The Best Tool Box for the Job 

 August 16, 2020

By  Jacqui

History of the Tool Box

The need to store tools has been around since the beginning of mankind. Since the first human civilization came about people were looking for a way to store and carry essential tools needed to survive. 

Hunters and gatherers needed a way to have quick access to the tools needed to acquire food, building materials, survival gear, and eventually fire. 

The earliest types of tool boxes would have likely been made from animal hides. These skins could have been held together in a satchel like bag with leather or other material holding the bag itself and the tools inside together in one place. 

Before the world as we know it came about, it was essential to carry all your tools with you. You never know when dinner would scatter past you and you would need the right tools in a hurry to catch it. 

Modern tool boxes, like what we see today, became popular during the Industrial Revolution. During this time, consumer goods were being mass produced at a high rate. 

Every skilled professional had a tool box with job specific tools of the trade. It became such a popular trend that skilled workers were looking for ways to customize their tool box to fit their required tools. 

Who Uses Tool Boxes

Today just about every job has custom tools for workers to complete any job task. Tool boxes are such an essential part of every market. 

Auto Mechanics are the most common workers that use them. You can go to any garage any see the rows upon rows of various tool boxes. 

When you think of the word tool box, a mechanic is probably the first thing that pops into your head. There are however, several other trades that use them on a daily basis.

Many mechanics use tool boxes daily whether it is for vehicles, boats, or other small engines. It’s very common to see your lawncare guy carrying a toolbox off his truck just in case he needs to replace a part or adjust the blades to get a closer trim to grass and hedges. 

Carpenters use toolboxes to carry all the woodworking tools they need. They may even have their own custom made wooden tool box. Woodworking is a very common hobby for many people.

Construction workers have many specialized tool boxes as well. Many construction companies have large tool boxes installed in their trucks to take tools to any job site. 

The rise of mechanical tools has required that some tool boxes even have their own power source to charge power tools while storing. Specialized compartments can be fitted to just about any tool box for just this sort of need. 

Best Tool box Features

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you will likely need a tool box to carry the essentials. Even if you are a DIYer, just wanting to spruce up that old dresser you’ve had sitting in your garage. 

Many households now keep a small tool box around just in case a small repair is needed. You don’t want to have to call someone every time a little repair is needed. 

When looking for the best tool box for the job you need to consider what tools you have, the space you have to store them, and where you may take your tools. 

Many companies today are designing tool boxes with these things in mind. You can contact any tool company and they will likely have a tool box perfect for the tools you have. 

If you’re taking your tool box on the go often, you may want to consider a rolling tool box. Or maybe you need something that is lightweight to carry with you to different jobs. 

The best thing about tool boxes is that they can be customized to fit just about any need you may have. Some offer small compartments for organization while others are larger and can carry heavy tools. 

With the rising popularity of technology, some companies even offer tool boxes that can charge any tool while you aren’t using it. There are even some on the market that have radios built in that can also be removed if you’re working outside or in your garage and need some music while you plug away.

Companies to Check Out

There are a lot of tool companies out there today that have taken to making tool boxes for their specific brand. Most of these companies, get feedback from those who use their tools every day and try to fit their needs into the production of new tool boxes. 

DeWalt ToughSystem

DeWalt is a perfect example of this. DeWalt makes exceptional high-quality tools. They also know what consumers want and how to meet their needs. 

DeWalt's ToughSystem line has really great options for those looking for the best tool box to fit their needs. They are heavy duty and come with a lot of options. 

The DeWalt DS450 is a mobile tool box that features a hard shell box, retractable handle, heavy duty wheels, and a removable tray. 

This tool box in the ToughSystem line comes at a very reasonable price starting at about $70-$80. Which is great if you plan to use this as one piece in a stackable system. 

This mobile tool box would be perfect for your garage or on-site job needs. It can carry lots of tools and make it up and down stairs. The only thing it lacks is storage for organizing smaller items. 

However, there are many small tool boxes in the DeWalt line to do just that. The DeWalt DWST08290 is perfect for small hand tools. 

This small tool box features two drawers that slide easily out to view all your necessary tools. It is lightweight at just over 16lbs, so it would be a good toolbox for carrying small distances. It has a sturdy handle for easy carrying.

The drawers do not lock like some of the other tool boxes in the DeWalt line. So if you are planning to use this at a job site you may need to find a way to store somewhere safe. 

