included in the package but you can easily hook it anywhere for instant application.

The thermometer automatically displays the current temperature of a room or outside of the building because the red alcohol fluid found inside the glass tube expands when the weather becomes warmer and retracts when it gets cold. The thermometer can measure up to 50 degrees Celsius which is sufficient for any country or location in the world since general day to day temperatures never do exceed this degree. You can also use the thermometer locations with up to - 40 degrees Celsius which is perfect for cooler environments such as the US or even Russia. 

It is quite easy to use this thermometer. You can tell the temperature in an instant glance although it should be noted that you will only see the level of the red liquid head-on since it doesn’t offer a good view when seen from the side. 

The thermometer doesn’t include any buttons or digital functions which mean you won’t be able to store or log any temperature readings during the day or night. It is also unsuitable for taking medical temperatures but can be a handy tool to monitor indoor temperature, outdoor temperatures and you can even use it to measure the warmth of bathwater so you won’t run the risk of burning small children or pets during bath time.

It is a perfect thermometer for those that need something affordable, simple and easy to use. The thermometer is durable and will offer you the best functionality for many years to come. It is a perfect tool to help you keep an eye on the weather and especially for those in agricultural industries that might want to constantly log temperature data throughout the year so they can make accurate weather predictions.

We hope that this product review helped you understand exactly how to use this thermometer and if you are looking for other types then we welcome you to hop over to some of the other product reviews found on our website. 


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