The Best Portable Crib 

 February 19, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • The crib comes with a thick mattress with federal flammability standard 16
  • It also comes with foam bumpers to help absorb the impact should you steer the crib into a wall
  • It is made of heavy-duty metal that is sure to last a very long time
  • The crib is coated with a scratch-resistant non-toxic powder coat finish
  • The powder coat finish allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • It is very easy to move the crib from room to room thanks to large casters
  • Two brakes allow you to secure the crib in place
  • The crib meets all CPSC 16 CFR1220 and ASTM 2710 recommendations and standards
  • The crib is very easy to use
  • It is highly durable and will last a long time
  • It is perfect for daycare and commercial environments
  • The crib is reinforced with three-position posture boards
  • It has a large weight capacity of up to 50 lbs


  • The crib cannot fold down 
  • Assembling the crib for the first time can be challenging
  • The edges of the crib are open which can make it hard to contain little ones
  • Only available in white

There are a lot of parents who invest in temporary baby cribs that are affordable yet not quite as tough because they know that their little ones will only be using these baby beds for about a year. But in some instances, you need something sturdy enough to handle lots of use and something that is highly durable so you can enjoy many years of service and functionality from the same crib.

Steel cribs with wheels are the best investment for firms like daycare, preschools or medical institutions that need something tough enough to handle lots of wear, portable and functional.

Unlike timber cribs, the steel cribs stay in mint condition for years of constant use. The finish on these cribs is also very easy to clean and disinfect to help prevent the spread of disease. These baby beds are also fixed with heavy-duty wheels so you can move the crib with ease without waking up infants. 

If you are looking for one of these heavy-duty portable baby cribs then the LA baby condo crib is one of the best investments you can possibly make. 

The LA Baby Condo Crib

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The LA Baby Condo Crib is a perfect pick for hospitals, clinics, preschools, daycare centers and even for public areas that might need to accommodate little ones during naptimes. 

This beautiful crib doesn’t offer too much in terms of aesthetics but it does offer a sleek and beautiful overall look. It is all white with lots of smooth slats to keep little ones secured inside the crib. The crib is very flexible and functional because it is made of heavy-duty steel materials that contain a non-toxic bake finish that isn’t just highly durable but also very easy to keep clean since bacteria cannot be absorbed by metals. The baby crib is fitted with four heavy-duty casters, two of which can be locked to prevent the crib from rolling away. The casters on the crib are nice and big which makes for easy wheeling inside the building and even outside in case of emergencies. The crib also features an evacuation window since it is fitted with a removable foot end so you can easily remove a child for medical procedures.

This is a very safe crib for babies because it meets al CPSC16 and CFR 1220 regulations as well as ASTM 2710 commercial crib ratings. The crib is also made of highly durable metal and is treated with a non-toxic baked on finish that will last for many long years of constant use.

The crib is also very convenient for medical use because it has an evacuation window that makes it very easy to remove the baby from the crib. The mattress height is also adjustable to compensate for different stages of infancy. 


  • Weight - 45 lbs
  • Size - 39.3 x 25.2 x 37.5 inch
  • Weight recommendation - 5 - 50 lbs
  • Material - metal with a non-toxic coating
  • Converting - folds down flat
  • Portable - 4 wheels, 2 with brake
  • Color - white
  • Accessories - foam mattress and foam bumpers as well as a cot cover

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This is one of the best baby cribs to buy if you run an institution or business that caters to small children and babies. The cribs are made of extremely tough materials that can handle lots of extensive use. The powder coating of the crib is ideal for caring for lots of little ones since you can easily deep clean the crib to help prevent spread diseases in nurseries, medical facilities, and hospitals. 

Another reason for this to be the best crib for commercial use is that it is portable. The crib is fitted with large wheels which allow you to easily steer a sleeping child between different rooms without disturbing them. The evacuation window also eases medical care since carers can easily access babies.

The crib can also be functional for home use although it isn’t highly recommended for this purpose since it is rather large and could take up too much room. 

It doe enable you to create the perfect sleeping environment since the crib features a sturdy and baby safe design that meets all safety standards for infants and small children.

We hope that this product review was helpful for learning more about the LA Baby Condo Metal Crib. If you feel that this crib isn’t quite suitable for your need then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other baby crib reviews where you can learn more about the other top picks for this year or to have a peek at our buyers guide which will guide you to the right and best baby crib to buy right now. 

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Lisa Hanel

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