All the mobile tool boxes in the DeWalt line are great for stacking and using just about anywhere. They have plenty of features. Some even have power access for charging. 

All of the products in the DeWalt line have a lifetime warranty. Their customer service department is well trained to support any need you have. They also have several instructional videos online on ways to get the most out of your mobile tool box.

Craftsman Metal Tool Box

Craftsman is a very prominent manufacturer. They are well-known in just about any industry for having long-lasting durable products.

If you are looking for a metal tool box with several drawers for all those small tools and accessories this is the company to look for. 

The Craftsman line of metal tool boxes are great for keeping small tool accessories like nuts, bolts, bits, and drivers well organized and easily accessed. 

The Craftsman 20inch 3 drawer Metal Tool Box is made of durable steel. It features a handle for portability and three locking drawers for safe storage. The drawers are fully extendable for easy access to your tools. 

The top section is also a storage area allowing for small hand tools or other accessories to be stored while working. The drawers can hold up to 25lbs of tools. This metal tool box is surprisingly lighter in weight at about 20lbs. 

This tool box would make a great addition to your garage or work site. It can be a bit heavier once you add the weight of tools, so it may not be a great option if you’re looking for mobility. 

The Craftsman line offers a 1 year limited warranty on all their metal tool boxes. However, with the durable steel design you can be sure these tool boxes will last. Priced at less than $120, this is an affordable metal tool box for any job.

Gerstner & Sons

While the art of woodworking is still a prominent hobby, finding a wooden tool box may be tricky. Most companies have gone on to more durable materials such as steel. However, if you are looking for a custom wood tool box Gerstner & Sons has you covered.

Established in 1906, Gerstner & Sons have been making quality wood tool boxes to fit any need. They are custom made in the United States and their customer service is exceptional.

This is one of the few companies out there still crafting well-made wood chests and storage boxes. They have several varieties of storage options to fit any hobby or job. 

The 1901 Utility Chest is great for storing hand tools or small accessories. The top section opens to two areas for storage. There is also a front compartment that lifts out to store small parts.

In addition to the internal storage, there is also a full width drawer for storage. The chest does come with a handle for some mobility and chest locks to keep your items safe. 

The bottom as rubber feet for peace of mind when placing your wood tool box on any surface. This wood tool box comes in hickory and can be given an added layer of protecting finish to maintain durability. 

If you’re looking for a wood tool chest that can be more mobile then the R3007 Pro-Series Roller Cabinet is what you need. This wooden tool box has several storage options. 

There are two fully lockable sections to provide storage for large items. It also features a full extending ball bearing drawer that can hold up to 90lbs. 

This large rolling cabinet can be used with several different storage options as well. Perfect for helping you complete a rustic look for your garage or workshop. 

The heavy duty rollers allow for easy movement to whatever workspace you are in. This is truly a high quality wood tool box. Prices will vary depending on your specifications. You should expect to spend between $3,000 to $4,000 for one. 

Job Specific Tool Boxes


If you’re a seasoned auto mechanic you know the one thing that makes a tool box great is versatility. It isn’t always about tool storage. 

WEN Garage Glider Rolling Tool Box Seat is as versatile as it is durable. It features a thick vinyl protected multi-layered pad on top. This is a nice feature to have when dealing with tasks that require you to be low to the ground or for when you just need to rest in between projects. 

This versatile mobile tool box has three drawers all of varying size. It also has two foldable magnetic storage trays. In addition, there are also an extra 16 slots for holding hand tools like screwdrivers or wrenches. 

This tool box can hold up to 350lbs of evenly distributed weight and glides effortlessly on four ball bearing swivel casters. 

So as far as, the best tool box for mechanics, WEN is the choice for mobility and versatility. Even if you are just a mechanic to your own family vehicles this tool box will serve you well. 


Carpenters are known for wearing their tools readily available around their waist on none other than a carpenter belt. However, some tools need more protective storage or they may not be used as often. 

Working with wood and other materials to cut, carve, and design often means the necessity for a variety of tools. What can’t be held on a belt needs to be stored somewhere safe and accessible. 

Stanley’s Proto Carpenter Tool Box is a great addition to the carpenter belt. This metal tool box features high quality steel with sturdy latches.

It has a removable tray for easily carrying small tools or nuts and bolts. This metal tool box has a strong handle and is lightweight for carrying everyday. 

DIY Home Project Enthusiast

The rise in popularity of DIY type reality shows is creating a stir. Everyone wants to do all the projects. There are more and more people realizing how easy it is to do small projects at home. 

