The Best Standard Baby Crib 

 February 19, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • The crib is very beautiful and suitable for most nursery themes
  • You can choose from 5 different crib colors
  • It is very compact in design which makes it suitable for small apartments or homes
  • The crib folds down flat by lifting up the base and mattress so you can store it against the wall with ease
  • It has wheels so you can easily move it between rooms without waking baby
  • The crib meets all safety standards and certification
  • It is suitable for both girls and boys
  • At 35 lbs it is very light
  • It comes with a mattress
  • The crib can be transformed into a bed sidecar by removing two posts and slats on one side and attaching it directly to your bed frame


  • The waterproof mattress is very thin
  • The crib is on the small side. Many parents only find it suitable for babies aged 0 - 6 months
  • The wheels are not made of the highest quality
  • It is challenging to assemble. Parents are advised to assemble the crib a few weeks before the baby arrived.

Every parent needs a baby crib in the house. The right styled baby crib can be a true delight in a nursery because it gives parents a safe and secure space to house babies as they sleep. Baby cribs keep external elements such as pets off your little one’s mattress and also keeps busy babies confined so they cannot get injured.

Today you can shop from a huge variety of baby cribs. These wonderful baby beds are available in a huge variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. If your home is on the small side then it is best to consider a mini baby crib that can be folded. These baby cribs are just as functional as any normal baby bed but can be folded up and stored with ease when not in use. 

If you are looking for the best standard baby crib that is flexible and functional at the same time then you should consider the Delta Children’s folding baby crib. 

The Delta Children’s Folding Baby Crib

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This quaint baby crib is available in various colors which include dark cherry, black, gray, natural and white. The baby crib has a simple yet stylish overall look with lots of thin horizontal slats to help reduce the weight of the crib while providing little ones with the required safety. The baby crib is structured on four wheels that allow you to move the crib about your home or building with great ease.

The most outstanding feature of this crib is its fold-flat design. The crib has hinges fitted to the center of the head and footboard. By removing the base and mattress, you can fold the crib so it will stand flat against the wall. This saves loads of space when the crib is not in use. It is very easy to fold flat and to reassemble so parents can keep it in storage whenever they need to free up some room in the nursery.

The crib is made of strong wood and constructed according to the highest baby safety standards. It is JPMA certified and meets all ASTM safety standards. The crib also offers 2 position mattress height settings to compensate for a baby’s growing needs. At just 34 pounds is also very light which eases portability in and around the house. 

When you buy this baby crib, it will arrive at your doorstep fully disassembled. Assembling the crib is fairly easy since it comes with detailed instructions. 


  • Weight - 34 lbs
  • Size - 25 x 37.8 x 39 inches
  • Accessories - 1 x waterproof mattress and wheels
  • Colors - white, black, natural, gray and dark cherry
  • Materials - Wood
  • Safety standards - ASTM and JPMA approved and certified
  • Type - Portable
  • Gender - Unisex
  • Modification - 2 mattress position, folds flat for storage

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This adorable little crib is perfect for parents that live in a small apartment or a home with small bedrooms. It is also a great investment for parents that might want to keep their little ones close by at night by installing the crib inside the main bedroom since it doesn’t take up much space at all. 

The little crib features a portable yet very beautiful design. It isn’t particularly decorative but its simple clean-cut design is exactly what makes it so easy to keep clean and suitable for just about any home trend.

The crib is lightweight and is positioned on four wheels so you can move it around the house with great ease. The most outstanding feature of the crib is the fact that it can be folded down flat so you can easily store it against the wall when not in use. 

The only downside to the crib is that it isn’t particularly suitable for older babies and you might want to invest in a better quality mattress so your little one can enjoy better quality sleep. 

Besides these small issues, the crib is perfectly suited for new families that might be planning to have lots of children. It will serve your little one well during infancy and can be stored away with ease until it is ready to take out for the second baby. 

The crib is also perfectly safe for little ones to sleep in as it meets all the highest safety requirements and standards. The crib is made of and treated with natural non-toxic materials and the design of the crib ensures that your little one will be as safe as possible while sleeping in this crib.

 We hope that this product review told you everything you would like to know about this quality portable baby crib. But if you want to learn more about other baby cribs then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews on the best baby cribs to buy right now. 

Lisa Hanel

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