Many new homeowners are realizing the importance of having a small tool box at home. It can come in handy and save you money over time. 

Cartman has several small tool count boxes on the market. So you don’t need to worry about what tools to fill your tool box with. 

Their 39 piece general household tool set has the basic essentials for any small home project. Most projects can be done with just the tools this kit includes. 

The small tool box itself is made from a durable plastic. The interior blow-mold case allows for tools to fit snugly and be ready to use as soon as you open the tool box. 

Cartman has made having access to a great small tool box budget friendly. This product will cost you less than $20. It is lightweight and can easily be stored anywhere in your house. 

Different Types of Tool Boxes

As you’re reading through this comprehensive guide you’re probably thinking, there are so many options. You are correct. Tool boxes come in many varieties. 

There are a few things you need to consider when looking for the best tool box to fit your needs. You will need to run through all the various types of tools you will need to store, the areas that you will use them in the most, and your ability to lift. 

The types of tools you use every day will be the biggest factor in buying your tool box. If you mainly use hand tools then a small tool box with just a few drawers could be an option. 

Several tool boxes now have top compartments for deep storage and then a few drawers added for small tools. If you need magnetized areas or separate compartments for nuts and bolts you will want to make sure you find the right tool box. 

Rolling tool boxes are a big thing right now as many companies move to mobile services. Even mechanics can take on a job outside of the garage and find they are needing a portable tool box to keep all their tools safe. 

Although, most tool boxes are made from some sort of heavy duty steel, there are a few companies still making them out of wood. Carpenters are also carrying more storage cases made from leather or a thick vinyl type material. 

If you have a job where you are using mostly power tools then a mechanical tool box is an option. There are several companies growing with the rise of technology and thinking of tool storage with new innovation. 

A mechanical tool box that can charge your power tools and even play music may be the best tool box option for you, if you are looking for that type of functionality. 

The truth is there are just so many options available to consumers in regards to tool boxes today. It isn’t hard to find the right one if you know what types of things to look for before you buy. 

Buying Guide

Here we will break down some of the top things to consider before purchasing the best tool box for you. It’s almost as important as buying your first house or a new car. It’s an investment for your future.

Consider the tools you use before you buy
  • Knowing the types of tools you will need stored will help you determine the best tool box.
Think about where you commonly work
  • If you’re projects remain stationary like in a garage or workshop you may not need a portable tool box.
  • If you are a mobile mechanic or like to do projects around the house then a mobile tool box is an option.
How much weight are you able to carry? 
  • If you are not looking to break your back just moving your tool box from one place to the next, you will want to look for a small tool box that is lightweight.
Where will your tool box be stored? 
  • If you are storing the tool box itself in a garage or workspace you will want to look for something with durability.
  • If you know the tool box will not be in climate controlled settings then a wood tool box would not make a great option.


Now that you have read through this guide on the best tool box for the job, you can have peace of mind making your purchase. Be mindful of your options and check into some of the options mentioned above if they seem to be a good fit.

DeWalt’s ToughSystem is great for mobility and stacking. They have various sizes of tool boxes and many come with customizable options. Their products are made from durable plastic and can be a good option if looking for a lightweight tool box.

DeWalt also offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. This is worth noting as some customers have had issues with latches malfunctioning over time. They are however budget friendly and work with customers to replace any broken product quickly.

Craftsman is a tried and true tool company that many people swear by. They make high quality products and offer a range of tool boxes for every job. They are made of steel so if you are looking for a lighter option this won’t be it. They will offer lots of storage and great quality.

Craftsman only offers a one year limited warranty on their tool box but the durable steel material is top notch and can last for a lifetime. They are moderately priced but if you are looking for larger tool boxes you will spend a little more.

Gerstner & Sons wood tool box is simply unique. They are custom built with top quality wood and come with protected barriers to keep the tool box looking just like the day you bought it. There are several options for large and small tool boxes.

The only downside of buying a custom made wood tool box is you will spend a lot more money and wait a little longer to actually receive your tool box. However, you will have an interesting handcrafted piece of art to store all your tools.

You are not limited to just one tool box. Many companies are realizing the need to make their tool boxes work in systems with other types of storage cases and even rollers. There are options for attaching to work vehicles as well.

No matter what your job title says or if you are new to the DIY life, there are plenty of options for finding the best tool box for your project.


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